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The HEXCORDER Data Format

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1 The HEXCORDER Data Format

2 Data Format ASCII Comma Delimitated

3 Software Special software is not required with the CATH-TECH™ HEXCORDER survey system Windows Hyper Terminal is used to down load the data Microsoft Excel or other spread sheet program is used to graph the data

4 Downloading Data to a PC
Connect the Hexcorder to your PC with the supplied 9 Pin Serial cable.

5 Turn On The Hexcorder Turn the Hexcorder ON by pressing the upper right yellow key, before suiting up with your equipment, to allow the GPS engine time to acquire the satellites. Press Yellow Power Key to Turn ON

6 Down Loading The Survey Data
Use Windows Hyper- Terminal to down load your data A 9 pin D Female/Female serial extension cable is needed to connect the Hexcorder to the Com port on the PC

7 Configuring Hyper Terminal
Open Hyper terminal and make a new connection Name the new connection Hexcorder Select a desk top icon

8 Setting The Communication Port
Set Hyper-Terminal for: Direct to Com 1 ( if this is your Com Port)

9 Configuring Hyper-Terminal
19,200 baud 8 data bits 1 Stop Bit No Parity X on X off

10 Capturing Data On the Tool Bar select “Transfer”
From the pull down menu select “Capture Text” Enter: Drive, Folder, File Name then click on Start

11 Export Data From The Hexcorder
If this is the first time that export data has been used or after the memory has been erased go to “SET-UP”

12 Export Data Set-up The baud rate of the Hexcorder and Hyper Terminal must be identical Change the baud rate of the Hexcorder to 19,200

13 (This will close your capture file and save the data)
Saving The Data File When the file transfer is finished the Hexcorder will beep In Hyper Terminal select: Transfer – Capture text – Stop (This will close your capture file and save the data)

14 Graphing Your Data Now that you have successfully downloaded your survey data using Windows Hyper Terminal its time to graph the data. Start Excel or other spread sheet program and import your data.

15 Start Excel Start Excel Select File “OPEN”

16 Importing Your Data Into Excel
Select the data file to import into Excel Tip Save your data files as either *.prn or *.txt

17 Data Import Into Excel The Hexcorder file is comma delimitated, the delimited box should be checked

18 Data Import Into Excel Make sure the comma box is checked all other check boxes should be blank

19 Data Import Into Excel Your data will line up in columns making it easy to graph Tip When exporting the data the negative sign can be removed by exporting with signs normal

20 Graphing your Data Using Excel
Select the data to be graphed by dragging the cursor over it Tip Include the headers at the top of the data columns

21 Graphing your Data Using Excel
Select the type of graph Tip The data is best displayed as an line graph as shown

22 Graphing your Data Using Excel
A preliminary picture of what your graph will look like will be shown, click on “Series” to add the chainage to the X axis

23 Graphing your Data Using Excel
The X and Y axis information is now displayed, if correct click next to finalize the chart

24 Graphing your Data Using Excel
Graph Titles can now be added X axis will be chainage Y axis will be potential in Millivolts

25 Graphing your Data Using Excel
Select as a new sheet

26 Graphing your Data Using Excel
Your graph will look like this, Excel allows you to customize your graph to improve its appearance and presentation

27 Graphing your Data Using Excel
Use the features in Excel to improve the appearance and readability of your graph

28 The CATH-TECH™ Hexcorder Survey System
No special software is required to produce presentation quality graphs of your data gathered by the CATH-TECH™ Hexcorder Professional Survey Equipment

29 Thank you from the staff at
Cathodic Technology Ltd. 15-1 Marconi Court Bolton, Ontario Canada L7E 1E2 Ph Fax Web Site

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