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Arnold Bregt SDI from a technological perspective: Metadata.

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1 Arnold Bregt SDI from a technological perspective: Metadata

2 1 Components People Technology Policies Standards Spatial Data

3 Experiment Centrum voor Geo-informatie

4 Stsul.dat 0020 1015 5035 10045 75030...

5 Depth to the pyritic layer 4

6 Centrum voor Geo-informatie Why describe spatial datasets? Manage(storage and change) Search(content global ) Exchange(format ) Use(content details, quality)

7 Centrum voor Geo-informatie Target groups Personal(storage) Own organisation(storage and content) Other organisations(content, format, quality, contact person)

8 Centrum voor Geo-informatie Extent description Target groups Functions Manage Search Exchange Useuse Personal + + - - Own organisation ++ ++ ++ ++ Other organisation - +++ +++ +++

9 Centrum voor Geo-informatie How to describe ? Personal standard Organisational standard (inter)national standards

10 Exercise Draft your own Metadata Standard Draft your own Metadata Standard 9

11 Centrum voor Geo-informatie International standards America (FGDC) Europe (CEN) ISO (ISO19115)

12 Metadata Standards There are many 11

13 Centrum voor Geo-informatie Standards for Meta-data

14 Metadata Standards But the leading one is ISO 19115 13


16 Metadata INSPIRE 15

17 Metadata Standards Profiles 16

18 17

19 18

20 Metadata implemantation Profiles from ISO 19115 Implementation schema in XML (ISO 19139) Software support (e.g. Geocat in Bennekom) 19

21 Latest version ISO 19115-1: 2014 20

22 Evolution of standards 21

23 Centrum voor Geo-informatie Conclusions Describing spatial datasets with meta-data is essential to keep the data accessible in the future. For (inter) national exchange the use of a standard is a must. A problem with describing metadata is that the personal requirements are less than the organisational requirements.

24 Thank you for your attention! Questions

25 XML XML = Extensible Markup Language Standard of W3C Both machine and human readable Store data and exchange over the internet 24

26 Example - Tove Jani Reminder Don't forget me this weekend! 25

27 XML presentation 26

28 XML is everywhere! Word documents Meta data (geonetwork) Meta data Basis for GML, KML, CityGML, etcGMLKML 27

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