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Sysment Notebook Presentation of a web-based ELN system.

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1 Sysment Notebook Presentation of a web-based ELN system

2 Concept of Sysment Notebook  hostable, web-based electronic laboratory notebook  browser and database independent  unique combination of traditional medicinal chemistry and biopharmaceuticals All trademarks mentioned belong to their owners, third party brands, product names, trade names, corporate names and company names mentioned may be trademarks of their respective owners or registered trademarks of other companies and are used for purposes of explanation and to the owner's benefit.

3 Modularity  well-equipped and configurable core software with basic functionality prepared for many plug-in modules

4 Workflow handling

5 The document  fundamental unit and entry point in the ELN application document header sections – logical pharagraphs in the document links for the existing sections add a new section to the document

6 Integrated Marvin structure editor role and name of the component decide if the component should appear in the reaction sketch or not transfer the component to the reaction editor form

7 Protein editor

8 Reaction editor with the complete reaction title of the reaction decide if the reaction should appear in the document extract or not save the reaction section roles and names of the reaction components

9 Calculations unit selection calculated values

10 File attachments list of the attached files delete and download an attached file add a new file with comment

11 Search available search fields  chemistry data  administrative data  joint data user defined search layout save search

12 Browse list of documents extract of the selected document list handling functions  open  delete  clone save list

13 Saved lists saved browse listslist logic function

14 Possibilities and features under implementation  dedicated section type for certain file types (Excel, JChem for Excel, Word, PDF etc…) with preview  import reactants and reagents from external databases  direct compound and batch registration  reactor module  reporting and printing  export to SharePoint

15 Key features  web-based, self-hostable or hosted by Sysment  browser and database independent  extendable by plug-ins  supports multiple opened documents  handling of traditional medicinal chemistry and biopharmaceuticals together Thank you for your attention!

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