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Table of Contents Assignment Page# Rules and Procedures 1

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1 Table of Contents Assignment Page# Rules and Procedures 1
7th Grade Syllabus Grade Sheet Warm Ups History Log World Geography Pre-test Continents & Oceans WS Scrambled Continents WS Continents & Oceans Quiz Bodies of Water & Landforms Cards 10 World Geo. Terms Latitude & Longitude Notes Agent D: Latitude and Longitude WS 13 Latitude and Longitude WS F &B Latitude and Longitude Quiz Climate and Vegetation Chart Continents of the World WS Landforms and Bodies of Water Quiz 18 Warm Up Quiz Warm Ups Geography Handbook WS

2 Table of Contents Cont. Citizenship Handbook WS 22
Naturalization Test Aspects of Culture Notes Types of Government Comparing World Religions 26 Warm Up Quiz Warm Ups Types of Government Quiz 29 Migration Vocabulary Resources and Economics WS 31 Why People Move WS United Nations WS

3 Rules and Procedures 1

4 7th Grade Syllabus 2

5 Angie Ruth Social Studies

6 Grade Sheet 3 Assignment Grade Scrambled Continents 1x
Continents & Oceans Quiz x Bodies of Water Cards x Landforms Cards x Latitude and Longitude Quiz x Warm Up Quiz x Landforms and Bodies of Water Quiz x Continents of the World WS x Types of Govt. PPT. Notes x Warm Up Quiz x Types of Govt. Quiz x Migration Vocabulary x

7 Warm Ups 9/2 1. True or False If my cell phone is lost, stolen, or damaged while at school, the school is held responsible. False 2. What does the acronym(what word does each letter stand for?) PRIDE stand for? Purpose, Respect, Integrity, Discipline. Excellence 9/3 3. In what county and city is JFMS located? Catawba; Newton 4. What state and country is JFMS located? North Carolina; United States 9/4 5. On which continent do you live? North America 6. Which ocean is closest to where you live? Atlantic 9/8 7. Which of the following are cities? New Jersey, Fresno, New Mexico, Paris 8. Which of the following are countries? Europe, China, Africa, France, Mexico 9/ Which of the following are states? Mexico, New Mexico, Texas, New Jersey 10. Which of the following are continents? China, Europe, France, Africa 9/ A narrow strip of land connecting two bodies of water is a _______.isthmus 12. A body of fresh water that flows from higher to lower land is a ________.river 9/ _____ allows the user to map where things are, map change, and find what’s nearby. GIS 14. ______is a device which can track the location of a given object and provide correct directions to a given destination. GPS

8 Warm Ups 1-20 Continued 4 9/ _____allows user to interactively display and investigate geographic data. Google Earth 16. _____ explains the symbols on a map. Key/Legend 9/19 17.Lines running north to south are _____ lines. longitude 18. Another name for parallels is _____. Latitude 9/ The capital of the United States is_____. Washington, DC 20. A compass rose enables the map reader to find what on a map? directions

9 History Log 5 9/5#1 Why should we study history?
9/9 #2. On what other continent would you like to live? Why? 9/11#3. Write your thoughts and feelings about 9/11. 9/17 #4 Today is Constitution Day. Which of the first ten amendments (The Bill of Rights ) is the most important to you? Explain why. Refer to pages in North Carolina History textbook.

10 History Log Continued 10/1 #5 What does it mean to be a good citizen? How did you do on your Progress Report? Why? 10/8 #6 Why do we need government? 10/28 #7 Why do you live in the particular city/area you do? How long have you lived there? Where else have you lived and for how long?

11 Geography Pre-test 6

12 Continents and Oceans WS 7

13 Scrambled Continents 8

14 Continents and Oceans Quiz 9

15 Bodies of Water and Landforms Cards 10

16 World Geo. Terms 11 GIS-allows one to map where things are and find what’s nearby GPS-device which tracks location of place/object and give directions to given destination Google Earth-allows one to interactively display and investigate geographic data

17 Latitude and Longitude Notes 12
Latitude Lines- *starting point for measuring is the equator * measures how many degrees N or S of the equator *also called parallels because they are the same distance apart *run east to west Longitude Lines- *starting point for measuring is the Prime Meridian *measures how many degrees E or W of the Prime Meridian *not the same distance apart: wide at equator and meet at the poles *run north to south *also called meridians

