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STAFF TRAINING WEEK Disability Service Malmö University.

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1 STAFF TRAINING WEEK Disability Service Malmö University

2 Higher Education in Sweden In Sweden there are 34 institutions of higher education run by the state through the Ministry of Education and Research, plus 19 private institutions of higher education that are partly run by the state. There is also the University of Agricultural Sciences. STAFF TRAINING WEEK

3 The Discrimination Act From the spring in 2002 and until new years 2008/09, an Equal Treatment of Students in Universities Act was in force in Sweden. Since the first of January 2009, a new Discrimination Act embraced and replaced this Equal treatment Act as well as other acts in the field of equality and antidiscrimination. The purpose of the Discrimination Act is to combat discrimination and in other ways promote equal rights and opportunities regardless of sex, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation or age. For more information on the Act, see the website of the Equality Ombudsman: STAFF TRAINING WEEK

4 In accordance with Clause 1 (2001:526) regarding the government authorities’ responsibility for implementing the disability policy, it states that disability policy objectives shall be considered by authorities reporting to the Government when structuring and conducting their operations. The authorities shall work to ensure that people with disability are afforded full participation in the life of the community and equality of conditions of life. The authorities shall in particular work to ensure that their premises, operations and information are accessible for people with disability. STAFF TRAINING WEEK

5 What is a disability? Disability: permanent physical, mental or intellectual limitation of a person’s functional capacity that as a consequence of injury or illness existed at birth, has arisen since then or can be expected to arise. (Discrimination Act, SFS 2008:567) STAFF TRAINING WEEK

6 A sensory (visual/hearing) impairment A mental health difficulty A mobility impairment A dexterity impairment Asperger's Syndrome or other autism spectrum disorders Chronic medical conditions (eg diabetes, epilepsy, asthma) Chronic pain/chronic fatigue Specific learning difficulties (eg dyslexia, dyspraxia) Any other condition which has a long-term and adverse effect on study STAFF TRAINING WEEK

7 The organizational perspective Each university and other higher education institution in Sweden is obliged to set aside the funds to cover extraordinary costs for educational support measures for students with disabilities. A part of these costs is covered through extra government funding, distributed annually from a common national pool. STAFF TRAINING WEEK

8 The coordinator of pedagogical support for students with disabilities At all universities and institutions of higher education there is a contact person/coordinator, working with issues relating to educational support for students with disabilities. The coordinator is also involved in the work with plans and strategies for the development of accessibility and equal opportunities, and is a source of knowledge and guidance for the university staff. STAFF TRAINING WEEK

9 Student Centre STAFF TRAINING WEEK Charlotte Kipowsky Head of Section; Support and services Careers Service Disability Service International Office Student Health Service

10 Disability Service STAFF TRAINING WEEK Co-ordinator 100 % Special Needs Educator 100 % Administrative Assistent 75 %


12 Class Accommodations Opportunity to tape record lectures Aid in class, such as a sign-language interpreter Help from a note-taker/duplicating someone else's notes Written material (overheads or notes) provided in advance Talking book Exam Accommodations Extra time for exams Alternative format for exams - for example, an oral exam Reduced distractions - writing an exam in a separate room Use of a computer for essay exams Other Services Mentor Assistive Technology Assistive Software STAFF TRAINING WEEK

13 Swedish Agency for Accessible Media, MTM MTM´s mission is to produce and lend talking books and books in braille. MTM also provides advice and information on matters concerning talking books and braille. MTM has a special service aimed at print disabled students at university level. MTM is funded entirely by the government. Since 1980, MTM has been a government body under the Ministry of Culture. STAFF TRAINING WEEK


15 Review eligible students’ disability documentation and recommend reasonable academic accommodations to offset the affects of their disability on academic life Act as liaisons between students and faculty in the implementation of disability related services and accommodations Advocate on issues related to diversity, educational equity and academic achievement STAFF TRAINING WEEK What we do

16 Stödfunktioner STAFF TRAINING WEEK Worksshops – Strategies Mentor/tutor groups. Students with ADHD (Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder) Mentorsprogram Student Note- takers program Activites in groups

17 Uppföljning STAFF TRAINING WEEK Meet the students individual Meet students with their faculty Survey Statistics Our ”planningdays” Follow up

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