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Stem changing verbs O to UE U to Ue E to IE E to I.

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1 Stem changing verbs O to UE U to Ue E to IE E to I

2 Stem changing verbs O to UE Primero: -Find the stem of the verb by droping –er, -ir, or -ar -Ejemplo: Poder Pod er Segundo: -Change the stem to the new stem. Pod Pued ue Tercero: -Conjugate as a regular verb according to the ending. I canYo puedo

3 Cuarto – Do not change the stem when conjugating with nosotros or nosotras. – Ejemplo: Nosotros almorzamos. Nosotras dormimos. almuerzoalmorzamos This is why these almuerzas verbs are called almuerzaalmuerzan boot verbs.

4 O to UE Podercan or be able Almorzarto eat lunch Recordarto remember; to recall Volverto return; to go back Devolverto return things Dormirto sleep Soñarto dream Encontrarto find Contarto count; to tell a story, a tale, or something that happened.

5 Aprobarto approve Morirto die Mostrarto show Colgarto hang Resolverto resolve; to solve Morderto bite Tostarto toast (bread) Rogarto beg Volarto fly Moverto move Probarto taste; to try on clothes.

6 Costar to say how much something cost. (only used in 3 rd person singular: cuesta = it costs.) Sonarto sound (only used in 3 rd person singular: suena = it sounds.) Lloverto rain (only used in 3 rd person singular: llueve = it rains.) U to UE Jugarto play

7 Ejercicios 1.I can sing.____________________________ 2. We can dance.________________________ 3. She can’t write._______________________ 4. Can they eat apples?___________________ 5. He can wash the car in the morning._____________________________ 6. My brother can study in his room._______________________________ 7. We can work.________________________ 8. I play soccer._________________________

8 E to IE Cerrarto close. Quererto want; to wish; to love (reflexive) Comenzarto begin; to start. Empezarto begin; to start. Entenderto understand. Preferirto prefer. Pensarto think; to plan; to intend. Sentirto feel; to regret; to be sorry (lo siento)

9 Confesarto confess. Defenderto defend. Perderto lose; to miss (the train, bus, airplane) Referirto refer; to tell. Mentirto lie. Advertirto warn. Nevarto snow (used only in 3 rd person singular: nieva = it snows.)

10 Ejercicios 1. I want to study today._________________________________ 2. His aunt wants to dance.________________________________ 3. We want to rest at the park._________________________________ 4. They want to spend time with friends.________________________________ 5. You (pl) want to walk.__________________________________

11 E to I Pedirto ask for; to request; to order food. Servirto serve. Competirto compete. Seguirto follow. Reirto laugh. Repetirto repeat; to burp. Medir to measure; to say the height of people (my height= yo mido, her height=ella mide) Conseguirto get. Reñirto argue.

12 Ejercicios 1.Rosaura asks for water.___________________ 2. We ask for the food._____________________ 3. Fernando’s height is 6’._______________pies. 4. The boys compete on Monday._______________________________ 5. They laugh a lot.________________________ 6. You (pl) get the notebooks._____________________________ 7. The students follow the teacher(m)._____________________________

13 Copy the following sentences in English, translate them and turn them in. 1. She can play videogames. 2. Silvia sleeps in her room. 3. Paco and I play football (fútbol americano). 4. My height is 5’. 5. Carlos wants to swim in the morning. 6. The girls prefer to skate. 7. I can sing. 8. You (pl) think a lot. 9. She closes the binder. 10. You (inf) understand

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