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New BR Mr Spock Mouse-over functions to be considered.

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1 New BR Mr Spock Mouse-over functions to be considered

2 Goal: An attractive and educative BattleReport  More visualization  Step-by-step, not grouped  Start/Stop/Pause  Set speed while running  ”Real-Time” score adjustment  Optional: mouse-over shows the corresponding info manual (ships for instance)

3 User want  All users want a cool interface  New users want to understand what is happening  Experienced users want to see in detail how the strategy worked

4 Solution  Graphical interface  Player 1 left side, Player 2 right side  Controls along bottom edge  Scores and battle order info along top edge  c1,c2,c3,c4 visible  Number of and type of each ship/building  Set speed and start  First ship fires/activates, effects are visualized  Next ship fies/activates etc. Pause function

5 Advantages  New players get into the game faster  Coolness factor of ST rises  Even experienced players will understand the battle engine better

6 Fördelar  Sammanfatta det speciella och fördelaktiga med de presenterade nyheterna

7 Needed info  We need a direct feed from the battle engine, not the grouped BR we have today. I don't know how to do this, we need someone to help us.  We need a graphics guy (senor?)  We need a specification (spock?)  We need a script programmer (same guy who helped us with battle engine?)

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