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Ronald J. Zimmer, CAE President & CEO Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA) HOME AREA NETWORKS in a Smart Grid.

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1 Ronald J. Zimmer, CAE President & CEO Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA) HOME AREA NETWORKS in a Smart Grid

2 HOME AREA NETWORKS in a Smart Grid Speakers should try not to exceed 24 slides per 30-minute presentation, roughly one slide per 1 or 2 minutes of talk Do not forget to bring a copy of your presentation with you on the day

3 A “smart grid” is a digital, self-healing energy system that delivers electricity or gas from generation sources, including distributed renewable, to points of consumption. It is capable of optimizing power delivery and facilitating two- way communication across the grid, enabling end-user energy management, minimizing power disruptions and transporting only the required amount of power. The result is lower cost to the utility and the customer, more reliable power and reduced carbon emissions. SMART GRID DEFINITION Source: World Economic Forum Smart Grid Project Task Force & Steering Board

4 Do not use sound effects Sound effects slow down slide transitions Noise from projection computer may distract audience Rather use video clips if sound and recordings are required for your presentation. Please discuss this with the organizers so that arrangements can be made to accommodate your request

5 Please do not number your slides Each slide should have a title 9 lines max on a text slide 7 words max per line Caution: Red, orange or yellow lettering and lines become unreadable when projected

6 Growing Demand for Smart Energy $3.4 billion in US stimulus funds awarded for the Smart Grid. $1 billion awarded to support Demand/Response.

7 Use of pictures, graphics, tables, etc. is at the discretion of the speaker: Keep diagrams simple Easy to view Make text readable with large font Use all space in rectangle Make sure your presentation is readable when printed in black and white

8 Branded or company logos are only permitted on the opening slide Logos (other than that of the event logo) may not be used throughout the presentation, unless prior authorization has been obtained from the organizers

9 Deadline for submission of presentation for the proceedings: January 14, 2011 Please ensure that you bring a copy of your power-point slides with you on a thumb drive the day of your presentation – if you change your slides please email the organizers ASAP with the updated copy Data from 2009 CABA State of Connected Home

10 U.S. Households with HANS and iREM Nets CABA Connected Home Roadmap 2010

11 US: Energy & Green Living Opportunity Landscape There is a substantial market opportunity for energy reduction products/services: Systems that track where and when energy and water is being consumed Products that schedule and control appliance usage Products that allow users to centrally control room temp and lighting Table Stakes Limited Opportunity Solid Opportunity >10 High Opportunity >12 Extreme Opportunity >15 Eliminate phantom drain Individual room control Programmable lighting controls Analyze appliance efficiency Monitor/ track electricity consumption Water conservation/ monitoring system Off-peak appliance scheduling Energy management program Allowing energy provider to remotely adjusting temps Automatic maintenance notification Programmable window covering Over-Served Appropriately Served Under-Served Percent top 2 box Satisfaction and Importance scores CABA Connected Home Roadmap 2010 JLA Strategic Research

12 Willingness To Pay For several high opportunity areas, many of those dissatisfied with their current situation are willing to pay for improved capabilities – Programmable lighting controls – Eliminating phantom energy drain – Individual room temperature and lighting control You appear to be most dissatisfied with your ability to perform the following activities. How willing would you be to pay for a better solution to each? Base are those very/somewhat dissatisfied with their current ability to perform each capability Very Strong Willingness >75% Strong Willingness >65% Mild Willingness >50% Weak Willingness <50% = Solid Opportunity Score CABA Connected Home Roadmap 2010 JLA Strategic Research

13 CABA Connected Home Roadmap 2010 Ecosystem Development The ecosystem for connected home solutions has evolved beyond feature development, and requires new thinking around how to bundle products, services and content. When considered in context of platforms, individual features begin to resonate with consumers. Home security monitoring Video on demand Remote entry and identification Energy billing information Integrated health records Cameras and sensors Gaming consoles Smart door locks Smart meters Bluetooth bath scales ContentProducts/Services JLA Strategic Research “…Opportunities tend to be greater among those younger…demand for remote, one touch control of home security capabilities increase as age decreases…” -monitoring/tracking electricity consumption -One touch alarm control -Remote notification of power loss and basement flooding -Connection of lighting to security systems CABA Connected Home Roadmap August 18, 2010




17 The Home and Beyond from a Telecom perspective Courtesy: ZigBee Alliance

18 TXU Energy iThermostat Website

19 Member Participants 1.3M Company 2.Bell Canada 3.Best Buy 4.Direct Energy 5.Freescale Semiconductor 6.Honeywell International 7.Ingersoll Rand/Trane/Schlage 8.Intel Corporation 9.Landis+Gyr 10.Microsoft Corporation 11.TELUS 12.Tyco Electronics 13.Whirlpool Corporation Research Supplier: POCO LabsProject Manager: Direct Energy CABA’s Energy as a Managed Service Study

20 CABA’s Energy as a Managed Service Research Consumers would change behavior based on TOU. TOU pricing on consumer behavior compared. Preferred data sampling rate was cost/day. Consumption behavior would change if energy savings were met. EMS adopters are also into “green” behavior. Five key segments of consumers were identified.


22 Member Participants 1.Belimo Air Controls 2.Consolidated Edison Company of New York 3.Distech Controls Inc. 4.Echelon Corporation 5.Electric Power Research Institute 6.Honeywell International Inc. 7.Ingersoll Rand/Trane/Schlage 8.Johnson Controls Ltd. 9.Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 10.Natural Resources Canada 11.Optimum Energy, LLC 12.Philips Electronics 13.Pacific Northwest National Laboratory 14.Schneider Electric 15.Siemens Industry, Inc. 16.Sloan Monitored Systems 17.Wattstopper/Legrand/Ortronics Research Supplier: Frost & SullivanProject Manager: Dr. Ken Wacks CABA’s Intelligent Buildings Roadmap Study: 2011

23 Source: Frost & Sullivan and CABA’s Intelligent Buildings Road Map 2011


25 1173 Cyrville Road, Suite 210 Ottawa, ON K1J 7S6 613.686.1814 888.798.CABA (2222) 613.744.7833 Your information Source for Home & Building Automation

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