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(t-Reporting) Global T24 Reporting Solution. About us ITSS tReporting tReporting : Process, Modules, Technology JBLOADER : T24 Extractor tREPORTING Approach.

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1 (t-Reporting) Global T24 Reporting Solution

2 About us ITSS tReporting tReporting : Process, Modules, Technology JBLOADER : T24 Extractor tREPORTING Approach tREPORTING : Use Case & DEMO AGENDA

3 References Revenue (mCH) Identity C OMPANY OVERVIEW Luxembourg Geneva (HQ) Singapore Chennai (India) Mexico Morocco Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland Active in EMEA, Latin America & Asia International branches: « Think global, to offer the most advanced and complex services to our customers wherever they are – act local, to remain close to our customers with tailor-made services. » Patrick Jaccoud, CEO Authorized to provide services (SECO)

4 tReporting strategy is to provide Banks with a simple easy to use secured Reporting Banking platform fully integrated with T24. So that IT Banks can customize their required reports to their Departments at a low cost and faster time to market. ITSS tReporting This illustration is a part of ”Risk Matrix”. See the whole presentation at tREPORTING

5 Extraction Consolidation Enrichement Generation Final Reports tReporting Common Process EXTRACTION : T24 Datas Extraction (Accounting, Activity, Contracts, Parameters) CONSOLIDATION : Standards Accounts and internal codes amounts consolidation ENRICHEMENT : Adding business Attributes in consolidation (Residence…etc) GENERATION : Preparing Reports datas and producing reports

6 Regulatory Parameters Reports display and prints Datas Update T24 Accounting and contracts tracking Re-launch Reports generation Back-to date generation Datas Import/Export Forex M.I.S & Charts Forex reports parameters Report display and prints FX position Datas Updates Currencies position and banks converted position Re-launch Reports generation Back-to-date generation Datas Import/Export M.I.S Reports comparison Reports departments management Automatic mailing Charts display and prints Customised queries possibilities Differents formats (PDF,HTML…..) Administration User Security Management M.I.S Reports Parameters. Audit Automatic Mailing Import / Export Reports Management Regulatory tReporting Modules

7 MYSQL DB T24 Databses Data sources 1. Preparation: ETL (Extraction, Transformations, Loading) 2. Reports generation 3. Reports distribution Ireport JasperSoft Extraction Extraction JBloader Data Processing & Analysis Other sources Data input Databases Excel files tReporting tReporting Technology


9 T24 Datas extraction is very easy with JBLOADER : JBLOADER extraction is very fast (Multi-Thread) JBLOADER is very easy to install and setup Drag and drop facilities to add/remove required data JBLOADER process the specific format of T24 Data (Multi-Values, Local Ref…) and transform data into structured format (SQL, ORACLE…..) More than 20 References use JBLOADER as a T24 extractor Fully automated extraction tasks JBLOADER : T24 EXTRACTOR


11 tREPORTING Approach In difference of other reporting architectures or data warehouse, tREPORTING uses functional dimensions reflecting the banking business. For Banking products: tReporting use Standard accounting codes parametrised in T24 ( RE.STAT.REP.LINE Application). For Banking products events: tReporting uses T24 transactions codes (TRANSACTION Application) To process contracts datas tREPORTING use available accounting datas to make the link with contracts datas (Ex : A deposit will contain MM Contrats + LD Contracts in one Accounting line) To Split banking products, the bank is encouraged to use the T24 accounting engine very powerfull with the A&L + P&L Keys functionalities With this method: - Reports parameters setting in tReporting is facilitated because all departments are using a single repository (Standard accounting codes + Transactions ) - Reports datas are consistent because they come from a single source that are accounting data. - Implementation of tReporting will help the bank clean up its accounting datas and maintain correct balanaces in T24

12 t-REPORTING Available Reports tReporting ReportsModule 1- Regulatory Monthly general ledger balances by residence and LCY/FCY Amount Regulatory 2- General ledger balances by department Regulatory 3- Capital Risk Ratios (4 Reports) Regulatory 4- Detailed balance sheet (GL + Contracts) for audit purpose Regulatory 5- Annual Regulatory General Ledger Regulatory 6- Annual Regulatory Income (P&L) Statement Regulatory tReporting ReportsModule 1- Global Banking Income comparison report M.I.S 2- Detailed balances sheet comparison M.I.S 3- General P&L Comparison report M.I.S 4- Detailed Reel P&L comparison report M.I.S 5- Detailed previsions P&L comparison report M.I.S 6- Bank Performances Indicators M.I.S 7- Financial Indicators by Department M.I.S 8- Statement synthesis by department M.I.S 9- Commitments by department M.I.S 10- Deposits by department M.I.S 11- Provisions and suspense interest by department M.I.S 12- Income by department M.I.S 13- General P&L Comparison report by department M.I.S 14- Detailed Reel P&L comparison report by department M.I.S

13 tREPORTING Available Reports tReporting ReportsModule 1- FX Position by currency Forex 2- Global FX position report Forex 3- FX reserves report Forex tReporting ReportsModule 1- Customer position and profits M.I.S 2- Customer products and profits M.I.S 3- Inactive accounts reports M.I.S 4- Accounts with suspense interests report M.I.S 5- Risk statement based on customer risk code M.I.S

14 Example of tReporting Report Use Case Financial Statement synthesis : Each report bloc is using Two kinds of parameters : 1- One table for narrative display 2. One other table to link the narrative with Standard accounting code

15 Example of tReporting Report Use Case Financial Statement synthesis : Example of Deposits bloc : DP1 = The narrative DP1 is corresponding to Accounting code 23

16 Exemple of tReporting Report Use Case Financial Statement synthesis : Final Report -Amounts are retrieved from consolidation process based on accounting codes (Example of 23) - All Reports in tReporting are fully parameterised (Multi language, Adding other codes….etc)




20 Contact us ITSS 109, rue du Pont du Centenaire CH – 1228 Plan-les-Ouates Switzerland Tel: Thank you for your attention! QUALITY PARTNER FOR YOUR EXPANSION

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