18 Agent D: Latitude and Longitude WS 13

19 Latitude and Longitude WS 14

20 Latitude and Longitude Quiz 15

21 Climate and Vegetation Chart 16

22 Continents of the World WS 17

23 Landforms and Bodies of Water Quiz 18

24 Warm Up Quiz

25 Warm Ups 9/ Name the (5) climate regions. Mid-latitude, tropical, high-latitude, dry, highland 22.Complete A,B, C, and D on Part G on the Geography and Map Skills Pre-test. A. 30 N, 9 0 W C. 45 S, 75 E B , 30 W D. 45 N, 90 E 9/ Complete Part C on Pre-test. 24. Which type of climate region do we live in? humid subtropical 10/ Explain the difference between a physical map and a political map. Physical map shows physical features such as landforms, bodies of water, etc. and political map shows borders, cities, countries, states, etc. 26. Maps that show information such as cities, capitals, states, and countries are known as __________ maps. Political 10/3 27 and 28. Use the map on A4 and A5 in North Carolina textbook to label US Map on Part B- World Geography Pre-test. You will be given 10 minutes to complete. You must be working on the map the entire time. 10/ Name the (2) ways a person can become a citizen. By birth or by naturalization 30. Name the (3) kinds of basic rights of a US citizen. Basic freedoms, personal protections, equal protection under the law

26 Warm Ups 10/7 31. What is a citizen? Legal member of a nation and pledges loyalty to that nation 32. Name the (3) R’s of Democratic Citizenship. Reason, respect, responsibility 10/ Who was the 1st President under the Articles of Confederation? John Hanson 34. Which Aspect of Culture is laws and rules based off cultural norms? government 10/ and 36. Name (2) specific examples of aspects of culture from the Not Without My Daughter clip. 10/ Which type of government is ruled by citizens through elected officials? Democracy 38. Which type of government is rule based on religious control or military strength? Oligarchy 10/ Which type of government is where rule is hereditary? monarchy 40. Which type of government is ruled by a single individual? dictatorship

27 Geography Handbook 21

28 Citizenship Handbook 22

29 Naturalization Test 23

30 Aspects of Culture 24

31 Types of Government 25

32 Comparing World Religions 26

33 Warm Up Quiz

34 Warm Ups 10/ Type of government where no one is in charge, state of disorder/chaos, no laws or form of government? anarchy 42. Type of government where religious leaders have power and based on religious law? Theocracy 10/20 43.Type of government where elected representatives for the people make and enforce rules, and modern democracies are an example? Republic 44. Type of government where elections may be held with only (1) candidate choice, often comes from or leads to another form of government and power is in the hands of a few people? oligarchy 10/ Type of government where the majority rules, elections are held where all citizens have a vote by secret ballot, the people have the power and the United States and the Philippines have? democracy 46. Type of government where a king, queen, emperor or prime minister has the power and may share power through the constitution, and England, Saudi Arabia, and Australia have? monarchy 10/ Type of government that is a political and economic system where the government owns/controls everything and provides people with healthcare, education, and food, shelter and clothing, that is controlled by the Communist Party and Cuba has? Communism 48. Type of government that uses military to maintain control, the leader has total unlimited power which is taken by force and Hitler, Hussein and Castro were examples? Dictatorship 10/ Name the (4) types of economies. Mixed, traditional, market, command 50. What is the difference between an export and import? Exports are products sold to other countries and imports are products brought into a country.

35 Warm Ups Continued 11/ Define refugee. Person who flees a place to find safety 52. Define culture. Shared attitudes, behavior and knowledge of a group 11/4 53. What means cruel treatment on the basis of religion, race, ethnic group, nationality, political views, gender or class? persecution 54. What do we call a person who leaves one area to settle in another? Immigrant 11/ When people move across a continent or from one continent to another is? external migration 56. Having many different ways to think or to do something or a variety of people is? diversity 57. What do we call the reason that causes people to leave an area? push factor 58. The process of relocating to a new region is? Migration 11/ What do we call the reason that attracts people to another area? pull factor 60. The actions that might be hurtful to an individual or a group is? discrimination

36 Types of Government Quiz 29

37 Migration Vocabulary

38 Resources and Economics WS 31

39 Why People Move WS

40 United Nations WS

41 Table of Contents 34 Grade Sheet 2nd 9 Weeks 35 Warm Ups 61-80 36
History Log 37 NB Check sheet Geo., Religions ,etc. 38 Migration Voc. Quiz 39 Warm Up Quiz 40 DBQ-Exploration/Reformation 41 The Reformation Holey Notes 42 Warm Up Quiz Warm Ups 95 Theses Rap Song 45

