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Illinois Waste Management and Research Center. WMRC’s Mission Our mission is to conserve natural resources, reduce waste and increase economic viability.

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1 Illinois Waste Management and Research Center

2 WMRC’s Mission Our mission is to conserve natural resources, reduce waste and increase economic viability by providing Illinois businesses, institutions and citizens with information, research, innovative technologies and technical assistance.

3 Illinois Greening Schools Illinois WMRC Illinois EPA Illinois DNR

4 Greening Schools’ Mission Greening Schools project is a state governmental effort designed to assist schools with:  Improving physical environmental conditions  Providing standards-based tools to introduce concepts of waste reduction and pollution prevention.

5 Greening Schools Students Teachers Facility Managers Other Staff Parents Administrators

6 Greening School Resources Outreach On-site workshops and reviews Green Chemistry & Art Health and Safety Educator Workshops & Demonstrations Mercury When Fun Turns into Danger Greening Your Lessons assistance Biblioresources

7 Greening School Benefits Include Lowered operating costs Increased safety and environmental health at school for students and staff Professional development credits and administrator credits Improved learning conditions Set an example of environmental responsibility and sustainable behavior

8 Why does Greening Schools exist? Every school faces different environmental challenges but many of the same constraints

9 Constraints include: Limited funding Rising energy and maintenance costs Lack of resources and technical assistance Lack of time to research resources

10 Hazardous Materials Do you recognize this box?


12 Energy Use For most school districts, energy use and other utilities are the second biggest operating expense. School energy costs are estimated at $110 per student per year.

13 Typical Building Electrical Costs

14 What is the True Cost of Lighting?

15 Traditional Daylighting

16 Indoor Air Quality Indoor air quality continues to be a growing concern. Strategies that can minimize indoor air quality problems include:

17 Indoor Air Quality Simple Improvement Techniques Using low-emission maintenance and cleaning supplies Adopting anti-idling policies for buses Cleaning spills immediately

18 Pest Control & IPM Encourage IPM strategies Monitoring Identification IPM Plan

19 Greening Schools also provides : Workshops for the arts instructors Fact sheets Access to grants and funding opportunities Checklists Standards-based lesson plans Curricula and activities All related to waste reduction, pollution prevention and energy efficiency.

20 Greening Schools Grants Semi-competitive – Two grants for each type of project – First come, first served basis Up to $2,500 available Public and Private K-12 schools

21 On-site workshops and reviews Safe Chemicals in Education for teachers Workshop with Illinois EPA and Illinois WMRC Keeping Schools Healthy and Safe with IEPA for custodians Energy audits and assessments Safe Art Classroom Workshops

22 How can my school participate?

23 Prevent this from occurring.

24 Participate in a Safe Chemicals in Education Workshop for teachers.

25 Green Chemistry: Get off to a safe start Use nonhazardous starting materials Use nonhazardous starting materials Prevent build up with Green Chemistry Prevent build up with Green Chemistry


27 Available through Greening Schools

28 Greening Your Lessons Resources for teachers……..

29 Art America Recycles Day Awards Biology Green Roofs Rain Gardens Chemistry Green Chemistry Composting Consumer Education Earth Day Elementary Middle School High School Educator Resources Chemistry Environmental Language Arts Energy Bio Mass Energy Conservation Efficiency Electricity Geo Thermal Energy Hydro Energy Nuclear Ocean Renewable Solar Energy Wind Energy Health Education History and Social Studies Industrial Arts/Vocational Classes Integrated Pest Management Life Cycle Analysis Map Resources Math Physics Pollution Prevention (General) Air Quality Mercury Fund Raising Opportunities Recycling and Reuse Schoolyard Projects Special Education Theater and Performing Arts Waste Reduction Water Water Conservation Issues Rain Gardens From (Greening your Lessons)

30 Green Your Building Resources for administrators……..

31 Alternative Energy Sources Awards for Achievement Athletic Facilities Cafeteria/Food Service Chemical Management Consumer Information Daylighting Energy Efficiency Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Green Building/High Performance Schools Case Studies Green Roofs Groundskeeping/Landscaping Health Education Indoor Air Quality Integrated Pest Management Janitorial Supplies Laboratories Mercury Mold Pest Management Pollution Prevention Product Life Cycle Analysis Recycling Theater and Performing Arts Transportation Waste Reduction Water Conservation Water Quality From (Green Your Building)

32 Biblioresources --Reference, text, handbook, non- fiction & fiction --Videos & virtual tours --Reviews of new releases

33 WMRC’s Library Contributes to the Biblioresources Is a Clearinghouse for Pollution Prevention and Waste Management Resources Can be reached at 217-333-8957 or

34 Greening Schools contacts Carol Knepp, 217-333-8940, Becky Lockart, 217 244 5637,

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