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VTS INNOVATOR SERIES Real Problems, Real solutions.

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1 VTS INNOVATOR SERIES Real Problems, Real solutions

2 What problems are we solving? Simplify application rollout/maintenance Standardize change process and tightly control application versions Mitigate malicious activity Traceability and problem resolution Recover from error or catastrophic failure

3 Simplify Application Rollout and Maintenance

4 Online Application Configuration Configure tags, displays, server lists and some application properties online in realtime Bulk tag import online Automatic or manual (user-selectable) deployment of configuration changes Test with live data before deploying Selectively revert/deploy changes Deployment to all servers, clients and Internet clients

5 Simplified Offline Configuration Configure app from any offline development station Configuration servers no longer required Create compressed.changeset file (analagous file) of entire application, excluding alarms and historical data Simple import of.changeset file on runtime or development production server Application restart not required for most.changeset imports

6 ChangeSet Types Type 1 - Complete backup Complete copy of application with full history of application changes. Uses: Backup of all application files Moving offline changes to online servers Debugging by Trihedral technical support Copying application from one computer to another Application restore (if no server redundancy)

7 ChangeSet Types Type 2 - Run-only snapshot Copy of application runtime files only. No source files and no configuration history. Uses: Installation of a OEM toolset or application where source files may contain trade secrets Installation of a complete application revision where no onsite changes are permitted

8 ChangeSet Types Type 3 - Snapshot Copy of application with source files. No configuration history. Uses: Installation of a OEM toolset or application Installation of a complete application revision

9 ChangeSet Types Type 4 – Add-on Subset of changes rather than the complete application. Uses: Generally used internally by Trihedral for patching product issues

10 ChangeSet Types Type 5 – Template Set of files included as a template in an OEM layer. All new applications created from the OEM layer will include all files in the template. Uses: Sets a new application to a preconfigured state Used by OEM’s where all applications are generally the same but may require minimal modification on a per installation basis

11 Multiple Developer Environment Any number of online and offline developers can work simultaneously Indicators define displays ‘under construction’ Changes are merged with automatic conflict resolution

12 Standardize Change Process and Application Version Control

13 Monitor Application Versions Running on Each Server/Client Workstation Workstation log notes last known application version running on each networked workstation Color coded for easy identification of unsynchronized workstations Selecting workstation record shows version log for selected workstation Version logs include Local and Deployed changes

14 Repository Management Single-Computer Application A-D0 A-D1 A A-D2 A-D3 A-D5 A-D4 First revision Add tag Add page Modify menu Modify page Modify tag Time Deployed versions designated by -D

15 Repository Management Multiple-Computer Application A-D0 A-D1 AB C-D0 C B-D0 A-D2 C-D1 First rev Add tag Add page Modify menu Modify tag Time Modify page

16 Mitigate Malicious Activity

17 Secure Version Repository Dual file structures Working Copy files (active, tamper resistant, synchronized) User Copy files (inactive, unsecured) User Copy files may be changed without affecting application User Copy files become Working Copy files via the secure file import mechanism Changes to Working Copy files are ignored in production environment

18 Files in the Repository Source (.src) files Tag files Settings files (.dynamic and.static) Miscellaneous configuration files (images, XML, etc) Security accounts (accounts.dynamic) Platform information (Op System, VTS version, etc) Page (i.e. sticky) notes Not in repo: History, alarm history, network values, etc

19 Traceability and Problem Resolution

20 Configuration Traceability (Version Log) Encrypted repository (SHA-2, 256 bit hash) of application configuration change history Each configuration change produces a new version Version logs includes version number, timestamp, user account and comment Each version stores incremental file differences, minimizing repository size Versions may be Local (active only on the local machine) Deployed (deployed to all networked servers & clients)

21 Version Log Features Show version details Review line by line changes to each application file Colour coding of changes to identify ‘from’ and ‘to’ states Colour coded vertical scroll bar helps locate changes in long script files

22 Recover from Error or Catastrophic Failure

23 Version Log Features Switch to version Switch to known good version Creates a new version as a copy of a previous version All changes made subsequent to ‘switched to’ version are retained in version log If automatic deploy on, new version is automatically sent to all servers/clients If automatic deploy off, new version can be verified locally and then manually deployed to servers/clients

24 Version Log Features Reverse version changes Select one or more versions to reverse Provides version detail review before committing User may reverse some or all of the configuration changes in a particular version If automatic deploy on, new version is automatically sent to all servers/clients If automatic deploy off, new version can be verified locally and then manually deployed to servers/clients

25 Version Log Features Merge version changes A workstation may have many local versions ready for deployment. Select one or more local versions to merge (i.e. Deploy) to other servers/clients In a multi-developer environment, an auditor can merge local changes from one workstation to his own for local review before deployment

26 Advanced Configuration Tools Feature Summary

27 Advanced Configuration Tools 1. Configuration Management features Online application configuration Offline application configuration Multiple developer environment Improved Security 2. Application Version Control features Monitor app version running on each server/client Configuration traceability Switching to previous application versions Reversing changes Merging changes from multiple developers

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