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SAGE Business Works E-Commerce

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1 SAGE Business Works E-Commerce
Crocker and Associates In conjunction with Digital Solutions of KY, Inc. If any screen does not advance after 10 seconds please click your mouse. The pages with images are not set to auto-advance.

2 3 Part Demo Starting with a Shopping Cart
Understanding .CSV, and .TXT Files. How they are written and viewed Conclusion of Businessworks Process

3 Part 1: Starting with a Shopping Cart

4 Customer’s Information is associated in SAGE BusinessWorks by a unique ID.

5 Item number matches exactly to your Sage BusinessWorks

6 Completing the transaction will create a .CSV and .TXT file.
The .CSV file will be used to create the sales order in the OE Module of your SAGE BusinessWorks. The .TXT file will be used to create/update the customer file in the AR module of your Sage BusinessWorks

7 Part2: Viewing .CSV and .TXT Files

8 Viewing .CSV Files The .CSV file is written to a folder to be transferred through a secure encrypted channel.

9 In this example each customer is uniquely identified by their phone number.

10 Customer’s Unique ID is highlighted in this .csv file

11 This item number matches the Sage BW.

12 Customer_txt folder contains
Customer_txt folder contains .txt file necessary for importing into your Sage BusinessWorks

13 Customer_txt file contains specific customer information necessary to create/update a customer’s profile located in the AR module.

14 This file will carry the same information as you would find in your customer’s profile in the AR Module of your Sage BusinessWorks.

15 Part 3: Viewing in SAGE BusinessWorks

16 Crocker & Associates Programs take the necessary action needed to import your customer’s information and sales order.

17 Your customer’s online order is now in your OE module.

18 Sales Order created from the sample online order.

19 One time Ship to addresses gives you the ability to easily perform drop ship services for your customers.

20 Click Line Items to see customer’s online order.

21 Line Item is listed below.

22 Click AR to view your customer’s profile

23 Enter your customer’s unique ID

24 This information was contained in the .txt file shown earlier.

25 Contact Information Telephone (503) FAX (503) Postal address Crocker & Associates, Inc, 1462 Commercial St NE, #201 Salem, OR 97301 Electronic mail General Information: Sales: Customer Support: Webmaster:

26 Digital Solutions of KY, Inc.
Contact Information Digital Solutions of KY, Inc. 5405 W. Pages Lane Louisville, KY 50258 ( Toll free ) Office:(502) Fax: (502)

27 Thanks You for Your Time.
End of Demo Thanks You for Your Time.

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