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3 PROFILE Pacelli School for the Blind and Partially Sighted, an initiative of the then Catholic Archbishop of Lagos, Leo Hale Taylor was officially opened on June 16, 1962, following a permission granted on April 26 of same year by the Nigerian Government for the establishment of a special school for the education of the visually impaired.


5 PROFILE (Contd.) Named after the then serving Pope Pius XII, Eugenio Pacelli, the first administrators were Rev. Fr. Dempsey. a Dominican Priest, who was the manager and Rev. Sr. Mary de Chantel of the Irish Sisters of Charity, a Catholic religious congregation of women in Ireland, as the Principal. The Rev. Sisters from Ireland remained the administrators until 1980, when the Handmaids of the Holy Child Jesus; an indigenous Religious Congregation replaced them. These have continued the administration of the school till date.

6 PROFILE (Contd) At the time when all schools in Nigeria were taken over by the government, Pacelli was placed under the Lagos state government. However, during this period, the quality of education deteriorated and the welfare of the students, as well as the maintenance of the structures were neglected. The former Archbishop of Lagos, Anthony Cardinal Olubunmi Okogie, who has great sympathy towards the less privilege and handicapped requested for the return of the school to the Catholic mission in 1997. And since then, the maintenance and education of this category of persons has been the sole responsibility of the Catholic mission, supported by kind hearted individuals, religious groups and corporate organizations

7 PROFILE (Contd) Pacelli School for the Blind is a co-educational (education system where boys and girls are taught together) primary school in the classical tradition. The school is characterized by its simple and cordial relationship that exists among the Reverend Sisters, who are managers of the School, Staff, Pupils and Visitors; such relationship makes one feel comfortable as if you were in your own home. The environment is created to suit the mobility of the blind. It is well developed and beautifully decorated with flowers and has a very nice swimming pool.

8 PROFILE (Contd) The school has four big buildings and four small ones. The former has boys and girls’ hostels, respectively while the other two are the Reverend Sisters’ convent and chapel, where mass is celebrated daily for the pupils. The other building known as Maryville houses the music and computer rooms, manual typing, the Library and medical and Television rooms. Among the smaller buildings are places for laundry, vehicle garage and stores. Pacelli School is a full residential, non-fee-paying institution. It does not receive any subsidy from any arm of the government. The School is funded through the generosity of individuals, churches, corporate bodies and organizations.

9 Academic Block (Side View)


11 Teaching Staff

12 MISSION Our Mission is to: Bear witness to Gospel values by developing the potentials of each pupil through highly specialized learning techniques; Accomplish the objectives of the school by the collaborative effort of the staff through the provision of adequate and qualitative learning environment Inculcate in the pupils a true spirit of independence and self-reliance that will enable them grow up as self-actualized citizens of our great nation-Nigeria.

13 Vision Statement OUR VISION: To graduate students who are independent, disciplined, talented and academically oriented, who will cope favourably with the tasks and challenges of life; To transform Pacelli School into a modern school, giving our students access to the latest technological developments and equipment.

14 Cross Section of Students @ Assembly on P.E. Day

15 Students during morning devotion on Assembly Ground

16 Pacelli Clinic

17 Pacelli Band

18 ICT Centre

19 ADMISSION Admission of pupils into Pacelli School for the Blind is opened to all visually impaired children from any part of the world, irrespective of colour, creed and race. Before the admission, parents or guardians of the visually impaired person make inquiries, obtain admission forms, completes and brings along on the interview date, which him/herself has chosen. The interview which is usually conducted orally includes some practical test to determine the intellectual and mental ability of the candidate. The history of the child’s visual impairment is is also required in writing.


21 ALUMNI Pacelli School for the Blind has graduated many students, who are excelling in various life’s endeavours. It’s worth mentioning that there are Pacelli grandaunts all over the world as teachers, lawyers, professors, journalists, business managers, etc, who have competitively proven their worth in the larger society. There is a good relationship between them and the school. However, there is yet to be an established alumni association. This, we hope to achieve. Those who are trained teachers in the special area even seek employment in the school. They say that it is very rewarding to reciprocate what the school has given them, by contributing to forming the young ones.

22 Bouncer

23 Swimming Lessons

24 TYE & DYE

25 Proposed Play Ground

26 SUPPORT US Pacelli School for the Blind is a non- governmental and non-fee-paying institution. This policy has been maintained from its inception until date. As mentioned earlier, the Catholic institution owns and provides the managerial staff; with the Arch- bishop of Lagos as the proprietor. However, various groups contribute to the welfare of the pupils and maintenance of facilities through their donations in cash and kind. You too can be part of this.

27 SUPPORT US (Contd) Support for our past pupils in their ongoing education at the secondary and tertiary levels. Graduates from our school, regularly go on to successful careers in the best secondary schools and universities in the country. However, they most often need support to make their way, and we regularly try and provide what we can to help them, with all the fees, specialized supplies, remedial tutoring or just someone to talk with and give advice.

28 OUR NEEDS Salaries for teaching and non teaching staff Support for students in secondary and tertiary institutions Utility vehicle Re-inforcement for St. Anthony building to prevent the building from collapsing Play ground for the children Other needs includes laptops, scanners, inverters, typewriters, JAWS (screen reader/speech software) & internet facilities As you support us, you will be richly blessed.





33 Contact Information: Email: Website: Phone: +234-701-600-8848 Address: 30 Ajao Road, Surulere, Lagos -


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