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® HR Human Resources Management System.  is a Human Resources and Management Software System by which nearly 400.000 emplyoee’s payrolls are calculated.

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1 ® HR Human Resources Management System

2  is a Human Resources and Management Software System by which nearly 400.000 emplyoee’s payrolls are calculated automatically each month in public and private sector companies of Turkey.  With its powerful “training”, “performance evaluation” and “career planning” modules, product evolves from “Human Resources” into “Human Capital Management” system  Current stable release of the product is a collaborative consequence of the industry’s best practices. HR

3 Companies from a diverse set of industries Governmental projects as well as private sector Customers from outside Turkey Morocco, Libya, Turk Republics (former Soviet Union), Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia Multinational corporations operating in Turkey Human Resources Management System HR Human Resources Management System

4  Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications  Ministry of Justice  Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources  Ministry of Family and Social Policies  Turkish Railway Machines Industry (TÜDEMSAŞ)  Housing Development Administration of Turkey (TOKİ)  Republic of Turkey Students' Credits and Housing Institution Customer Portfolio HR Public Sector

5  Hacettepe University  İstanbul University  İzmir Water and Sewerage Administration (IZSU)  Mersin Water and Sewerage Administration (MESKİ)  Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Undersecreteriat of Treasury  Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality  The Public Procurement Agency Public Sector Customer Portfolio HR

6  Turkish Coal Mining Corporation  OMV Petrol Ofisi  Human Resources & Financial Resources Management System Project for Esgaz  Gama Energy  Petline  Kayseri and Its Surroundings Electricity Distribution Company (KCETAŞ) Customer Portfolio Energy Sector HR

7  Automotive Doğuş, MAN, Renault  Aviation İstanbul SG Airport,TAV  Banking & Finance İş Bank, Garanti Bank, Yapı Kredi Bank, Volswagen- Doğuş, KuveytTurk, VDF…  Construction Holdings like Fasad, Gama, Kalkavan, Mesa, Tekfen.  Education Universities such as Hacettepe İstanbul, METU. Customer Portfolio Private Sector HR

8 Customer Portfolio Private Sector  Health Hospitals such as Acıbadem, MedicalPark, and pharmaceutical companies such as Deva and Farmatek.  Insurance AvivaSa, AXA, Dubai Group, Eureko, Garanti Pension, Güneş, Zurich Insurance companies  IT Garanti Technology, Oracle  Manufacturing Cement production companies such as Bolu, Mardin, Adana, Ünye Cement  Retail TeknoSa  Telecommunication SuperOnline, Turkcell HR

9  Customizable, rule-based payroll calculation  Integrated and Comprehensive  Human Capital/Talent Management functionality  Multilingual  Flexible Organisational Schema  Web-based Self Service Operations  Ad-hoc Query Options with the ability of using all tha data fields in the database  Rich reporting functions with 200 pre-built reports including legal forms and reports  Data Import & Export Special Features HR

10 Provides high availability web-based self service operations and transactions Provides all administrative, strategic and management actions, approval processes Backoffice Operations Self Service (e-HR) System Arcitecture HR Application Server Web Server

11 Technology HR Solutions on various architecture & platforms 1. Client/Server 2. Client/Server plus e-HR 3. Web based-Oracle iAS 4. Web based-Swing 5. Web based-HTML Oracle Forms & Reports Oracle iAS and. NET JEE,Swing, with JEE compatible application server and Oracle DB JEE, independent from application and database servers

12 Scope HR 1.HR Core Functions 2.Recruitment 3.Positions / Headcount 4.Vacation 5.Payroll & Compensations 6.Performance Evaluation 7.Training System 8.Career Planning 9.Pension & Severance Pay 10.Personnel Budget Planning

13 HR Self Service HR e -HR e-Performance Evaluation Module Definition and Approval of Personal Goals Personal Goals Form Evaluation Proficiency Evaluation Duty / Responsibility Evaluation e-Vacation Module Vacation Request and Approval Procedure e-Personal Information Query e-Hiring e-Training e-Payroll

14 Flexible Organisational Schema Corporation Locations Organisations Job Definitions Legal Entities Locations Organisational Functional Units Departments Tasks Jobs Positions Project Groups...... Unlimited hierarchy tree of offices... Unlimited hierarchy tree of jobs... Employees... Unlimited hierarchy tree of employees... current/budget employee headcount

15 Adhoc Query Options

16  All employee information details Identity, demographic information, contact details, education, competencies, reward/punishment history, former employment history, social security information, training history, foreign language details and many more  Can be deployed with an industry standard set of information fields  Easily expandable by the end-user with custom field addition feature. These custom fields can be used in processes just like the standard ones Functionality HR HR Core Functions

17 Detailed Personnel Information

18  Operation critical data is time indexed using a versioning system in the database.  All employee records including personnel transfer operations (job, office, department changes etc.) can be tracked and accessed online. Functionality HR HR Core Functions

19  Standard headcount information  Current headcount information  Budget headcount information  Can be grouped according to predefined employee groups (like trainees, or third company consultants etc.) Functionality HR Positions

20  Payroll is the most critical component of an HR information system and is strictly tied to domestic rules and regulations  Bilişim payroll is actively used for nearly 400 thousand employee all over Turkey, and constantly tested  A change in the regulations is quickly implemented by means of the parametric flexible nature of the module Functionality HR Payroll

21 Customizable Payroll System

22 Rapid adaptation of new regulations(free of charge updates) and tested, bug-free and smooth operation made bilişimHR payroll an attractive candidate for 3rd party integrations – Oracle decided not to implement its own payroll module, but instead integrate with bilişimHR payroll for its “E-Business Suite” implementations since 1998 – A similar approach from SAP is communicated as well Integration HR

23 The system is accessible via the Internet, under usual network securty concerns External system integration points are addressed and data transfer is then implemented at these points (with no or little code update) in order to constitute a seamless integration Any well-defined integration protocol is truely welcome on bilişim’s side. Some of our former experience with other clients include: – Web services – Excel import/export – Plain text, XML or any other proprietary data structure format – Direct database access Integration HR

24 Thank you ! Your Questions and Comments Are Truly Welcome

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