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Grammar for Fun: IT-based Gmmar Teaching with VISL Eckhard Bick, 2004 Eckhard Bick.

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1 Grammar for Fun: IT-based Gmmar Teaching with VISL Eckhard Bick, 2004 Eckhard Bick

2 Talk outline

3 Teaching projects CTU : Internet based grammar teaching software (research and development)CTU : Internet based grammar teaching software (research and development) ELU : VISL tools for Danish universities and teacher seminariesELU : VISL tools for Danish universities and teacher seminaries VISL-HHX : VISL tools for Danish business schoolsVISL-HHX : VISL tools for Danish business schools VISL-GYM : VISL tools for Danish gymnasiumsVISL-GYM : VISL tools for Danish gymnasiums PaNoLa, GREI : Major Nordic languagesPaNoLa, GREI : Major Nordic languages VISL-SEM : VISL didactics for teacher training collegesVISL-SEM : VISL didactics for teacher training colleges URKAS : “Almen sprogforståelse” (1.g)URKAS : “Almen sprogforståelse” (1.g)

4 Unity in diversity: A unified approach for 22 languages

5 VISL research languages

6 The VISL teaching network

7 kompleksitetsprogression

8 Grammy i Klostermølleskoven Story-line about grammar Interactive exercises Book = IT Comments for teachers Explanations for students

9 The Paintbox game

10 ShootingGallery: Hit a noun!

11 WordFall - Tetris for grammarians

12 Labyrinth - a word class maze

13 Post office - stamping syntactic function

14 Syntris - syntax brick by brick

15 SpaceRescue: Alien syntax

16 Constituent trees

17 Interactive syntactic trees

18 Teaching corpora of analyzed sentences

19 Function categories

20 BuildTree: Drag & drop constituents

21 LabelTree: Drag & drop syntactic function

22 Cross-language problems: Infinitive marker

23 Cross-language problems: participial clauses

24 Cross-language problems: Discontinuity

25 VISL source notation VISL lite vertical tree (non-graphical notation, filtered) VISL vertical tree (non-graphical notation, incl. morphology) UTT:cl S:propVISL P:ver Cs:g =D:artet =H:nforskningsprojekt =D:cl ==S:pronder ==P:vinvolverer ==Od:g ===D:pronmange ===D:adjforskellige ===H:nsprog STA:fcl S:prop("VISL")VISL P:v-fin("være",pr,akt)er Cs:np =DN:art("en",neu,sg,idf)et =H:n("forskningsprojekt",neu,sg,idf,nom)forskningsprojekt =DN:fcl ==S:pron-rel("der",nG,nN,nom)der ==P:v-fin("involvere",pr,akt)involverer ==Od:np ===DN:pron-indef("mange",nG,pl,nom)mange ===DN:adj("forskellig",nG,pl,nD,nom)forskellige ===H:n("sprog",neu,pl,idf,nom)sprog

26 CG source notation (function/dependency)

27 Supported xml-formats TIGER-xml (constituents) TIGER-xml (dependency) MALT-xml VISL data file markers: pedagogical topic and chaptering attributes for dynamic html-layout

28 Search interfaces for annotated corpora

29 Menu-based searches

30 Statistical tools

31 Corpus annotation

32 Annotated corpora Morphosyntactically tagged Korpus90 and Korpus2000, mixed genre, 56M words DFK, mainly transscribed parliamentary discussions, 7M words CETEMPúblico, European Portuguese, news text, 180M words Folha de São Paulo, Brazilian news text, 90M words CORDIAL-SIN, dialectal Portuguese, 30K words NURC, transscribed Brazilian speech, 100K words Tycho Brahe, historical Portuguese, 50K words Valency tagged NILC corpus, Brazilian Portuguese, journalistic and essays, 39M words Treebanks Floresta Sintá(c)tica, European Portuguese, 1M words (35K revised) Arboretum, Danish, 50K words revised

33 Integrating live NLP and language awareness teaching

34 KillerFiller: Towards evaluation

35 Performance statistics

36 VISL VISL Eckhard Bick, **************

37 The most common syntactic categories


39 The DanGram system in current numbers Lexemes in morphological base lexicon: (equals about full forms), of these: proper names: (experimental) polylexicals: 460 (+ names and certain number expressions) Lexemes in the valency and semantic prototype lexicon: Lexemes in the bilingual lexicon (Danish-Esperanto): Danish CG-rules, in all: morphological CG disambiguation rules: syntactic mapping-rules: syntactic CG disambiguation rules: (plus 429 bilingual rules in separate MT grammars, and a smaller number of semantic case-role and proper name- rules in the semantics and name grammars) Danish PSG-rules: 490 (for generating syntactic tree structures) Performance: At full disambiguation (i.e., maximal precision), the system has an average correctness of 99% for word class (PoS), and about 96% for syntactic tags (depending, on how fine grained an annotation scheme is used) Speed: full CG-parse: ca. 400 words/sec for larger texts (start up time 3-6 sec) morphological analysis alone: ca words/sec

40 VISL parsing tools Preprocessing: word- and sentence boundaries, polylexicals Lexicon and rule based morphological analysis: Inflexion, derivation, composita recognition Postprocessing: Valency and semantic potential Morphological contextual disambiguation (CG) Syntactic mapping og diambiguation (CG) Names CG, feature propagation CG, Case role-CG PSG-overbygning: Teaching, Arboretum, Floresta

41 Research projects SHF : CG, syntax & semantics (da,en,po)SHF : CG, syntax & semantics (da,en,po) AC/DC 1999-?: Portuguese CG-corporaAC/DC 1999-?: Portuguese CG-corpora Floresta 2000-?: Portuguese treebankFloresta 2000-?: Portuguese treebank DSL 2001-?: Korpus90/2000 (Danish CG-corpora)DSL 2001-?: Korpus90/2000 (Danish CG-corpora) Arboretum 2002-?: Danish treebankArboretum 2002-?: Danish treebank PaNoLa : Integration of Nordic CG researchPaNoLa : Integration of Nordic CG research Nomen Nescio: Automatic named entity recognitionNomen Nescio: Automatic named entity recognition

42 Da [da] den [den] ART UTR S gamle [gammel] ADJ nG S DEF sælger [sælger] N UTR S IDF kørte [køre] V IMPF hjem [hjem] N NEU P IDF DET UTR bil [bil] N UTR S IDF V IMPF han [han] PERS UTR 3S DET nG P små [lille] ADJ nG P nD dyr [dyr] N NEU P IDF NOM N våde [våd] ADJ nG P nD veje [vej] N UTR P IDF Running CG-annotation

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