42 Grade Sheet 2nd 9 Weeks 35 Migration Vocabulary Quiz 2x
Warm Up Quiz x NB Check Sheet Geo., Rel., x DBQ- Renaissance x Warm Up Quiz x DBQ-Exploration/Reformation x

43 Warm Ups 11/ When did the United Nations officially come into existence? Oct. 24, 1945 62. What is the goal of the United Nations? Create a better world by getting rid of problems that have affected the world for years 11/ What does the word “renaissance” mean? Rebirth or revival 64. How long did the Renaissance last? 300 years; from 1400 to 1700 11/ In what country did the Renaissance begin? Italy 66. What was the time period before the Renaissance? Middle Ages 11/ What invention helped to spread the Renaissance? Printing press 68. Which religion dominated the lives of the people of the Middle Ages? Catholic 11/ Which one of the two paintings is more spiritual, Madonna or Mona Lisa? Madonna 70. Which one of the two paintings mentioned in #69 is more realistic? Mona Lisa

44 Warm Ups Cont. 36 11/ Which of the paintings in #69 shows little emotion, has a staged background and the persons’ hands look fake? Madonna 72. Which of the paintings in #69 is filled with life and feeling, has a well-defined background, looks more realistic and no spiritual characteristics? Mona Lisa 11/ How is man portrayed in Hamlet? A great person with great qualities 74. How is man portrayed in Everyman? Person full of sin with regrets later in life 11/ What was Copernicus’ theory of how the universe worked? the earth and planets revolve around a stationary sun What was Ptolemy’s theory of how the universe worked? The earth is stationary and the sun, planets and stars revolve around it 12/ Early civilizations believed the 12 ___________ that move across the sky determined the health of the human body. constellations 78.How did Copernicus’ ideas change man’s place in the universe? Man and earth were not the center of the universe. Man was now more independent and less dependent on the Catholic Church. 12/2 79.Which document of the Renaissance did you find most interesting? 80. Why?

45 History Logs 37 11/12 #8 We are going to begin our study of the Renaissance soon. What do you know about the Renaissance? What do you know about Leonardo da Vinci? Have you ever been to the Renaissance Festival in Charlotte? If so, what did you see there? What do you know about William Shakespeare? 11/14 #9 What are your plans after high school? If 4 year college, do you realize you need to take CP or Honors classes to be accepted? If you take Regular Ed. classes in high school, then you will probably have to go to a community college before the 4 year college. If college not for you, then do you have a trade you would like to pursue? What is your plan for your future?

46 NB Check sheet Geo., Religions, Gov., and Econ. 38

47 Migration Voc. Quiz 39

48 Warm Up Quiz 40

49 DBQ-Exploration/Reformation 41

50 The Reformation Holey Notes 42

51 Warm Up Quiz

52 Warm Ups 12/ What is the most recent communication discovery? CELL PHONE 82. What important decision did the Catholic Church make in 1543?decreed that no book may be printed without their permission 12/ What language were most books printed in 1500 in England? Latin 84. What other (2) languages were books printed in 1500 in England? Italian and German 12/ Church leaders were too interested in gaining _______ and political __________.wealth and power 86. What helped to spread the word about the issues people had with the Catholic Church? printing press 12/ What are the issues Martin Luther had with the Catholic Church called? 95 Theses 88. What is an indulgence? Payment to the Catholic Church for pardon of sins 12/ Martin Luther’s actions against the Catholic Church began the ____________.Reformation 90. Followers of Martin Luther became known as_________________. Lutherans

53 Warm Ups Continued 12/ What did Pope Leo X do to Martin Luther because he would not recant his statements about the Catholic Church? He excommunicated him. 92. Luther translated the bible from _____ to _____.Latin to German 12/ King Henry the VIII broke from the Catholic Church and formed the _____ Church. Anglican 94. How did the printing press help Luther’s protest against the Catholic Church? Provide concrete numbers. The printing press helped Luther to spread his protest quickly and to many places. 1/3 of all books printed in Germany between 1518 and 1525 were by Luther. He ended up making about 300,000 copies. 12/19 95.Name the 2 branches of Christianity. Catholic and Protestantism 96. Who wrote “Greensleeves” (“What Child Is This?”) ?Henry VIII 1/ What religion dominated Europe in 1500? Catholic 98.Name (2) countries that were mostly Protestant in Norway and Sweden 1/6 99. To whom was Christopher Columbus sending the letter he wrote in Doc. D? King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella 100. In what public library is the only known copy of the letter? New York

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