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An Ideal school. What should it be?.

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1 An Ideal school. What should it be?

2 Some facts about me. My name is Kseniya and I am an ordinary girl. I am fond of music and reading is my cup of tea. I study at school № 27 in Orel. My favorite subjects are: Geometry, Algebra and Russian. At our last English lesson my teacher asked me to make a project about an ideal school. So let's start!

3 Education in Britain At our last English lessons we spoke about education in Britain. We learned many interesting facts about it. For example: in Great Britain school have names, not numbers. Now we know that children in Britain do not have to go to school until they reach the age of five and only very few go to nursery schools before that. Then pupils transfer to secondary schools which are usually much larger than primary schools and they take pupils from the age of 11 up to 18. There are many kinds of secondary schools: comprehensive schools, grammar schools, secondary modern schools, church schools, City Technology Colleges, boarding schools and public schools.

4 Comprehensive schools
I want to tell you about a comprehensive school which takes pupils of all abilities without any exams. It is the most popular type of school in Britain nowadays. Comprehensive schools offer a wide choice of subjects from art and craft to sciences and computer studies. Pupils at comprehensive schools are quite often put into "sets" for such subjects as mathematics and languages according to their abilities.

5 My school As I have already said I study at school № 27. It was founded in Since that time my school hasn't changed a lot. There are 4 floors in the school. The ground floor is for gum and a canteen, the 1st floor is for primary school, the 2nd is for secondary school, the 3rd is for high school. The school motto is "Leave and Learn". That's a pity, that our school hasn't got a comfortable school building and a good sports ground fitted with everything necessary. And once it happened so that our class didn't find a classroom and we had our lesson in the canteen.

6 My teachers In our school all teachers are very good and well-trained. Some of them are strict and some of them are kind, some of them are cheerful and some of them are gloomy, but all of them are fare, clever and skillful. All teachers at our school are understanding and caring. They teach us very well and they try to give us all the knowledges they have. And we try to help our teachers: we do our hometasks regularly and learn all the things they told us about.

7 My classmates The pupils of my school are very eager and willing. They like our school very much. My classmates are very friendly. Safronova Inessa Nikolaena is our Form Tutor. She is very kind and nice woman. She cares about us very well. We like her very much. More then that the headmistress in our school is a very kind and clever woman. She creates many effective rules. So, as you see the teachers in our school are very kind and understanding, the pupils are very eager and willing and it creates a comfortable and friendly atmosphere in our school. I like my school very much, but it isn't ideal.

8 An Ideal school Now I want to tell you about a school of my dream. I think that an ideal school should have a comfortable school building, a good library with video and audio materials and a big garden with flowerbeds and greenhouses. A good canteen with plenty of nice food is also very useful because healthy diet is very important for children. Psychological help and a good medical centre are necessary to support children's health.

9 A building of an ideal school.
I think that in an ideal school there should be 6 floors: the 1st should be for swimming pool, the 2nd one should be for primary school, the 3rd floor should be for secondary school, the 4th one should be for high school and the 5th floor should be for an assembly hall. The ground floor should be for a gum, cloakroom and canteen. In front of the school there should be a beautiful garden with flowerbeds.

10 Goodbye! So, as you see, education system in England is a bit different, than education system in Russia. But whatever system it can be eager pupils and caring teachers, comfortable school building, friendly atmosphere are also important for any school. Now I have finished my project about an ideal school. I hope that you like it. And now I say goodbye to you!

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