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Marcus Lenberg Höganäs AB

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1 Marcus Lenberg Höganäs AB
Working at Höganäs AB Marcus Lenberg Höganäs AB SMCt - Soft magnetic composite technology

2 Master of Science in Nanotechnology 2009
Chalmers |

3 The use of metal powders

4 Metal powders are everywhere
Automotive Engine, Exhaust, Transmission, Drive train, Pumps & hydraulics, Body & chassis, Interior Industrial Off-highway vehicles, Heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), Pumps, Motors, controls & hydraulics, Equipment Consumer Power tools, Lawn & garden, Recreational vehicles, Home appliances, Furniture Process industry Chemical, Metallurgical, Welding, Glass, Printing, Textile/Polymer, Food Chalmers |

5 What is Somaloy Technology?
“Nano coated” Fe-particles Proprietary technology Uni-axel pressing and thermal processing 3D Net shapes 3D Properties Smaller, lighter and cheaper applications Chalmers |

6 Somaloy® – Open up new design opportunities
Steel Sheets OPERATING INDUCTION LEVEL Ferrites OPERATING FREQUENCY Smaller, lighter and cheaper applications Chalmers |

7 A day as a development engineer at Höganäs
Interacting with the market – special request. New materials. Planing. Experimental work. Evaluation. Optimization. Qualification. Chalmers |

8 Working at Höganäs Global. Stimulating. Challenging. Quality. Fun.
Ramona Karlsson, the Swedish rally. Chalmers |

9 Different companies Catator AB (catalytic solutions, fuel cells)
Small company (10 employees) Small organization, quick decisions. Short lead times. Limited resources Höganäs AB Global, about 1700 employees. Resources and education. Career opportunities. Big organization. Chalmers |

10 Good luck in the future! Chalmers |

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