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IT IS activigence - active intelligence – IT IS products 2008 New products New potentials.

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1 IT IS activigence - active intelligence – IT IS products 2008 New products New potentials New processes Joe Lorenz CEO IT IS AG

2 IT IS activigence - active intelligence – IT IS activigence 2007 Microsoft Dynamics ® web based for all employees and partners The SharePoint business solution Team – Play – Win

3 IT IS activigence - active intelligence – Four fantastic products The Web Client for Dynamics NAV/AX and Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2007 or SharePoint Services 3.0 The Mobile Client to work with business data from Dynamics NAV - based already on.Net and SQL Server 2005 Xpress Portal and Shop system for B2B and B2C with free DNN Web 2.0 Content-Management- System and Web Parts B2B XML message system for document exchange between varios ERP solutions as SAP-NAV

4 IT IS activigence - active intelligence – Do more where ever you want to More people work directly or indirectly with Microsoft Dynamics and the front end systems via IT IS activigence or the deviated products More requirements of enterprises and business processes fulfilled by new platforms More user friendly solution leads to faster insight better communication, and increased productivity More flexibility with Internet based computing – any time any where any web device

5 IT IS activigence - active intelligence – Sample Timetable Entry Your collegues can enter their worktime with the secured public interface over the Internet from wherever they are directly into the system. The data are processed directly and enable the system for runing invoices and creating pay slips. Analysis on efficiency and project schedules are at hand at real time for further planning and estimations.

6 IT IS activigence - active intelligence – Order entry and tracking Customers or partners can enter and self-service their orders directly into and from your business solution Avoid double data entries: no retyping of faxes and printed invoices into ERP Business systems reporting can generate invoices and waybills on the fly as pdf documents and store them on the SharePoint where they can be mailed or printed out at once Communication center uses push (e-mail notification) and pull (document libraries).

7 IT IS activigence - active intelligence – Use in a Callcenter Generation of new data entries or modifications without the need for access to a large portion of the ERP and business system Much more transparency and ease of use with individually customizable Web parts Easy education, as time consuming user instructions on heavy apps are brought down to a minimum Data and documents are in one place giving assigned persons a seamless information environment

8 IT IS activigence - active intelligence – What is IS activigence 2007? Integration: Worldwide first solution now strongly enhanced for integration of Microsoft ® Dynamics ® NAV / AX into the SharePoint Server 2007 / WSS3 for Business data and dokuments AJAX technology creates a very user friendly interface as the data are put at once providing interactivity and multilingual capabilty Role based concept generates views, filters and certain rights for a combination with user and user groups. Connections with other systems via web services, web parts and the all new data import/export functionality Document management with generation of reports, new previews, integration of DocLibs and new status of report generation Auto generation of SharePoint content (Sites Meta data, permissions with the integration of the SharePoint model

9 IT IS activigence - active intelligence – One WebPart for all views with easy configuration and in-place editing Web Part as a list: will show the data in list format like the customer list Web Part as detail view: useful to edit and store data - for example for the customer card WebPart as Head/Line: Generally for all orders or invoice. NEW: Web part for Search NEW Web part for menu NEW: Web part as a Wizzard (Step by step) Web parts are building blocks

10 IT IS activigence - active intelligence – Secure and scalable architecture IT IS activigence uses just one WebPart, but this one has it all: various data In Microsoft Dynamics are editable in lists, details And Head / Lines Request

11 IT IS activigence - active intelligence – 46 new features Role – based Configuration Menu web part controlled from NAV Drop down menus for actions (grouping) Language pick from the portal front end Relational fields bringing in other data content Users in IT IS activigence now associated to Contacts / Debitors / Creditors Extended filters Actions conditionally disabled/enabled Multiple actions with one click Grouping and joint exec of multiple actions Message formating Multiple lines in edit mode AJAX – support Validate when leaving the fields Validate and modify action when leaving fields Focus on last tab dialog Calendar-Popup Formating of fields and content Code field as an option list Actions depend on field values Positioning of a action menu in the area of lines Save all-action Error message formating Dat a import with XML and CSV files Reports – preview with pictures Reports – option forms Blankzero option (0 displays as empty field) Upload reports as a ZIP Active Directory import of users and groups Print Job responses Extended Config tool Cascading style sheets on field level Webservice – data communication Webservice - data-export Webservice - SQL Server reports Configuration of search fields Lookup in search fields Grouping of search results Auto-lookup when leaving a field Printing of reports based on table configuration Fuzzy search in Dynamics SharePoint permissions on Item level Improved Error handling with the print jobs Import / export with validation Paging in the lines area of a Head/Line part DocLib Content in web parts Upload documents from the web part

12 IT IS activigence - active intelligence –

13 IT IS activigence - active intelligence – Sharelock / NEP – IT IS activigence FunctionsSharelock / NEP IT IS activigence 2007 PortalOnly IntranetIntranet / Extranet (Internet) Technologie2003/2007AJAX and 2007 / WSS 3 2003 with IT IS activigence 2006 SP1 Webpart3+1 Web parts1+1+2 Web parts Navigation / FiltersNo / NoYes / Yes Editing in listsNoYes LinkingOnly within pageEven cross page with data hand over Reports printingNoYes Document uploadYes/NoYes Site managementNoYes Data import and exportNoYes / Yes Web Services for appsNoYes

14 IT IS activigence - active intelligence – Important items Navision Employee Portal and IT IS activigence 2007 complement each other: NEP: Base functions and user license Many additional functions in IT IS activigence 2007 –New web parts (menu / wizzard) –Data transfer between tables and applications –Filtering & Search –SharePoint Integration –Document handling (Reports und Documents) –Extranet-Functions (Login)

15 IT IS activigence - active intelligence – Requirements for implementation Microsoft ® Dynamics ® AX 3.0 database (back-end system) and/or Microsoft ® Dynamics ® NAV 3.70 and up database (native or SQL) AX Business Connector and/or NAS to provide communication Microsoft Windows Server 2003 as front-end Server Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 or SharePoint Services 3.0 (Former SharePoint with IT IS activigence 2006) Microsoft ® Internet Explorer version 5.5 and up (as client access software) Other browsers like Firefox, Safari, Opera are working well for non-administrative tasks

16 IT IS activigence - active intelligence – Big saver on cost EURO price stays put! US-$ price … well … stays put! Sample calculation for 25 „Light-“user Activigence-Granule works with business essentials ModelTraditionalIT IS activigence 2007 User25 x €150025 x €121 (NEP-CALs) Other€1500 (NAS) +3990 +500 (Granule) Sum€37500€9015 Savings: €28485

17 IT IS activigence - active intelligence – IT IS active intelligence Photo Rick Doyle IT IS AG P.O. box 3141 84037 Landshut Siemensstrasse 14 84051 Altheim Germany  +49 8703 9069 0  +49 873 9069 200  Team – Play – Win Microsoft Dynamics ® web based for all employees and partners

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