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WELCOME TO EM STRASBOURG Incoming Students. We are here… …in the heart of Europe!

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2 We are here… …in the heart of Europe!

3 Facts & Figures  Strasbourg, 7th largest city in France, has 500,000 inhabitants  University of Strasbourg is the second largest university in France: 42,000 students  9,000 international students from over 100 countries  Strasbourg is the most international university town in France after Paris  Strasbourg hosts three major European Institutions:  European Parliament  Council of Europe  European Court Of Human Rights

4 Facts & Figures EM Strasbourg Business School in 2013 / 2014:  2,400 students  391 EM Strasbourg Business School students spend their year abroad in one of our 202 partner universities  400 international students are enrolled at EM Strasbourg Business School

5 Our School

6 * 2 nd & 3rd year are interchangeable 1st Year at EM Strasbourg Core Curriculum 2nd Year at EM Strasbourg Choice of Major 2nd Year* Abroad General Management 3rd Year* Abroad General Management 3rd Year At EM Strasbourg Choice of Major 4th Year Abroad MBA 4th Year Abroad Other Dual Degree Programs In the case of a Dual Degree Program THESIS LANGUAGE S Bachelor in Management 180 ECTS credits Master (M1 + M2) 120 ECTS credits

7 Exchange Programs for Foreign Students  One Semester Exchange Non-degree seeking programs  Two Semester Exchange Non-degree seeking programs Degree seeking programs  Bachelor’s Program in European Management (BA Degree)  Dual Degree Program (MA Degree) according to the agreement signed with your university

8  Choose up to12 classes per semester (based on your home university requirements)  Each class is worth 3 ECTS credits

9 A Bachelor’s Degree in European Management  Degree Program (BA)  20 classes in the three different components have to be taken during the year 12 classes in Management Studies 5 classes in European Studies 3 classes in French Language Studies  Students must successfully complete each component (grades are subject to compensation)

10 A Dual Degree (Master’s Level)  Standard Program: EM Strasbourg Business School and partner universities: Stirling, Edinburgh, Moscow, Alcala, Granada, Cracow, Pavia, Tübingen, Dresden, Nürnberg, IBMEC & EAFIT…  One Year Exchange: One year of classes in a chosen major at EM Strasbourg an internship + report a thesis (can be done in Strasbourg or at the home university) in French, English, Spanish, Italian or German

11 Classes are taught in:  French  English  German

12 Classes in English:  40-50 classes per semester “Business in Europe” “Product Management” “Cross Cultural Issues of HRM” “Managing People in International Companies”

13 Classes in English Academic Year 2013-2014 A few examples: Business Ethics and Corporate Governance Intercultural Management Principles of International Business Negotiation Business and Corporate Strategy Control and Auditing International Aspects of Ethics and Values Sustainable Development

14 We offer several types of French language classes:  “Business French”  “French Civilization”  “French Literature”  “Conversational French”  “Intermediate Grammar”  “Beginner’s” Intensive French

15 International Event  “Planète EM Strasbourg” An annual Student Fair held at EM Strasbourg for our foreign exchange students to showcase their country, culture and university National costumes, exotic food and information galore Planet EM Strasbourg 2012

16 Where do our international students come from?

17 Services at EM STRASBOURG  Library  Culture Card Students get a large discount on tickets for the movies, the theatre, the opera, museums and concerts  Computer & Language Labs

18  Sports A large list of activities/sports available such as aerobics, Latin American dancing, parachuting, horseback riding, swimming and much much more….  Access to subsidized meals at the university restaurants and cafeterias  Medical Services Services at EM STRASBOURG

19 Student life at EM STRASBOURG  Student Clubs International, Sports, Multimedia groups Orientation weekends organized by the International Clubs in the fall and winter semesters Various excursions planned for fun and integration, such as the skiing week during the winter semester  Work opportunities Work up to 18 hours a week in any field with the long stay visa (OFII procedure required)

20  University Housing 5 dorms: limited availability 1-20 minutes from the school

21 Student Housing at EM STRASBOURG  Private Housing* EM Strasbourg provides a database of private housing in Strasbourg that have been recommended and used by former students The EM Strasbourg International Student Clubs can help you find shared accommodation with other students Facebook group *EM Strasbourg is neither involved in, nor liable for any contractual arrangements between the student and owner / realtor / landlord.

22 Videos of Strasbourg and the School Our school Our City

23 European Parliament Strasbourg

24 Strasbourg by Boat

25 Picturesque Strasbourg



28 Strasbourg’s Famous Cathedral

29 Strasbourg’s Street Life

30 EM STRASBOURG is looking forward to your visit!

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