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OBIEE Integration with Essbase for Financial ANALYSIS

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1 OBIEE Integration with Essbase for Financial ANALYSIS
Forces Conference 2013 Session: OBIEE ESSBASE Integration Co-Presented by Pinellas County And Vertical Edge Consulting Group OBIEE Integration with Essbase for Financial ANALYSIS

2 Agenda Introductions Pinellas County Overview Vertical Edge Overview
Customer Opportunities OBIEE Essbase Solution Benefits Architecture OBIEE Essbase Configuration Steps Pinellas County Use Case Lessons Learned OBIEE Essbase Features Questions **Stress that we are a Tampa, FL company

3 Introductions Gautham Sampath
Chief Technologist at Pinellas County Government 16 years of ERP and BI implementation experience Presented at Oracle Open World 2011, 2012 on OBIEE, Essbase, Exalytics Presented at Forces 2011, 2012 on OBIEE and Hyperion Presented at BIWA Summit 2013 Presented at OAUG 2013 Oracle BI Customer Advisory Board member Implemented Oracle ERP, Hyperion Planning, OBIEE and OBIA

4 Introductions Corey Cain
OBIEE Practice Director - VECG 15 Years experience with Business Intelligence Applications (includes 6+ OBIEE, 5+ Essbase) HEUG Presenter 2008, 2011 Previous BI public sector customers include State of Minnesota, University of Minnesota, Bellevue University and Nevada System of Higher Education

5 Pinellas County Overview
Located in Florida Largest city is St. Petersburg 2012 Population of 921,319 Oracle Footprint Oracle E-Business Suite12.1.3 Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (“OBIEE”) 11g Oracle Business Intelligence Analytics – HR, Finance, Procure & Spend and Projects Hyperion Public Sector Planning & Budgeting **Stress that we are a Tampa, FL company

6 Vertical Edge Corporate Overview
HQ out of Tampa, FL Midwest Regional Office, Indianapolis, IN West Regional Office, Denver, CO Oracle Gold Partner with over 70 years of combined BI & EPM experience Staffed with resources that posses 6-15 years hands on architect & implementation experience Product focus on Oracle BI & EPM solutions Hyperion Essbase Certified Hyperion Planning Certified Hyperion HFM Certified **Stress that we are a Tampa, FL company

7 Vertical Edge Technical Capabilities
Oracle Business Intelligence Oracle Data Integration Oracle Hyperion Oracle|Hyperion Essbase Oracle|Hyperion Planning Oracle|Hyperion HFM Oracle|Hyperion FDM Oracle|Hyperion Reporting & Analysis (Financial Reporting, Web Analysis, Smart View) Oracle EPM Infrastructure OBIEE OBIA BI Publisher Oracle BI Infrastructure Oracle Data Integrator Oracle DRM Informatica

8 Vertical Industry Experience
Utilities (Electric, Gas, Water) Insurance Financial Services Manufacturing Retail Professional Services Healthcare Telecom High Technology Public Sector Energy Media/Communicati ons Defense

9 Customer Opportunities
Availability Data is not readily available for reporting and analysis. Visibility Lacking visibility into entire organization limits ability to make accurate strategic decisions. Strategy Lacking clearly defined reporting and analysis strategy leads to multiple reporting silos and/or abnormally large Excel portfolio. Reliability Manual report reconciliation process is time consuming Performance Reports take to long

10 Oracle Exalytics Oracle Exalytics
Built for high volume processing associated with Essbase and OBIEE Robust hardware and network One vendor to support entire technology stack Time 10 (in memory database) stores commonly accessed aggregates to facilitate faster response times Horizontal Federation – Relational data along side Essbase data (ex. Actual from relational source and Budget/Forecast from Essbase) Vertical Federation – Drill from Essbase to relational data

11 Hyperion Planning on Oracle Exalytics
Provides ability to consolidate hardware Provides faster processing for calculations, restructure and import/export Provides parallel processing Patches specific for using Exalytics Oracle certified both products together Horizontal Federation – Relational data along side Essbase data (ex. Actual from relational source and Budget/Forecast from Essbase) Vertical Federation – Drill from Essbase to relational data

12 OBIEE on Oracle Exalytics
Provides ability to consolidate hardware Time 10 (in memory database) stores commonly accessed aggregates to facilitate faster response times Built to support Business Intelligence (“BI”) foundation suite Summary Advisor provides recommendations for more efficient aggregates Utilizing data from usage tracking and statistical data Utilizes iterative algorithms Can store up to 1TB of in-memory cache for faster query performance Horizontal Federation – Relational data along side Essbase data (ex. Actual from relational source and Budget/Forecast from Essbase) Vertical Federation – Drill from Essbase to relational data

13 OBIEE Essbase Solution Benefits
Exalytics built for efficient and fast performance Common platform to integrate multiple data sources (Essbase, HFM, Data Warehouse). Provides ability to federate Essbase with data warehouse data for further drill-through capability. OLAP query functionality to maximize Essbase performance capabilities. Simplified configuration steps for seamless importing of Essbase cubes. Essbase Studio can utilize OBIEE as a data source to further enhance Essbase user experience. Easily converts multidimensional data sources to relational data sources. Continue to utilize key features of OBIEE (ex. Scorecards, KPIs, Interactive Dashboards, Mobile, etc.) Horizontal Federation – Relational data along side Essbase data (ex. Actual from relational source and Budget/Forecast from Essbase) Vertical Federation – Drill from Essbase to relational data

