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TU Delft Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management

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1 TU Delft Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management

2 TU Delft It’s history • TU Delft was established in by King William Ⅱ • TU Delft is the oldest and largest University of Technology in the Netherlands 2

3 Universities in the Netherlands TU Delft is the largest university of technology
3 Universities of Technology: 3TU Programmes in science, design and engineering

4 Strategic institutional agreements
IDEA League BME - Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Hongarije) NTNU – Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Noorwegen) METU – Middle East Technical University (Turkije) Moscow State University (Rusland) Tsinghua University Beijing (China) Kyoto University (Japan) Osaka University (Japan) University of Tokyo (Japan) Bandung Institute of Technology (Indonesië) National University of Singapore (Singapore) The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hong Kong) KAIST (Noord Korea)

5 Organisation Supervisory Board Executive Board boards support
Operational Comm. faculty faculty faculty faculty faculty faculty faculty faculty Delft Research Initiatives Civil Engineering & Geosciences Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Sciences Aerospace Engineering Applied Sciences Industrial Design Engineering Technology Policy & Management Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering Architecture Research institutes

6 Facts & Figures MSc Programmes TU Delft 38 Master’s programmes
Including: Integrated Product Design Marine Technology Civil Engineering Aerospace Engineering Applied Earth Sciences Computer Science Telecommunications Systems & Control

7 Facts & Figures Research & Finance Academic staff incl 1600PhD
Fte, as per 2010 Academic staff incl 1600PhD Support staff PhD degrees Academic/specialist public. High-tech start-ups 2600 1900 333 6500/750 11 M€, as per 2010 Funding directly from government Indirect and contract funding 370 140

8 Delft Research Initiatives
Health Infrastructures & mobility Delft Research Initiatives Environment Energy

9 Delft Research Initiatives
The DRIs foster opportunities for researchers from different faculties to work together on urgent social themes They provide society with better insight into TU Delft’s research and bring together research groups from across the campus

10 TU Delft Challenging the Future Engineers broadly trained
Research into urgent societal problems Spin-offs to the market Research facilities for many purposes Brain power from across the world Active and committed students 10

11 Technology, Policy and Management
Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management Mission: Make a significant contribution to sustainable solutions to complex social problems through: internationally oriented education and research. By analyzing the structure and operation of technical multi-actor systems and by developing intervention strategies, practices and instruments for designing and improving systems of this kind. Technology, Policy and Management

12 Organization chart

13 Technology, Policy and Management
Facts and Figures TPM staff year-end 2013 Academic staff 328 Support staff 51 Total number of employees (fte) 379 Student Intake 2013 Bachelor SEPAM (TB) 216 Master EPA, MoT, SEPAM, TIL 167 Total new intake Total active students: ca Total PhD students: 121 Technology, Policy and Management

14 International Cooperation
TPM-Consortium (MIT, George Mason University, Carnegie Mellon University, Instituto Superior Técnico Lisboa) Global Technology of Management Consortium (University of Maryland, CERAM Sophia Antipolis, Asian Institute of Technology, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, National Tsing Hua University) Shell Project Academy, (Shell Global Solutions, University of Cranfield (GB), University of Texas at Austin (USA), Queensland University of Technology at Brisbane (Aus) Harbin University of Technology Council of Engineering Systems Universities Idea League UNITECH Partners Etcetera... Technology, Policy and Management

15 Technology, Policy and Management
Educational programmes Technology, Policy and Management

16 The degree programmes of TPM
Bsc ‘Technische Bestuurskunde’ (Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management) MSc Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management MSc Management of Technology MSc Engineering and Policy Analysis Technology, Policy and Management

17 Interfaculty Education
Profession-oriented knowledge in fields as economics, management and law Skills (e.g. presenting, reporting) and languages Reflection on technology (e.g. ethics, philosophy and history of science) Professionalization of teaching (Interfaculty Centre for Education Focus) Technology, Policy and Management

18 Technology, Policy and Management
PhD-programme Best Practices Cycle (2 blocks) Five day course TPM research methods and skills Deeper investigation of research methods relevant for the specific research programmes Demand driven symposia Peer groups Coaching by experienced researchers (e.g. on writing a research proposal) Technology, Policy and Management

19 Technology, Policy and Management
Research programmes Technology, Policy and Management

20 Design and Management of Infrastructures Research Programme 1
Explaining and managing the course of infrastructural developments Systematic comparison between infrastructural sectors Design criteria for infrastruc-tural networks, market structures and models for intervention and management Technology, Policy and Management

21 Innovation Systems Research Programme 2
Analysis of complex relationships between actors and institutions on the one hand and the development of new products, production processes and services on the other Study of the influence of innovation systems on the commercial viability of technological designs Technology, Policy and Management

22 Multi-Actor Systems Research Programme 3
Focus on solving complex problems regarding decision making and (process) management in multi-actor systems Focus on design and evaluation of innovative concepts and theories, design guidelines, methods and techniques Creative synthesis of insights from policy analysis, process management and public management on the one hand and applied operations research and systems analysis on the other Technology, Policy and Management

23 Risk and Design Research Programme 4
Scientific models and approaches for policy makers, public administrators and managers Objective: prediction and reduction of the safety, health and environmental risks of technological systems Technology, Policy and Management

24 Reflection on Technology Research Programme 5
Objective: a better understanding of modern technology and of ethical, technology-related issues Study of the role of technology and its impact on society Technology, Policy and Management

25 TPM for Technology with Policy!

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