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Donor Vantage What’s New.

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1 Donor Vantage What’s New

2 Save and Copy Donations

3 Default County for Zip Codes

4 Importing Donations to Post to GL

5 Linking Donors

6 Poundage in Statistics

7 Linking Logs to Donations/Events

8 Linking Logs to Donations/Events

9 Integrating with Donor Selection

10 Donor Selection Additions
Counties Dates Donation Counts Volunteer Hours Primarius Log Selection

11 Primarius Log Analysis

12 Import Additions Import Donor Memos Import Donor Addresses
Import Gift in Kind Donation Import Volunteer Hours

13 Volunteer Opportunities

14 Volunteer Sessions

15 Volunteer Hours

16 Hours Tab

17 Credit to Donor

18 Family Tab

19 Volunteer Schedule

20 Volunteer Pledge

21 Connect Hours to Pledge

22 Volunteer Analysis

23 Events – Linking Funds

24 Events – Linking Tasks

25 Events – Linking Participation

26 Events – Linking Resources

27 Events – Donations Tab

28 Events – Action Tab

29 Events – Volunteer Hours Tab

30 Events – Relate to Donor Selection

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