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More than a Partner (t-Reporting) Global T24 Reporting Solution.

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1 More than a Partner (t-Reporting) Global T24 Reporting Solution

2 tReporting : Process, Modules, Technology
AGENDA About us ITSS tReporting tReporting : Process, Modules, Technology JBLOADER : T24 Extractor tREPORTING Approach tREPORTING : Use Case & DEMO

3 International branches:
08/04/2017 3/11/2006 Company overview Identity References Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland Active in EMEA, Latin America & Asia International branches: Luxembourg Geneva (HQ) Revenue (mCH) Mexico ITSS is a Swiss company, based at Geneva with offices in Luxemburg and Chenai (India) It was created in 2001 by Patrick Jaccoud the current CEO. In 2003 ITSS has bought TOMS : TEMENOS Operational Management Services. Since its beginning, ITSS is specialized in Globus/T24 systems. It is a successful positioning as you could see on the slide, the company had a 70% CAGR between 2002 en 2007. Being focused on the banking industry allows us to understand perfectly what are the problems you face on both the technical and business aspects. Morocco Singapore Chennai (India) « Think global, to offer the most advanced and complex services to our customers wherever they are – act local, to remain close to our customers with tailor-made services . » Patrick Jaccoud, CEO Authorized to provide services (SECO) 3

4 tREPORTING ITSS tReporting
tReporting strategy is to provide Banks with a simple easy to use secured Reporting Banking platform fully integrated with T24. So that IT Banks can customize their required reports to their Departments at a low cost and faster time to market. COMPLEX ARCHITECTURE MAKE SIMPLE SECURITY USER SECURITY MANEGEMENT COSTS LOW IMPLEMENTATION COST AREAS ALL DEPARTMENTS REPORTS tREPORTING This illustration is a part of ”Risk Matrix”. See the whole presentation at

5 tReporting Common Process
EXTRACTION : T24 Datas Extraction (Accounting, Activity, Contracts, Parameters) CONSOLIDATION : Standards Accounts and internal codes amounts consolidation ENRICHEMENT : Adding business Attributes in consolidation (Residence…etc) GENERATION : Preparing Reports datas and producing reports Extraction Consolidation Enrichement Generation Final Reports

6 tReporting Modules Administration Regulatory Forex M.I.S & Charts
User Security Management M.I.S Reports Parameters. Audit Automatic Mailing Import / Export Reports Management Regulatory Parameters Reports display and prints Datas Update T24 Accounting and contracts tracking Re-launch Reports generation Back-to date generation Datas Import/Export Forex reports parameters Report display and prints FX position Datas Updates Currencies position and banks converted position Re-launch Reports generation Back-to-date generation Datas Import/Export M.I.S Reports comparison Reports departments management Automatic mailing Charts display and prints Customised queries possibilities Differents formats (PDF,HTML…..) Administration Regulatory Forex M.I.S & Charts

7 Data Processing & Analysis
tReporting Technology Data sources 1. Preparation: ETL (Extraction, Transformations, Loading) 2. Reports generation 3. Reports distribution Extraction JBloader Data Processing & Analysis MYSQL DB T24 Databses Ireport JasperSoft tReporting Other sources Data input Databases Excel files

8 tReporting Technology

9 JBLOADER : T24 EXTRACTOR T24 Datas extraction is very easy with JBLOADER : JBLOADER extraction is very fast (Multi-Thread) JBLOADER is very easy to install and setup Drag and drop facilities to add/remove required data JBLOADER process the specific format of T24 Data (Multi-Values, Local Ref…) and transform data into structured format (SQL, ORACLE…..) More than 20 References use JBLOADER as a T24 extractor Fully automated extraction tasks


11 tREPORTING Approach In difference of other reporting architectures or data warehouse, tREPORTING uses functional dimensions reflecting the banking business. For Banking products: tReporting use Standard accounting codes parametrised in T24 ( RE.STAT.REP.LINE Application). For Banking products events: tReporting uses T24 transactions codes (TRANSACTION Application) To process contracts datas tREPORTING use available accounting datas to make the link with contracts datas (Ex : A deposit will contain MM Contrats + LD Contracts in one Accounting line) To Split banking products, the bank is encouraged to use the T24 accounting engine very powerfull with the A&L + P&L Keys functionalities With this method: - Reports parameters setting in tReporting is facilitated because all departments are using a single repository (Standard accounting codes + Transactions ) - Reports datas are consistent because they come from a single source that are accounting data. - Implementation of tReporting will help the bank clean up its accounting datas and maintain correct balanaces in T24

12 t-REPORTING Available Reports
tReporting Reports Module 1-      Regulatory Monthly general ledger balances by residence and LCY/FCY Amount Regulatory 2-      General ledger balances by department 3-      Capital Risk Ratios (4 Reports) 4-      Detailed balance sheet (GL + Contracts) for audit purpose 5-      Annual Regulatory General Ledger 6-      Annual Regulatory Income (P&L) Statement tReporting Reports Module 1-      Global Banking Income comparison report M.I.S 2-      Detailed balances sheet comparison 3-      General P&L Comparison report 4-      Detailed Reel P&L comparison report 5-      Detailed previsions P&L comparison report 6-      Bank Performances Indicators 7-      Financial Indicators by Department 8-      Statement synthesis by department 9-      Commitments by department 10-   Deposits by department 11-   Provisions and suspense interest by department 12-   Income by department 13-   General P&L Comparison report by department 14-   Detailed Reel P&L comparison report by department

13 tReporting Reports tReporting Reports
tREPORTING Available Reports tReporting Reports Module 1-      FX Position by currency Forex 2-      Global FX position report 3-      FX reserves report tReporting Reports Module 1-      Customer position and profits M.I.S 2-      Customer products and profits 3-      Inactive accounts reports 4-      Accounts with suspense interests report 5-      Risk statement based on customer risk code

14 Example of tReporting Report Use Case
Financial Statement synthesis : Each report bloc is using Two kinds of parameters : 1- One table for narrative display 2. One other table to link the narrative with Standard accounting code

15 Financial Statement synthesis : Example of Deposits bloc :
Example of tReporting Report Use Case Financial Statement synthesis : Example of Deposits bloc : DP1 = The narrative DP1 is corresponding to Accounting code 23

16 Financial Statement synthesis : Final Report
Exemple of tReporting Report Use Case Financial Statement synthesis : Final Report Amounts are retrieved from consolidation process based on accounting codes (Example of 23) All Reports in tReporting are fully parameterised (Multi language, Adding other codes….etc)




20 Thank you for your attention!
Contact us ITSS 109, rue du Pont du Centenaire CH – 1228 Plan-les-Ouates Switzerland Tel: Thank you for your attention! QUALITY PARTNER FOR YOUR EXPANSION

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