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Gör Vågen! Social entrepreneurship with overtones from Värmland county. Helena Agnemyr

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1 Gör Vågen! Social entrepreneurship with overtones from Värmland county. Helena Agnemyr

2 The aim of the study Try to identify research in terms of concepts of social entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurs, its emergence and context. Try to concretize the concepts and theories by highlighting examples from Värmland. Do this in a way that is all about meetings and dialogue – based on the idea of doers, supporters and enablers.

3 Doers Enablers Support- ers The necessary Triangle Reidar Almås, Bygdeutvikling (1995)

4 Arvika Sunne Eda Storfors Karlstad Hammarö Communicare Region Värmland ALMI Munkfors Hushållningssällskapet Värmlands kooperativen Länsstyrelsen Per Pettersson Curt Räftegård Lars Aronsson Bertil Lundberg Bengt Starrin Gunilla Lönnbring Ewa Persson Leif Peterson Bengt Sahlström Owe Nordling Lennart Svahn Leif Stinnerbom Lena Bergström Danne Helmersson Anna-Pia Karlsson Lasse Högberg Lena Hedberg Gunnel Gustafsson Inga-Lill Lindqvist Peter Vang Lars Yngström Rickard Ohlin Kurt Eide Bengt Gustafsson Marc Broos Forshaga Grums Hagfors Filipstad Torsby Årjäng

5 Entydighetens väg Mångtydighetens väg To understand a phenomena The distinct roadThe ambiguous road

6 Something in time Conversations and dialogoue Something of a context External analysis To understand a phenomena Internal analysis E-mail survey Interviews with regional actors Workshops with social entrepreneurs Unleash the social entrepreneurs Theory Practice

7 Social entrepreneurship Good for society Social Change Social sustainability Entrepreneurship Make money Economic sustainability

8 Traditional public sector Traditional non-profit sector Traditional business The new Economy The new Government The new Non-profit sector Hybrids Augustinsson & Brisvall 2009

9 The new Economy The new Government The new Non-profit Sector Hybrids

10 Social entrepreneurship - concepts Social Entrepreneurship Voluntariness Social capital Local development Cultural industries Business Empowerment

11 E-mail survey to three groups of municipal heads Discussions with regional actors Two workshops with people who we believe are or can represent social entrepreneurship in practice

12 The perspective of the enablers and supporters E-mail survey municipal heads An intuitive understanding of … Not central in the everyday discussions Different purpose Beyond their self-interest Social benefits The shape varies - Innovation Transformation in society Be prepared for resistance Discussions with regional actors Familiar concept, but... Social/societal overtones Entrepreneurship in a broad sense Local significance Reassessment of the... Local Democratic overtones The meetings with the municipalities Culture, climate and soil

13 The perspective of the doers Broad view of social entrepreneurship Different but recognizable Getting ahead of things. Do not want to be categorized Creative society - Cre-actor Understanding from the surroundings

14 Sum up Unleash the social entrepreneurs We don’t give a precise answer of what is a social entrepreneur? Nothing new, more current right now Partly known, but has no central location in strategic document Local community and enterprise Local conditions vary

15 Yes, it was one of my most enjoyable afternoons in a long time, once again, thanks for letting me join! Hi all CRE-ACTORS! How nice it can get with all posts and comments when you can speak straight from the heart without a coach. Thank you all! Dear Creactors! The title of the email is a quote from Marvin Martian movies and it reflects my feelings when I came home from our wonderful meeting with Cerut. What a glorious afternoon where I did not have to defend or explain, just be! Last Friday I worked with the Swedish Church in Falun and started talking about our mental snuggle and it was as close to heaven as you can get. So now they had proof that the Kingdom of Heaven begins on earth. It was everything I wanted for now, but I have a feeling that we will meet again.

16 Thank You! Helena Agnemyr,

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