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The Henry Samueli School of Engineering New Student Advising 2013-2014.

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1 The Henry Samueli School of Engineering New Student Advising 2013-2014

2 As a courtesy to all orientation attendees, please silence all electronic equipment. Restroom Facilities Thank You!

3 Change of Major Engineering will NOT be processing changes of major during orientation. Interested students need to attend the session for their ORIGINAL major and apply at the end of their first year  Current Engineering students may consult counseling regarding change WITHIN Engineering

4 Purpose of orientation Prepare students for fall quarter Develop a plan of study for fall Explain academic requirements and standards Explain policies and procedures Provide UGSA contact information

5 UCI Academic Structure Each academic unit provides academic counseling to their majors. They also make all decisions regarding their courses. Arts Biological Sciences Business Engineering Information and Computer Sciences Physical Sciences Social Ecology Social Sciences Health Sciences

6 Important Offices & Departments Admissions Financial Aid Registrar Housing Learning & Academic Resource Center Counseling Center Career Services Parking Disability Services Student Health UCI Libraries These offices serve the entire student body. As long as you are an enrolled UCI student, you may take advantage of these resources.

7 Helpful Websites  Final requirements for fall  Deadlines, etc.  SPOP presentation  Department information  Teaching plans  Course information  Program information

8 Preparing for Fall Quarter

9 Health Insurance Students are automatically enrolled in USHIP Students can “waive out” of the plan if they can demonstrate they have comparable coverage  Must submit request online by Sept 12 th  Complete details available at Student Health Center at:

10 Paying tuition and fees Fee Deadline: Sep. 16th, 4:00 p.m. (in person), 5:00pm (online)  Not a postmark deadline! Paperless Billing: pay ZOTBill online   or type “zotaccount” on main UCI web page to view If you have Financial Aid…  Aid is applied to fees automatically once you enroll in 6 minimum required units (MRU’s)  Must enroll in 6 MRU’s by fee deadline  Must enroll in 12 units by start of classes

11 You should have already… Sent ALL transcripts to Admissions and Engineering Student Affairs  Due Date: July 15th Sent all AP and IB scores to Admission  Due Date: July 15th Taken placement tests:  Analytical Writing  MAPP  Math 2A – if necessary **holds have been placed by Admissions

12 Math Assessment for Phyiscs Placement 12/16 to enroll in Physics 7C Cannot enroll in any physics course without MAPP  AP test scores for Physics C (4 or 5) will waive MAPP requirement Cleared to enroll 3 days after test

13 How we determine math placement… SAT Math score:  450 & below = Math 1A  451 – 599 = Math 1B  600+ = Math 2A Below 600 – encouraged to take placement test for possible start in Math 2A* *Not starting in Math 2A could result in a 5 year plan of study

14 AP Exams We also use AP exams for course credit and/or placement  For example: Calculus AP AB score 3 = Math 2A placement Calculus AP AB score 4 or 5 = Math 2B placement Calculus AP BC score 3 = Math 2B placement Calculus AP BC score 4 or 5 = Math 2D placement For a complete listing of AP exams, please check the online catalogue

15 Things to do… Get your UC photo ID card – UC Items Update local address with Registrar’s Office Complete FIRST training tutorial (hold will be placed if not completed by Sept 30) Visit for information on laptop requirements

16 On Campus Move-In Days (Sept 22 nd – 23 rd ) Welcome Week (Sept 24 th – 26 th ) New Student Convocation  Mon 24 th, 9:00 a.m., Bren Events Center Deans Welcome  Following New Student Convocation Classes begin Thursday, Sept. 27 th !  Labs and discussions will begin after 1 st lecture

17 Academic Requirements

18 University of California Requirements Entry Level Writing Requirement American History and Institutions  Most new students have satisfied this requirement with high school courses.  International students: see an Academic Counselor for information on satisfying this requirement. All UC students must complete these requirements.

19 University of California Requirements To meet Entry Level Writing Requirement: Pass UC Analytical Writing placement exam International students must take the Academic English placement exam  AC ENG courses taken through IUPP will be applied Requirement is already met if you:  Scored 3, 4 or 5 on either AP English exam  Scored 680 or higher on SAT Reasoning WR  Scored 5 or higher on IB Higher-Level English A exam  Scored 6 or higher on IB Standard Level English  Scored 30 or higher on ACT combined Eng/WR  Completed college-level English Composition course prior to entering UCI ELWR must be completed by the end of the 4 th quarter – students taking AC ENG courses will be allowed additional quarters if necessary

20 University of California Requirements To meet American History & Institutions Requirement: Complete 2 UCI courses (US Government & History) Requirement is already met if you:  Completed 1 year of high school US History; OR  Completed 1 high school semester each of US History and US Government; OR  Scored of 3, 4 or 5 on AP US History  Scored 550 or  on SAT II American History  Completion of requirement at another CA institution

21 UC Irvine Requirements Complete a minimum of 180 quarter units 2.0 GPA*  in all University of California courses  in all engineering courses required  in all upper division courses required Residency Requirement  36 of last 45 units earned must be from UCI *CHP requires a 3.2 GPA.

