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CQS User Group 2008. FINANCIAL TIMES: Merrill chief sees severe global slowdown Vodafone unveils £1bn savings plan Kazakh banks agree $3.4bn bail-out.

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Presentation on theme: "CQS User Group 2008. FINANCIAL TIMES: Merrill chief sees severe global slowdown Vodafone unveils £1bn savings plan Kazakh banks agree $3.4bn bail-out."— Presentation transcript:

1 CQS User Group 2008

2 FINANCIAL TIMES: Merrill chief sees severe global slowdown Vodafone unveils £1bn savings plan Kazakh banks agree $3.4bn bail-out S&P cuts SA outlook to negative on growth, current account deficit Skills shortage in infrastructure sector Virgin Media to slash 2,200 jobs Oil prices hover around 18-month low Fannie Mae reports $29 billion loss

3 The Audit & Accounting Market Change is Constant Too Busy, More Pressure, More Risk Disclosure Changes – IFRS Updates – SME Changes – Potential Financial reporting for Micro Enterprises The Future of Audit Finding Qualified Skills More Pressure CQS User Group 2008

4 Now What Closer to Clients – “Marketing”, Networking, Knowledge & Service More Automation – SARS & e-fling Ability to Manage the Business Dynamically Faster, Quality Processes & Systems (CTO) Partnerships Continued Professional Development More Efficient, More Productive, More Profitable CQS User Group 2008

5 Agenda Introduction Managing your Practice kzxj.. SARS E-Filing Break CaseWare Disclosure Changes. CaseWare What’s New CaseWare Tips & Tricks CQS User Group 2008

6 The CQS BackOffice Suite Time TaxWareSecWare Practice Today

7 Manage your Practice Single Screen – Revenue – Clients – Staff Productivity – Billing How it works: Draws Information from the entire CQS Back Office Suite Web enabled: Track your firm’s performance from anywhere

8 CaseWare Time Simple, all-inclusive practice management solution… – Client Database – Time & Expense recording – Work in Process – Billing – Debtors – Reporting & Analysis – Practice Management & Growth

9 SecWare Complete solution for statutory administration… – Clients’ Statutory Database – CM & CK Forms – Share Certificates & Correspondence – Registers – Reports – Integration & Billing – Statutory Management CQS User Group 2008


11 TaxWare Complete tax administration solution… – Tax Database – Tax Administration – Tax Management – Caters for: All Tax Payer Types Tax Years & History Provisional Returns, Extensions, Annual Returns, Assessments, Queries & Objections, Correspondence Bulk emailing of Provisional's Manual & e-Filing Submission CQS User Group 2008

12 TaxWare – e-filing Single & Bulk Upload to e-filing Registrations Upload Provisions issued by SARS Submit to SARS Bulk e-mailing of IRP6’s to Clients Provisional Tax CQS User Group 2008


14 CaseWare CQS User Group 2008


16 CaseWare CQS User Group 2008

17 Disclosure Updates Standards or Interpretations IAS 8 Para 28 to 30 – Always been in Template Notes – Historically the User was Required to Update New Release – Updated Content – Applied Automation Looks at File year end date Compares to effective date (of standard or interpretation) Compares standard Issue with Financial Statement Authorisation Date CaseWare - categorise it, turn and sort, (user has the ability to overwrite) CQS User Group 2008

18 Content Updates Audit Report (Oct 2008) – SAAPS 3 Probe – New Document: 10.52 Laws & regulations checklist & dialogue – Improved compliance based on Peer Review SME Template – Notes & Accounting Policies changes Investment in Subsidiaries, Associates, JV’s Capital Risk Management Note CQS User Group 2008

19 Financial Instrument Disclosure Improved IFRS 7 Disclosure Changes to Automation Notes Effected CQS User Group 2008 Loans to (from ) group companies Loans to (from) shareholders Loans to (from) members Loans to (from) owners Loans to (from) body corporate Loans to (from) beneficiaries Other financial assets Financial assets by category Derivative financial instruments and hedging information Transferred financial assets which did not qualify for derecognition (New Note) Loans to directors, managers and employees Trade and other receivables Cash and cash equivalents Fair value adjustment assets-available- for-sale reserve Compound instruments Other financial liabilities Trade and other payables Financial liabilities by category Operating profit Fair value adjustments Finance cost Risk Management

20 CaseWare Import Version – Pastel 9.3.4 & V10 in November release Importing General Ledger Detail – Delete Zero Balances – View GL, & Drill Down in Lead Schedules – Accounting Working Papers – Excel (Sampling & Analysing) – Ratio Analysis Mapping – NETINC = Mapped to Net Income/loss for the period – Opening Balance Retained Earnings = Mapped to Retained Income – Mapping Inventory – Finding a Map Number – Ctrl F Support Documentation/Correspondence – Outlook – Scanning – Other Documentation Annotations – Annotation Tool Bar – Printing of Tickmark Legends CQS User Group 2008

21 CaseWare Export Journals Security – Window s Authentication CQS User Group 2008

22 Security – Windows Authentication CQS User Group 2008

23 Security – Windows Authentication CQS User Group 2008

24 Security – Windows Authentication CQS User Group 2008

25 Security – Windows Authentication CQS User Group 2008

26 Security – Windows Authentication CQS User Group 2008

27 CaseWare Export to PDF Default Paths – Sign In/Out, Check In/Out Firm Template / Roll Out – Document Library CQS User Group 2008

28 CaseView Purge of Probe Documents Financial Statement Preparation Process Firm Settings – Detailed Income Statement selections – Switch off Trading Name Copying Between Client Files – Similar Sections Between File Settings & Format – Loans to Disclosure as Finance Activities – Page Break / Keep Together Inserting in Builder Mode Consolidation – Divisions, Separate Trial Balance, Consolidate Lockdown CQS User Group 2008

29 What’s Next CaseWare Working Papers Version – End November Template Updates CaseWare Time SQL – Currently with Beta Clients SARS e-filing – Currently Testing with SARS, should be ready for 2009 Feb Provisional's – Beta Testing, 3 months Practice Today – Beta Testing, looking for additional CQS User Group 2008

30 Thank You

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