14 Architecture Common Enterprise Information Model
Interactive Dashboards Reporting & Publishing Ad-hoc Analysis Detect & Alert Office Integration Search Embedded Data Integration Mobile Scorecards Collaborate Common Enterprise Information Model Common Metadata Foundation across all Data Sources Common Security, Access Control, Authorization, Auditing Common Request Generation and Optimized Data Access Services Common Clustering, Workload Management, & Deployment Common Systems & Operational Lifecycle Management OLTP & ODS Systems Data Warehouse Data Mart Packaged Applications (Oracle, SAP, Others) Excel XML/Office Business Process OLAP Sources Exadata Unstructured & Semi-Structured

15 OBIEE Essbase Configuration
Select File>Import Metadata

16 OBIEE Essbase Configuration
Select Essbase as source

17 OBIEE Essbase Configuration
Enter connection information.

18 OBIEE Essbase Configuration
Select desired Essbase Application(s) and Database

19 OBIEE Essbase Configuration
Move selection using arrows into Repository View

20 OBIEE Essbase Configuration
Click checkbox for ‘Import UDAs’. Click Finish

21 OBIEE Essbase Configuration
Essbase Cube is ready for modeling into OBIEE

22 OBIEE Essbase Features
UDAs can be used as filters Essbase outlines are imported as defined in Essbase to provide OLAP type drill down functionality Essbase cubes use hierarchal columns by default Utilize Essbase structures to produce Financial Statements Select members based on hierarchy Actions can be used to launch Hyperion product functions Utilize smart lists as dimensions Federate data across data sources

23 What Did Pinellas County Implement?
OBIEE and BI publisher as Enterprise Wide Dashboard and reporting tool including Hyperion Converted Multidimensional Online Analytical Processing (“OLAP”) data into Relational Online Analytical Processing (“ROLAP”)

24 Why Did Pinellas County Implement?
Essbase data was needed to provide complete organizational view Increased ad-hoc reporting requirements OBIEE provided quicker user adoption Need for dynamic or interactive type analysis (actionable intelligence) Provided richer content and visualization Provided common enterprise informational model Reduce IT Hardware costs by implementing Exalytics

25 How Did Pinellas County Implement?
Used Oracle Data Integrator (“ODI”) to reverse engineer the metadata Flattened the data to facilitate level based measures Massaged the metadata to fit the dimensional modeling Used data export command to extract fact from the cube Created necessary indexes

26 Pinellas County Benefits
Cost Management Improved Productivity Enhanced Decision Making Hardware From 32 Servers to 2 Exalytics Recurring Costs: 100k Net Savings Customer Satisfaction Increased Credibility Performance Improved all around performance Software S/w installed and configured by ACS. Competitive Enhanced Performance Calculations from 7hrs to less than an hour Efficiency in Backup,restructuring,cloning timing Pluggable Devices Flexible and easy integration with various devices Maintenance Cost Consolidated Patch Management Totally supported by Oracle Federation Federated Data from various data sources Applications Oracle Scorecard and Strategy Management, OBIEE and Planning Operating Costs No Additional Cost Improved performance Faster turnaround/Response time Integrated systems OBIEE and Hyperion Network & Communication Costs IGB to 40GB Incident Management Decreased Issues/Problems Parallel processing times 10 In-Memory DB, faster calculations, restructure, faster planning cycle & reporting Infrastructure Support Costs Facilities, heating & Cooling etc. SLA High system availability High Density Visualization Trellis charts Security Costs Integrated Security Faster Budget/planning cycle Optimal Budgeting and Planning

27 Pinellas County Dashboards

28 Cost Recovery Dashboard

29 Cost Recovery Dashboard

30 Cost Recovery Dashboard

31 Cost Recovery Dashboard

32 Pinellas BI Publisher Report

33 Pinellas BI Publisher Report

34 Lessons Learned It is not enough to just know the tool, must also know data modeling concepts. Large amount of selection steps may be added when utilizing Essbase which could hinder performance. Business Intelligence is ever evolving, strategic planning for business rollouts will enhance chances of success. Rethink reports. Do not just ‘recreate’ reports in OBIEE. Oracle BI Toolset and Data Warehouse Training prior to the implementation is highly recommended Clearly define achievable and measurable project success goals. Leverage OOTB functionality where possible. OBIEE and BI Publisher can produce financial reports. However, Hyperion Financial Reporting is probably better suited to full fill this need.

35 Project Team Data Architect & ETL OBIEE Administrator
ODI or Informatica Training Data Modeling Skillset OBIEE Administrator Attend Oracle OBIEE Administration Classes OBIEE Report Developer Attend Oracle OBIEE Dashboard and Report Classes Attend BI Publisher Classes Essbase/Planning Architects Attend Oracle Hyperion Planning and/or Essbase Classes

36 New OBIEE Essbase Features
Essbase can be installed in conjunction with OBIEE server products through OBIEE installer. Certified with Exalytics PS3. Shared provisioning between Essbase and OBIEE utilizing application roles and policies Execute OBIEE from within EPM Workspace using single sign on Improved MS Office add-in for OBIEE with ability to author reports and execute existing authored reports. ODI as primary data integration tool

37 Questions and Answers

38 Not just another vendor, but an experienced Partner.
Vertical Edge Not just another vendor, but an experienced Partner. **Remind again that we are a Tampa, FL company

39 Thank You Gautham Sampath | Chief Technologist
Pinellas County Government Contact Number: Corey Cain | OBIEE Practice Director Vertical Edge Consulting Group Contact Number:

40 Dean Collura (Director of Sales)
Thank You For copies of this presentation, please contact: Dean Collura (Director of Sales) at or

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