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Future Teachers’ Academy Western Province Preparatory School.

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1 Future Teachers’ Academy Western Province Preparatory School

2 2015 Academy Tamryn Saunders Zola Mtiwetafa

3 Sean Adair adair Brent Wienand

4 Edward Ntaka Adrian Louw

5 Claudia Farrugia

6 Zine Dwane Zine Dwane, originally from East London, completed her schooling in Cape Town, where she matriculated from Sinethemba Senior Secondary School in 2003. She is currently studying a BPrimEd (Foundation Phase) through UNISA. She works as Grade NA classroom assistant.

7 Lusenathi Ham Lusenathi Ham is a Caledonian and matriculated from LEAP Science and Maths school in 2007. He is currently studying a BPrimEd through UNISA and assists the science department as a lab technician. He coaches rugby and cricket as well as having regular boarding house duties.

8 Luke Masasire Luke joined the Academy in 2013. Luke is originally from Zimbabwe and is currently playing U21 rugby for Hamiltons. He will be studying a BCom.

9 Lups Tuswa Lups matriculated from Stutterheim High School and is currently studying a BPrimEd. Lups has proven to be a great role model and now plays a vital role in the pastoral and administrative life of the school. He coaches cricket and rugby as well as having the enviable task of being in charge of school photographs. He runs the athletics programme and is also our cricket administrator.

10 Previous Graduates Morgan matriculated from Woodridge College as headboy in 2009. He spent a year working at a school in England before he completed a BCom Sports Management degree at NMMU in Port Elizabeth. Morgan is currently registered at UNISA, and is due to complete his PGCE in 2015. Morgan Campbell

11 Jayson Edwards Jayson attended SACS and joined the programme at the beginning of 2013. He is currently in his third year of BPrimEd. Jayson coached rugby and cricket. Jayson has moved on to SACS

12 Leon Heavyside Leon Heavyside hales from Pietermaritzburg. He matriculated in 1992. Leon started at WPPS in 2006 as a security officer, and joined the Academy at the beginning of 2007. He is currently in the fourth year of his BPrimEd. Leon has had a massive impact on the IT department and his role as lab technician is invaluable. He also coaches rugby and cricket.

13 Amy King Amy has completed her undergrad and holds her honours in psychology from Rhodes. She joined the programme in 2013 and intends completing her PGCE in two years. She originates from the Eastern Cape.

14 Sarah Hofmeyr Sarah Hofmeyr grew up, and was schooled, in Switzerland. She then followed her parents to Cape Town, and studied criminology and psychology at UCT. After several years she pursued her dream of becoming a primary school teacher and joined the programme in 2014. She completed her PGCE in a single year. She takes up a position at Herzlia in 2015.

15 Thabo Lesoro Thabo Lesoro joined the Academy in 2013. Thabo attend Graham College in the Eastern Cape and worked as sports coach and part-time Xhosa teacher at the College Thabo is currently in his first year of BPrimEd

16 Previous Graduates Dora Sintu (BEd Honours) (Xhosa speacialist G1 to 4) and Ngcingci Mseleku. Both Dora and Ngcingci are pervious graduates from a precursor to the Academy

17 Class of 2010 Warren Viljoen and Craig Connellan both completed their PGCE degrees at the end of 2010. Warren, who was vibrant member of our Academy, returned to WPPS as a Grade 4 teacher in 2014 Craig joined the Wetpups Staff in 2011, as our history specialist.

18 Class of 2011 Glenn Jones completed his PGCE in 2011 and joined the WPPS staff in January 2012 as a science and maths teacher. Brad Emslie likewise completed his degree in 2011 and left the Western Cape to take up a post in the Eastern Cape at Kings College.

19 Class of 2012 Kate joined the programme at the beginning of 2012 and completed her PGCE in a year. She applied for and is currently working at Underberg School in KZN.

20 Class of 2013 Lorne King completed his BPrimEd in 2013 and left to pursue his lifelong dream of travelling the world. Tamsyn Young completed her studies, a BA (English and Criminology) during the course of 2013. Kim Beattie, originally from Zimbabwe, is currently completing a BPrimEd through UNISA. She, however, expressed her desire to return to Zimbabwe and did so in June 2013. She continues with her studies.

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