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IMASIGHT VISION Software Version 3.25

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1 IMASIGHT VISION Software Version 3.25

2 Control Center New Look
In addition to changing the look and color of our Vision application, we removed the exit button and replaced it with the X button and inserted the Worklist feature. Please see next slide for more information on the Worklist.

3 WorkList The ability to share a Modality Worklist with a Practice Management Software. Sharing the Modality Worklist with your Practice Management Software eliminates the need to duplicate your customer data information entries. Your practice Management Software will pass your customers information to Vision eliminating possible typos. Once all the X-rays/exam are performed, the images are sent back to the Practice Management Server to be attached to the Patient’s records. For more details on the Worklist feature and the compatibility software packages please contact us.

4 Backup An additional backup location to a network drive location has been added. It is now possible to backup the Database and Images directly onto a LAN data server. The external disk drive backup is still an option and the primary location. Performing the backup to both the external drive and the network LAN drive is also an option.

5 View and Diagnose Two new search options were added:
The exam search for a specific date. The search on diagnosed exams.

6 View and Diagnose It is also possible to work offline without a database. This option is especially practical for retrieving DICOM images from a PACS for diagnostic. When this feature is activated, only the “Find Exams on a DICOM server” is be selectable.

7 Control Tab area redesigned.
We have redesigned the control Tab area - Regrouped the tab portion a the top of the pane. - Enlarged the thumbnails area to accommodate 6 full thumbnails. - When more than 6 must be displayed; A click on the Double arrow up, Will display a full size thumbnail area. As seen on the next slide.

8 Control Tab area redesigned (continued).
This representation shows the thumbnail pane when you need to see more than 6 thumbnails simultaneously. And a click on the double arrow down will bring you back to the 6 thumbnail view as seen on the previous slide.

9 Image and thumbnail representation
The image and thumbnail representations of the image have been changed to remove the black borders surrounding images, making more room for the images to be best fitted in the display area. Also, note that the name of the patient and the exam date are now displayed in the upper left hand corner of the image.

10 Image and thumbnail representation (continued)
Note that the thumbnails can be moved around in the thumbnail area. The thumbnails may be moved around in the 6 thumbnail view as well.

11 Annotations Presentations
It is now possible to change the color and thickness of annotations by right clicking on the annotation and selecting the desired thickness and color. For text and note annotations the font size, foreground and background colors may be modified. It is also possible to send the annotation to front or back of other annotations.

12 Stitching In order to offer the possibility of performing full spine diagnostics, it is now possible to stitch two or tree images together resulting in a single image. Image 1 – Cervical spine 2 – Thoracic spine 3 – Resulting image of stitching image 1 and 2. 4 – Lumbar spine 5 – Resulting image of stitching image 3 and 4.

13 Mirroring Images at Capture
Many Chiropractors prefer to have images mirrored at capture to be able to diagnose images from the back view of patients. It is now possible to have our application flip positions horizontally at capture. All positions are treated independently from each other. In other words, mirroring may be performed on one or many positions while leaving others untouched.

14 Importing Images in the Exam.
We have improved the Import process considerably. It is now possible to import a patient archive , in the current exam, without having to perform a search on the current patient name. The application brings all images of all exams for the current patient; all you have to do is select the desired images to be imported in the current exam. It is also possible to import multiple images, of different file types*, with a single selection. * The available file types are: BMP, DICOM, GIF, IMG, JPEG, JP2, J2K,TIFF.


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