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AGS Inventor and Vault 2015 What’s New Are Holand AGS.

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1 AGS Inventor and Vault 2015 What’s New Are Holand AGS

2 Inventor Sketch Part Assembly Electrical Drawing Misc

3 AGS Sketch

4 AGS Sketch constraint - Relax Mode Relax Mode - F11 Relax dragging Relax settings Disable Relax Mode Constraint Filters Preserve dimensions with equation Tips: Relax constraint on rectangle to create non parallel face

5 AGS Sketch Constraints Enhanced Inference Display on creation Show when selected Delete Selected Horizontal & Vertical 2D constraint shows which way is which on placement Constraint Settings Application Options

6 AGS Sketch Enhancements Create point at virtual intersection of two sketch elements Enhanced Offset algorithm Topology modification Trim operations, fillet, chamfer removal (Not All intersections today)

7 AGS Sketch Demonstration Relax Mode Offset Enhancement Point at virtual intersection

8 AGS Part

9 AGS Sweep Twist Angle Option in sweep Supports degrees & radians

10 AGS Part Modeling - iPart Highlight features in-scene within iPart editor

11 AGS Part & Assembly - Parameters Purge all unused parameters Yes to All No to All Unused, exported parameters will default to No Expand parameter list dialog to longest name

12 AGS Sheet Metal - Punch Window / Cross selection on punch creation “Punch across Bend” option on punch placement

13 AGS Sheet Metal Sheet Metal cut normal Unfold/Refold imported part with zero radius

14 AGS Sheet Metal Define A-side (punch side) Flat Pattern orientation control

15 AGS Direct Edit Easily and quickly modify geometry, regardless of source Parametric / Freeform / Direct Edit Move Size Rotate Delete Parameters

16 AGS Direct Edit Demo

17 AGS Freeform Modeling Easily and quickly model organic shapes Iterative design Competitive differentiator

18 AGS Assembly

19 AGS Workplane Work plane creation between two parallel faces in assemblies Work plane creation from non-parallel faces in parts & assemblies

20 AGS Assembly - Joints Joint Alignment Enhancements Offset Origin Between two faces Support for work geometry alignments

21 AGS Assembly – Frame Generator Frame Generator – Member Reuse Window selection & Browser roll-up Supports end treatments Re-orientation controls Reverse Direction Break Re-use Conflict Handling Supports demotion (via Source)

22 AGS Simplification Easier to discover, more than a BIM workflow

23 AGS Large Assembly Express Mode Drawing Views Task Scheduler (Batch convert all drawing views to precise views) Fast Open

24 AGS Express Mode Create Component (in place) Use the section view command Create / Edit Work Features Create / Edit Sketches Pattern Component Copy Component Mirror Components Assemble Point Cloud commands

25 AGS Drawing Workflows in 2015 WorkflowWhy would I use it?What can I do?What is Inventor doing? Fast OpenViewing, simple create/edit that doesn’t require the model Create dimensions and textAvoids loading any model information Raster ViewsBest performance for large assembly drawings Create views, create annotations* Loads only Express data until precise model is required Precise ViewsCreate best quality hidden line drawing views No restrictionsLoads precise geometry definition for creating hidden line representation Defer UpdateAvoid updating the drawing to reflect changes to the model Used in combination with either Raster or Precise views (see above) Suppresses view and annotation updates DO MORE FASTER

26 AGS Electrical

27 AGS Library Setup Sharing the default_cat.mdb from ACADE

28 AGS Library Setup Goto C:\Users\ \Documents\Acade 2015\AeData\en- US\Catalogs Rename default_cat.mdb to Copy the default_cat.mdb from your data set to this location Default_cat.mdb location = Inventor2015new\Projects\_Electrical\01_Setup_Doc

29 AGS Inventor Electrical Library – Definition Default location C:\Users\Public\Documents\Autodesk\Inventor Electrical Library 2015

30 AGS Drawing

31 AGS Drawings – View Label Associative sheet references in view labels Double click balloon anywhere to edit

32 AGS Drawings – Parts List Move split tables to other sheets in drawing Parts List persistent auto sort

33 AGS Drawings – Dimensions Foreshortened Dimensions Linear Angular Arc Length

34 AGS Misc

35 AGS Inventor Home Your personal dashboard Template display options Please Note: Recently Used is NOT reflecting change of Project File! Recently used files ‘Pin’ your favorites

36 AGS Vault

37 AGS Vault Item & BOM Thin Client Installation Tools & Utilities Factory Design Suite Vault Data Standard Mechanical Design

38 AGS Item & BOM Assign Items to parent files only Assign Items to an entire file structure Turn BOM rows on and off at will. New Modeless Item Interface Save a Copy of an Item as a New Item Auto-select Duplicate Item Drag-Drop & Copy-Paste Support * Vault Explorer 2013 / 2014 cannot edit / create items! Review existing items

39 AGS Thin Client Support for multiple browsers IE, Chrome, Firefox Project Explorer View files, items, and folders Aligns with Vault Explorer Configurable views Planks / Tiles / Grid

40 AGS Thin Client - Interface New web service http:// /AutodeskTC Command banner Common user actions Preview / Download Configurable properties Full document details

41 AGS Installation Tools & Utilities Server Side: Autodesk Vault Office (Server) Autodesk Vault Thin Client Autodesk Vault File Server NetWork License Manager (v11.12.0.0)  IPv6 hotfix Client Side Autodesk Vault Office (Client) Autodesk Vault Professional Project Sync

42 AGS Factory Design Suite Integration with Factory Asset Manager / Browser Vault support for: Insert model Import DWG solid models Import DWG overlays

43 AGS Vault Data Standard Dialog according context

44 AGS Vault Data Standard Create files, using templates matching the context

45 AGS Vault Data Standard Inventor – Vault Data Standard dialog on save event Mandatory fields, e.g. „Title“ & „Project“. Last used project information is maintained

46 AGS Mechanical Design Search for item and place primary file or create virtual component in Inventor Express Mode Support Support fast open option for drawings in open from vault Download only the drawing file Enable download and check in of all references as required

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