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Ares Workshop 6. PANTHEON konferenca, junij 2011

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1 Ares Workshop 6. PANTHEON konferenca, junij 2011
Dare Rihter, VP Development & PM Datalab Datalab Technologies |

2 Ares – quick overview 1/2 DesignTime – Ares IDE
Code Editor (Delphi Pascal, SQL) Special steps editors (Import/Export step, Print step) Project tree Component palette Code and object explorer Object inspector Integration tab Versions tab Parameters tab Common settings tab

3 Ares – quick overview 2/2 DesignTime – Pantheon builtin gadgets
Pantheon form preview Show object names Design Pantheon form RunTime – running environment TdlMacro TAresHelper Variables GlobalObjects Registered functions and components

4 Ares Integrations Integration concepts
Last operation in constructor of forms Integration types Settings - Integration tab Simple integrations Wizards Inside integrations Pantheon Delphi code behind integrations Examples & Exercises

5 Ares Import/Export step
SM Wizards Step is based on SM import/export component suite Simple imports/exports Wizard based Imports/exports Examples & Exercises

6 Ares Print step Builtin FastReport reporting engine
Builtin all FastReport 4 functionality Basic direct data transfer from Ares possible via 2 prepared datasets Examples & Exercises

7 Calling DPA from DPA TdlMacro – Ares macro object
Every Ares macro object is closed box and don’t know anything about other macros (similar as DLL-s in standard programming) But all macro objects are running in the same Pantheon memory space Pantheon global objects and variables There are some pregistered objects, shared between Pantheon and all macros GlobalObjects & accompanying methods Global Variables Examples & Exercises

8 SQL profiler SQL profiler overview New in-memory running layout
Time measurements Grouping related events Run SQL editor with code for quick analysis Docked/undocked layout Save report analysis for later use (XML, TXT)

9 Ask / discuss / solve – ad-hoc exercises

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