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What is Gerontology? The scientific study of the biological, psychological, and sociological phenomena associated with old age and aging.

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3 What is Gerontology? The scientific study of the biological, psychological, and sociological phenomena associated with old age and aging.

4 USC Davis School Degree Programs
Undergraduate Programs B.S. Human Development and Aging B.S. Lifespan Health Minors Advanced Placement/ Progressive Degree Internships Graduate Program Master of Science in Gerontology (9 dual degree programs) Master of Arts in Gerontology Master of Aging Services Management Master of Long Term Care Administration Master of Science Nutrition, Healthspan and Longevity Graduate Certificate Ph.D. in Gerontology Ph.D. in Biology of Aging

5 What is Dietetics? What is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN)?
Dietetics - the science or art of applying the principles of nutrition to the diet. Versus a Health Educator who applies the principles of nutrition to health and wellness. RD – a professional trained in foods and the management of diets (dietetics) who is credentialed by the Commission on Dietetic Registration.

6 Routes to Becoming an RD
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) will require a Master’s Degree as the minimum degree requirement for entry-level practice for all graduates in 2024. Two primary routes to becoming an RD: DPD+DI or CP More students enrolled in DPD+DI; traditional route to RD CP targets students with Bachelors degree in another field DPD=Didactic Program in Dietetics; DI=Dietetic Internship; CP=Coordinated Program

7 What does USC Davis School of Gerontology Offer?
Master of Science Degree in Nutrition, Healthspan and Longevity Coordinated Program Includes academic coursework and 1200 hours of supervised practice (internship) Program is 46 units can be completed in 2 years including 1 summer (courses)

8 MS Coordinated Program in Nutrition, Healthspan & Longevity
On-campus and distance students accepted and complete the program together, 15 per year Does not require DPD but does require pre-requisites + BA or BS degree (accredited univ.) One course delivered in Genoa, Italy (1st summer) highly recommended, not required Required 40 hours experience (paid, volunteer, observation) with RD(s) prior to applying See USC Graduate School for tuition & application fees Must apply to the distance or on-campus track in USC Davis School of Gerontology

9 Core Knowledge & Competencies
Defined by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND) same competencies used for DPD, DI and CP Five categories and a program concentration area (pages 7-9 in Program Description, posted on Webpage). Our concentration area: Healthspan & Longevity

10 Concentration Area Competencies
5.1. Translate research evidence on biology of aging and mechanisms for the extension of health and treatment of disease Incorporate knowledge of nutrient gene interactions, molecular and biochemical parameters and medication use, into the nutrition care plan (MNT) for individuals with complex medical conditions.

11 Accreditation & Focus The program was granted candidacy for accreditation by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND) in September (Eight students admitted on-campus January 2015) The program will prepare graduates for roles in the field of nutrition/dietetics, promoting personalized nutrition through work in hospitals and health care facilities, long-term care, business, teaching, research or in private practice.

12 Prerequisites Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. Prerequisites must be complete before starting the program. Cellular Biology with lab, Microbiology with lab, General Chemistry with lab, Organic Chemistry with lab, Biochemistry with lab, Human Physiology with lab, General Psychology or Sociology, Algebra or Pre-Calculus or Calculus or Statistics, Speech or Communications, Introductory Food Science and Human Nutrition. All prerequisite courses cannot be more than 10 years old at the time of application. The exception is the general psychology and the math; there is no time limit on these two courses. Not required to complete all at USC. You will be asked to complete a template identifying your prerequisite courses when you apply.

13 Pre-Requisite - Required Undergrad Science Courses
Course Taken At (Univ. or College) Date Completed (Month/Year) Course # Course Title 1. Cellular or Introductory Biology (1-2 terms) with lab Biochemistry (1 term) with lab Microbiology (1 term) with lab General Chemistry (1-2 terms) with lab Organic Chemistry (1-2 terms) with lab Physiology (1 term) with lab Other (list): Pre-Requisite Required Undergrad Non-Science Courses 1. General Psychology or Sociology (1 term) 2. Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Statistics (1 term) 3. Speech/Communications (1 term) Other (related): Pre-Requisite Required Undergrad. Nutrition & Foods Courses Course Taken At (University or College) 1. Basic Human Nutrition (1 term) 2. Introductory Food Science/ Experimental Foods

14 40 Hours with an RD Requirement
The purpose of this requirement is to help you gain exposure to RDs and the work they do. You are not limited to 40 hours but must complete at least 40 hours. RD work in the community, hospitals, private practice, foodservices, schools You will summarize your experience and identify your mentor and contact information, obtain a signature for at least 40 hours, upload one document with application under “Other Documents”