22 UC Irvine Requirements GE Requirements School Requirements Major Requirements

23 UC Irvine Requirements General Education Categories: IWriting IIScience and Technology III Social and Behavioral Sciences IVArts and Humanties VQuantitative, Symbolic, and Computational Reasoning VILanguage Other Than English VIIMulticultural Studies VIIIInternational/Global Issues

24 I. Writing Requirement Lower Division: 2 courses  Must be completed before the beginning of the 7th quarter, “C” or better  Writing 37 and 39C OR  Writing 39B and 39C  Students with a “B” or better in 37 or 39B can opt to take Writing 30, 31, or 38 instead of 39C* *This option MAY not apply to students in Campuswide Honors Program.

25 I. Writing Requirement cont… Upper Division: 1 course  Complete one upper division approved Writing course with a “W” suffix  Minimum “C” grade  Some upper division courses have major restrictions  ALL Engineering students must take E190W with the exception of BME: P and CSE

26 II. Science and Technology Must complete 3 courses from list:  Biological Sciences  Chemistry  Earth System Science  Physics  Social Ecology Engineering students will meet this requirement while completing your program of study.

27 III. Social & Behavioral Sciences Anthropology Economics Geography Interdisciplinary Linguistics Political Science Psychology Social Ecology Sociology Must complete 3 courses from list *Civil & Environmental majors will complete this Category with major requirements – Econ 20A, 20B & SE 8. *ME and AE majors will take Econ 20A. *CHP students will complete Honors Social Science Core.

28 IV. Arts and Humanities Must complete 3 courses from list  Arts  Humanities  Interdisciplinary  Literature

29 V. Quantitative, Symbolic, and Computational Reasoning Take one course from each area plus 1 additional from either area:  Va. Quantitative Literacy  Vb. Formal Reasoning Engineering students will meet this requirement while completing your program of study.

30 VI. Language other than English Can be satisfied by:  3 years (or level 3) of HS study in same language  Score of 3, 4 or 5 on AP Exam in a language other than English  Score 570 or  on SAT II in a language  Approved course of study in an EAP Program  Completing a UCI “1C” language course  Placement Test to test out

31 VII. Multicultural Studies Must complete 1 course from approved list Students may use courses to fulfill this category that are also being used to fulfill other GE categories.

32 VIII. International/Global Issues Must complete one course from approved list  4 years (or level 4) of same language will satisfy this category Students may use courses to fulfill this category that are also being used to fulfill other GE categories.

33 Other Options for GE Requirements First Year Integrated Program Humanities Core PLEASE NOTE: Engineering students should not choose these options without approval from an academic counselor.

34 School Requirements School of Engineering Requirements  48 units of mathematics and basic science  72 units of engineering topics courses  Senior design project Major Requirements  19 - 24 engineering design units

35 Engineering Gateway (undeclared) Follow a set plan of study  POS is common to all undeclared engineering majors  Some exceptions if considering… BME or BME: P should plan to take BME 1 fall of first year CpE should take EECS 20 spring of freshman year CSE should take CSE 21 fall of freshman year Enroll in ENGR 7A (F) and 7B (W) Choose a major by end of freshman year (spring quarter) or earlier  Deciding on a specific major may change your program of study – meet with a counselor as soon as possible

36 ENGR 7A & 7B

37 Becoming an Engineer A major in engineering is excellent preparation for a wide variety of fields, but you need to identify your end goal so you can prepare properly. In addition to your academic program, get involved in… Research Internships Student Organizations Other activities

38 Practical Design Experience Research  UROP  Independent research Internships Senior Design Engineering design competitions  SAE Formula car  Cargo plane  Rocket project  Steel Bridge

39 Student Involvement Engineering Student Council (umbrella leadership org for school)  Discover Research  Engineers Week (E-Week)  E-Prom Engineers without Borders American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Society of Women Engineers Filipinos Unifying Student Engineers in an Organized Network (FUSION) American Society for Civil Engineers (ASCE)

40 Policies and Procedures

41 UC Policy on Confidentiality By law, the Engineering Student Affairs Office and other UCI officials may not release any student information to ANYONE without written consent from the student. What does this mean for you? Students MUST be the point of contact with any campus official Information that CANNOT be released:  Grades  Class Schedule  Academic status Release form for engineering students

42 Catalogue Rights Students enrolled at UCI from their freshman year may elect to meet as graduation requirements*  those requirements in effect at the time of entrance; OR  those subsequently established Complete policy in catalogue *Transfer and readmitted students please consult an academic counselor.

43 Add/Drop/Change Deadlines Adding a course  Friday of the 3rd week of the quarter Dropping a course  Friday of the 2nd week of the quarter Change of grade option  Friday of the 6th week of the quarter Any requests after these deadlines will be carefully reviewed on a case-by-case basis. This is an online process.

