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Great Depression WWII Wars and terrorism AMERICAN HISTORY III VY_32_INOVACE_15-19.

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1 Great Depression WWII Wars and terrorism AMERICAN HISTORY III VY_32_INOVACE_15-19

2 Beginning of the 20 th century Industrial growth: 1908 Henry Ford automobile Rockefeller`s Oil Comp. 20th cent. Word`s leading country ( WWI -1917, post war prosperity) 1929 – Great Depression – stock market crash, unemployment, poverty  F.D. Roosevelt ‘New Deal’ 1932 – measures to help from crisis

3 F. D. Roosevelt president: 1933 – 1945 - culture/music, dance, film – Chaplin, silent, colour, westerns, film musicals - architecture – skyscrapers/functionalism, constructivism - science – mathematics, physics, chemistry, astronomy, medicine – nuclear reactor, plastics,, insulin, penicillin, polarograph…. Diplomacy with the Soviet Union (Roosev., Churchill, Stalin – OSN) 1941 Roosevelt`s plan to help Eur. countries with material to fight against fascists

4 Gross Domestic Product 1929 - 1941 Autor: U.S. Department of Commerce, Název: Gdp29-41.svg Zdroj:

5 WWII 7 th December 1941 – Pearl Harbor – destruction of Amer. aircrafts and fleet 8 th Dec. – war on Japan Africa: gen. Montgomery – tank battles at El –Alamein Egypt gen. Eisenhower – Morocco, Algeria, second front opened 1944 D –Day 6/6/1944 in Normandy Operation Overlord /2mil. soldiers, 6 000 warships, 10 000 planes/ war in Asia ag. Japan – 1942-43 Guadalcanal in Pacific, Jap. lost 1945 - Yalta Conference, afterwar zones in Germany president TRUMAN 6/8/1945 Hiroshima, Nagasaki 2/9/1945……end of WWII----USA first in the world, technical and financial development

6 Operation Overlord Autor: neznámý, Název: Approaching Omaha.jpg Zdroj: pg

7 50`s Marshal Plan 1947 - recovering, reconstruction / 18 Eur. countries/ Truman Doctrine - help to anti- socialist countries, proclamation of cold war with Sov. Union 1947-1953 1950 – 53 Korean War - communistic north/ SSSR, China/ versus democratic south /USA/, OSN, China interference 1952 pres. Eisenhower – against Korean War, corruption, high taxes, communism but Mc Carthism (Mc Carthy anticommunist, senator) from 1953 until 1989 worries about nuclear war USA vs. S. Union 1956- 1959 Caribean Crisis – Cuba (F. Castro – communism, place for Soviet nuclear forces, Kennedy and Chrustchov`s treaty)

8 Civil Rights`Movements, Vietnam 1959 Alaska, Hawai 1960 J.F. Kennedy ( dem., reduce the unemployment, support production, equal rights to everyone, cooperation with Europe and S. Union 22/11/1963 assassinated in Dallas 1960`s American fight against racism 1963 Civil rights for all Americans, banning racial segregation, black clergyman M.L. King / assasinated in 1968, Hippies 1961 – 1973/75 Vietnam War – end p. Nixon, 1969- landing on Moon 1972 Watergate Affair, pres. Nixon

9 Woodstock Festival and Hippies Autor: captain aquariuzzz, Název: Woodstock69.jpg Zdroj:

10 Americans on the Moon Autor: NASA, Název: Aldrin Apollo 11.jpg Zdroj:

11 American policy after 1970 1972 Watergate Affair, pres. Nixon - resigned 1983 Pershing rockets in Europe ---Russia attacked Afganistan Ronald Reagan 1981 – 1988 economical recovery George Bush senior …war in Iraq 1988 -93 Bill Clinton G. Bush junior Barack Obama

12 Ronald Reagan Autor: neznámý, Název: Official Portrait of President Reagan 1981.jpg Zdroj: gan_1981.jpg Barack Obama Autor: Petty Officer 1st Class Chad J. McNeeley, USN, Název: Barack Obama Inauguration Oath.jpg Zdroj: h.jpg

13 Autor DUM: Mgr. Darina Sikorová Thank you for your attention.

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