15 How do you find an RD? Join the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) as a Student Member, join State and /or local affiliates, e.g. LAD (Los Angeles) Get involved, volunteer Join AND Practice Groups, also a small fee to join, get involved, volunteer, write an article Contact programs in your community with RDs

16 Applicant Selection Academic potential (as reflected in undergraduate study and prerequisites post BA/BS degree, minimum GPA > 3.0); professional potential as reflected in experience, references and career goals. The school requests information from applicants to supplement that supplied by the USC Application for Graduate Admission. Supplemental information includes a resume, statement of interest in nutrition and longevity and two letters of reference. Provide for your reference, they will receive a link from USC to upload letter and complete a short evaluation form. Applicants are required to document at least 40 hours of paid or volunteer work experience with a Registered Dietitian. The GRE is not required. Interviews may be required for highest ranking applicants.

17 Graduation Requirements
Completion of 46 units of coursework, includes 28 units of required courses, 12 units of supervised practice and 6 units of research. The program summative experience will be an electronic portfolio, including research completed throughout the program. Students will be required to present their work at a state or national dietetics conference or submit a peer-reviewed publication as a requirement of graduation. Students will attend at least one state or national dietetics conference and the CA Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Policy Day in Sacramento.

18 Supervised Practice Sites
University of Southern CA: USC Hospital, Norris Cancer Center, LAC+USC, Children’s Hospital, Campus Hospitality Services, Engemann Student Health Center, Collegiate Sports Head Start, Public Schools Private practice, long-term care LA County Public Health Obesity Programs

19 Supervised Practice Rotations

20 On-Campus vs. Distance Students
Must enroll in one track only Distance student must be at least 100 miles from USC On-campus supervised practice scheduled by Director; Distance students must find mentors for supervised practice and provide evidence that all 1st year rotations are set-up (guidance provided by Director)

21 On-Campus vs. Distance Students
Classes scheduled (USC Course Listing) and recorded live Distance students encouraged to participate live (synchronous) but may also participate asynchronous Classes with lab experiences must be completed locally (distance students) and in some cases video-recorded for full class review Blackboard used for multiple functions including blogs, discussion groups, sharing documents, posting presentations, tests, assignments, correspondence

22 Faculty in the News - Nutrition
LONGO - Two studies led by Dr. Valter Longo have been listed as the most-read articles in their respective Cell Press journals. The article in Cell Stem Cell highlighted how fasting cycles induced immune system regeneration, and the Cell Metabolism article examined high-protein diets and their effects on cancer and mortality rates. CURRAN - In February 2014, Dr. Sean Curran published a widely discussed article in Cell Metabolism that explored a novel cellular pathway, alh-6, in C. elegans. The study demonstrated the worm’s ability to age successfully on various diets when the pathway was active; however, when the pathway was inactive due to a mutation, the worms would age prematurely when fed a diet outside of a specific regimen.

23 Faculty Nutrition Research- presented at FNCE 2014 Valter Longo, PhD
Fasting & the Ketogenic Diet: The Next Therapies for Cancer Treatment and Prevention? Dr. Longo discussed the effects of fasting on normal and cancer cells and how fasting can sensitize cancer cells to chemotherapy. Results from several National Institutes of Health Clinical Trials presented.

24 Partial List Faculty Cary Kreutzer, EdD, MPH, RDN, Director, Asst. Professor Valter Longo, PhD, Professor, Dir. Longevity Institute Tara Gruenewald, PhD, MPH, Asst. Professor Kurt Hong, MD, PhD, Nutrition Programs Director, USC Hospital, Associate Professor, USC Keck School of Medicine Susan Helm, PhD, RD, Adjunct Faculty Keiy Murofushi, MS, RD, Adjunct Faculty

25 Applications Due Tentative - March 31, 2015 for Fall 2015 enrollment, notification by May 1, 2015 WASC Accreditation for Distance Program pending, can not accept applications until approval On-campus applications now being accepted All applications will be reviewed together Please send ALL transcripts to Jim DeVera, USC Davis School of Geronotology, 3715 McClintock Ave, Mailbox 0191, Los Angeles, CA

26 Additional Information
Webpage link: Contacts: Saemy Son, Admission Counselor (213) Sade Ojuola, Admission Counselor Cary Kreutzer, EdD, MPH, RD, Program Director (213) We can put you in touch with current CP NHL Students, notify Dr. Kreutzer

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