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© Digipolis e-Procurement Training buyers and suppliers in Flanders.

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1 © Digipolis e-Procurement Training buyers and suppliers in Flanders

2 © Digipolis Agenda Company profile Overview e-Procurement Digipolis Implementation e-Procurement for suppliers Government Steering Comitée Governmental implementation Communication Users Results e-notification/e-tendering Pitfalls

3 © Digipolis Digipolis Digipolis: ICT-supplier for the local authorities of Antwerp and Ghent

4 © Digipolis Digipolis: main customers City of Antwerp and Ghent Public Centre of Social Welfare of Antwerp and Ghent Antwerp and Ghent Local Police Antwerp and Ghent municipal schools -> total of +/-24.000 customers 442 employees

5 © Digipolis Digipolis: general services Development and management of the glass fibre network Management of the IT infrastructure computers, printers, (wireless) networks, telephony, cell phones… Development, customisation and maintenance of software applications Business analysis and advice Realisation of IT projects Helpdesk Training and coaching of users

6 © Digipolis Overview e-procurement Digipolis Implementation e-notification 2010: publishing tenders in e-notification/website Including tenders on free market Implementation e-tendering First electronic opening of offers in September 2010 Since first of June 2011 only electronic offers/nominations are accepted 2012: award of accreditation

7 © Digipolis Implementation e-procurement suppliers Take off -Via hyperlink on website Digipolis: -General correspondence to all regular suppliers -Footer in e-mails of buyers -Remark in Linkedin profile of buyers -Monthly training sessions: in general and for specific tenders. Announcement in tenders and on website Digipolis during one year. -Helpdesk federal government -Telephone support -Manuals on website

8 © Digipolis Government Steering Comitée e-Proc City of Ghent Digipolis ABB Federal Government VVSG External partners helpdesk

9 © Digipolis Governmental implementation Installation of necessary tools: software (Java) and eID-readers Training in test environment General information towards existing suppliers Training for specific tenders Individual support opening on e-tendering Monthly evaluation with KPI’s

10 © Digipolis Communication users

11 © Digipolis Results e-notification/e-tendering Digipolis More offers: +/- 20% New suppliers: +/- 15% Decrease ecological footprint: -4,6%(supplier + government) Increase of transparency Increase of competition Increase of efficiency

12 © Digipolis Results e-notification/e-tendering Digipolis

13 © Digipolis Results e-notification/e-tendering Amount of tenders, offers and average Year - Month Average Amount of offers Amount of tenders Flanders

14 © Digipolis Results e-notification/e-tendering Flanders Percentage of electronic offers

15 © Digipolis Pitfalls Entry level for small companies: individual support required Church-surrounding mentality: through introducing e-tendering, growth of amount of offers and bigger geographical region. Individual support is required. International suppliers (outside Belgium): signing offers Token Certipost no longer valid Own token Description in tender Offer too late??

16 © Digipolis Questions

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