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Search for the Golden Castle By Jasmine And Arvin.

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2 Search for the Golden Castle By Jasmine And Arvin

3 THE QUEST You are a famous explorer and treasure hunter-archaeologist. You have been contacted by the President of a small South American country who needs your services. He has been told that there is an ancient Golden Castle deep in the jungle which is rumoured to contain lots of treasure. The Golden Key has been lost for centuries. He warns you that it will be a difficult journey with many dangers. You agree to go on a quest to find the treasure for him.

4 You set off and meet a wise old man who says he would try to help you. The man tells you the Golden key is in Los Angeles. You sail to New York, America. On the way, the old man meets an friend of his but the friend is a bit un-trustworthy. What do you do? Do you....... Trust Him Lose Him in the Grand CanyonTrust Him Lose Him in the Grand Canyon

5 You trust him and he betrays you and sets off to get the treasure himself. Do you........ Continue on your questContinue on your quest Track him downTrack him down

6 You have lost the man in the Grand Canyon. You do not want anyone to know you lost someone in the Grand Canyon! Do you................ Try and Find Him Run awayTry and Find HimRun away

7 You decide to continue on your way. You are walking along and you see something glinting in the sand, it is the Golden Key! You run and pick it up. Now you need to get to the Golden Castle. Do you............ Stowaway on a Train Travel on footStowaway on a TrainTravel on foot

8 You go down and try to lose the man. You lose him so you try to get out but you can’t. You are stuck. You died of de- hydration. Go back to the start. Start again

9 You decide to track the man down. He doesn’t deserve the treasure after betraying you! You see a figure in the distance, it’s him! You run after him. You hear a gun fire and you collapse. Someone shot and wounded you! You must rest a while. Go Back 3 Slides

10 You run away. On your way you see a something glinting in the sand. You keep running and you pick it up. It is the Golden Key! Now you need to find the Golden Castle. After five minutes you find a train station. Do you......... Stowaway on a train Keep Running Stowaway on a trainKeep Running

11 After a tiresome journey you find the Golden Castle. It is just as you imagined. You grab several bags and you start collecting treasure from inside the castle.

12 Congratulations!

13 Three days later you fly back to the President who sent you on the quest. He is very pleased with your work. You give him the key and several bags full of the ancient treasure you collected. He gives you a large sack of modern-day money. You thank him. He also gives you and the old man large mansions in his country. You live there until your fate awaits you.

14 Play again

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