44 Grades Letter Grades: A, B, C, D, F  Affects GPA  All required engineering courses must be taken for a letter grade Pass/Not Pass Grades: P or NP  Does not affect GPA  GE courses can be taken Pass/Not Pass Repeating Classes  Up to 16 units can be replaced  Following that, course grades are averaged

45 Academic Standards

46 Not making Normal Progress Failure to complete UC Entry Level Writing Requirement before beginning of 2 nd year* Failure to complete Lower Division Writing Requirement by beginning of 3 rd year* Failure to complete 12 units in any given quarter Failure to maintain a 2.0 GPA in:  all coursework  all engineering coursework  all upper division engineering coursework *Students required to take AC ENG courses may be granted additional quarters

47 Academic Probation (AP) Academic Probation  GPA below 2.0 (quarterly, in ENGR courses, in upper division ENGR courses, or cumulatively) Subject to Disqualification 1 st and 2 nd year  Required to EXIT Engineering – no appeals permitted Quarterly GPA below 1.5 GPA below 2.0 for 2 consecutive quarters Subject to Disqualification general  Sign 3 quarter academic contract Quarterly GPA below 1.5 GPA below 2.0 for 2 consecutive quarters

48 Satisfactory Academic Progress Agreement THE HENRY SAMUELI SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING Satisfactory Academic Progress Agreement for Engineering students I understand that I am required to make Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) in order to remain in good academic standing. Making SAP includes: 1. Maintaining at least 12 units each quarter. 2.Maintaining at least a 2.0 quarterly GPA each quarter. 3.Maintaining a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher. If I fail to meet SAP requirements, I understand that I will be placed on Academic Probation (AP) for the period of at least 1 quarter. I also understand that during my 1st or 2nd year as an Engineering student, I will be required to exit the School of Engineering if my quarterly GPA falls below a 1.5 or I am on AP for 2 consecutive quarters. I will not be given the option to appeal to remain in Engineering. I will work with an academic counselor to develop a plan of study to change my major. I acknowledge that I have been made aware of the academic resources that are available to me on campus. These resources include but are not limited to CODE tutoring, departmental tutoring and LARC. Please note that this SAP agreement is with The Henry Samueli School of Engineering ONLY. It does not partner with or supersede any SAP agreement with the Financial Aid Office. By signing below, I confirm that I have read and understand the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy.

49 Academic Honesty Academic dishonesty is unacceptable Consequences can range from  a failing grade on assignment  a failing grade in course  dismissal from the University Complete policy in catalogue

50 Academic Framework Engineering coursework is built upon a foundation of math and science Interdependency of knowledge  prerequisites and corequisites Emphasis on retaining knowledge Study to learn the material, not just to pass the class.

51 Average GPA in Engineering

52 Academic Resources LARC CODE Departmental Tutoring

53 The Learning and Academic Resource Center (LARC) Campus wide academic assistance program in Math, Science, Writing, Study Strategies, Critical Reading, etc. Offers a variety of learning models  Tutorials  Adjuncts  Workshops  Classes  Individual counseling Located in Rowland Hall 284

54 Center for Opportunities and Diversity in Engineering (CODE) Free tutoring for all engineering students in engineering courses and their prerequisites Assistance with resume and cover letter prep. Notification of jobs, internships and research opportunities Located in REC 201

55 Departmental Tutoring Several academic departments on campus like Math, Physics and Chemistry, offer free tutoring. Tutoring schedules can be found on the department’s website.

56 Study Schedule Let’s explore the weekly schedule of your average Engineering student…

57 Study Schedule







64 Strategies For Success Identify your best time of day to study Use the same study location Study in groups Avoid distractions Treat school as a full-time job Utilize resources: LARC, CODE, tutoring Be realistic about the amount of work you can get done in a given time period

65 Engineering Undergraduate Student Affairs Contacting the Office  Telephone: (949) 824-4334  Website:  Email: Location  Rockwell Engineering Center (REC) 305 Office Hours  Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. & 1:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

66 Academic Counseling Christy King Freshman Academic Counselor Meeting with an Academic Counselor in Engineering Undergraduate Student Affairs each quarter is strongly recommended!

67 Peer Advisors Drop-In Counseling available in REC 305 during posted hours 949-824-3735

68 Walk In Advising Academic counselors:  Posted each week Peer advisors:  Daily during business hours

69 Faculty Advising All students are required to attend 1 Faculty Advising session per year  done by faculty  required for accreditation  not the same as meeting with an academic counselor Email notification regarding date/time Failure to attend will result in a hold for following term enrollment

70 Enrolling In Classes

71 WebReg Log on using UCInetID and password Enrollment windows open on day of advising – 48 hours of unrestricted access Freshman enrollment begins IMMEDIATELY following your academic advising (1pm)! Enrollment via WebReg is available through Sept 16 18 units during initial enrollment, raised to 20

72 Enrollment Tips Enroll in ALL components of course (discussion, lab, etc.) Refer to finals schedule when planning classes Refer to comments in WebSOC for specific info regarding classes Some classes may be full – wait list Physics: always enroll in lab PRIOR to lecture Registration HOLDs  Determine what department placed the hold and contact for details

73 Websites WebSOC – WebReg – login with net id and password  Student Access – login with net id and password DegreeWorks  Some info requires manual update – submit request  LANGUAGE: by end of 1 st year  Transfer work: throughout time at UCI Antplanner 

74 Welcome to UCI and The Henry Samueli School of Engineering!

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