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New Features Overview Presented by Megan Sullivan & Meghan Goerke.

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1 New Features Overview Presented by Megan Sullivan & Meghan Goerke

2 Introductions Megan Sullivan, Solution Specialist Meghan Goerke, Solution Specialist

3 Overview Require at least one date field Client Defined Academic Years Search from Summary Screens Custom Instructional Text on Summary Screens BibTeX Imports PubMed Imports Maiden/Alternative Names Replace User Reference Drop Down List with Search field Add user attributes to ad hoc reports AACSB Reports Remove Select Report Button Easy Access to Audit Logs Usage Statistics – Excel Download Custom Report Restrictions and Security Report Read Only Manage Data True Proxy Access for Manage Data users Add a Link to Manage Data for a user in Users and Security Switch to Manage Data tabs Workflow (covered tomorrow) Ability to enter notes into submitted requests Instant CSV Imports Web Services Delete Nicereply & Annual Client Satisfaction Survey New Resource Center!

4 Manage Your Activities Require at Least One Date Field to be filled- in on a record Backstory Reports in Activity Insight are very dependent on the dates that users enter for their records. Historically, users have not always filled in any part of a date for a record, which caused confusion and/or reporting inaccuracies. Enhancement This enhancement ensures that at least one significant date be filled-in on a record, to reduce reporting inaccuracies and confusion. Release Date July 2014

5 Manage Your Activities Client Defined Academic Years Backstory The dates associated with academic years are hard-coded in Activity Insight for all of our clients, and have historically been September 01 – August 31. This was non-customizable. Enhancement This enhancement enables you to define custom dates which represent your institutions academic year and terms. For example, if your institution’s academic year runs from July 01 – June 30, we will now accurately translate that for your reporting needs. Release Date September 2014

6 Manage Your Activities Search from Summary Screens Backstory A user can have quite a few records for a particular activity category. For example, a user might have dozens of publications. This can make it difficult for a user to find a particular record. Enhancement This enhancement adds a way for your end users to easily search for records which they’ve previously added to Activity Insight. Release Date January 2014

7 Manage Your Activities Custom Instructional Text on Summary Screens Backstory Custom instructional text could always be added to the detail screens where a record is actually filled-in, but historically we could not add it to the screen that lists a user’s records (called a summary screen). Enhancement This enhancement enables you to add text of your choosing to this screen. Release Date June 2014

8 Manage Your Activities BibTeX Imports Backstory As you all know, faculty sometimes have hundreds of publication records which they are asked to enter into Activity Insight. Previously, faculty had few options other than manually entering each and every record by hand. Enhancement This enhancement enables your faculty to load – rather than manually enter - publication information into Activity Insight from other systems all on their own, from sources like Google Scholar, Scopus, Zotero, EndNote, Refworks and many more. Release Date November 2013

9 Manage Your Activities PubMed Imports Backstory This builds upon the BibTeX Imports feature in that we here at Digital Measures have established a priority to assist faculty with getting data into the system, one of the most common struggles we’ve heard from clients. Enhancement Faculty now have the ability to directly search for their records in PubMed to pull citations into Activity Insight. This is also available to those using the Manage Data utility. Release Date January 2014

10 Manage Your Activities Allow Maiden/Alternative Names to be entered for Contributors Backstory A user only has one assigned name in Activity Insight. If the person’s name changes and their name is updated in Activity Insight, all historical records update to use the person’s new name. This is not desirable, though, as historical records should likely retain the person’s former name. Enhancement With this enhancement in place, you can now ensure that the name under which an individual contributed to a given activity is recorded and displayed on reports. Release Date September 2014

11 Manage Your Activities Replace User Reference drop down box with a search field Backstory When adding a collaborator to a particular record, such as a co-author to a publication, users have historically had to pick from a drop-down list. This can get unwieldy if there are many names in the list. Enhancement This enhancement replaced that drop-down list with a field that enables the user to type a name (any portion of a name) and then see a list of matching names. Release Date September 2014

12 Run Ad Hoc Reports Add User Attributes to all Ad Hoc Reports Backstory The top-voted enhancement at our User Group meeting last year was to add to our ad hoc reporting utility the ability to pull data from multiple screens into one comma-delimited file. Enhancement Upon investigating our clients’ underlying need here, we have added the ability to include user information – such as email address, college, department and more – embedded with the data elements of your choosing. Release Date October 2014

13 Run Custom Reports AACSB Report Suite, 2013 Standards Backstory With the ratification of the new AACSB standards in 2013, we here at Digital Measures saw an opportunity to not only build new reports which adhere to these, but also to rebuild the underlying structure of our existing repots. Enhancement Post upgrade, you’ll notice that the “Details of how this repot is built…” link provides you with documentation that specifies the exact logic in place for your reports. This replaces the documentation that was not tailored for each of our clients. It also reflects the terminology used by your specific data collection screens and fields. Release Date January 2014

14 Run Custom Reports Remove Select Report Button Backstory When you run a report in Activity Insight, historically you needed to press a Select Report button, compliant with Section 508 for visually impaired individuals. Enhancement We reworked this part of Run Custom Reports to remove this button while keeping it Section 508 compliant. Release Date July 2014

15 Usage Statistics Easy Access to Audit Logs Backstory We would often see and hear requests for information on how records change over time; “Who deleted a record for User A?”, or “Who created this record on my behalf?”. Historically, the Administrator would need to submit a work request and wait two weeks to receive this information. Enhancement Users with access to the Usage Statistics utility can now retrieve audit logs for specific users to see how their records have changed over time. Release Date January 2014

16 Usage Statistics Excel Download Backstory The Usage Statistics utility has always provided valuable information regarding the extent to which each of your units/users access and add or modify records within Activity Insight. Enhancement This enhancement increased the value of this utility in that you can now easily download the content into Excel, for easy analysis. Release Date September 2014

17 Users and Security Custom Report Restrictions & Security Report Backstory Although users with Users and Security could always see which security roles had access to any Custom Report, we didn’t have a way to also show which units the report is restricted to. Enhancement This enhancement provides a central resource for top-level Administrators to view details on the custom reports the institution has built, which users can be included in them, and by whom those reports can be run. Release Date November 2013

18 Users and Security Read Only Manage Data Backstory The Manage Data utility enables a user to add, delete or modify data on behalf of another user. We heard from you though, that sometimes users need the ability to see someone else’s data as it exists in Activity Insight, without having the ability to modify it. Enhancement This enhancement added a new permission which only allows a user to view information for another user, but not edit it. Release Date July 2014

19 Users and Security True Proxy Access to Manage Data Backstory The Manage Data utility enabled one user – user A -- to manage data for another user – user B. When doing so, however, user A could modify all fields for user B – including those fields that are read-only to user B. In addition, user A could view fields which were hidden to user B. Enhancement This enhancement added a new permission so that the Manage Data utility now allows user A to modify only those fields that user B can modify, and only view fields that user B can view. Release Date September 2014

20 Users and Security Add a Link to Manage Data for an account in Users and Security & Switch to Tabs Backstory This is the first step on the path toward consolidating the Users and Security and Manage Data utilities to provide users with just one place to perform actions in relation to another user. Enhancement Users with both Users and Security and Manage Data will see a new Manage Data option next to the Edit option. Clicking the Manage Data icon for a given user will direct you to the Main Menu for the selected user. Manage Data Release Date October 2014

21 Workflow

22 Work Requests Ability to Enter Notes in Submitted Work Requests Backstory This was a highly supported suggestion thread in the Resource Center, and something that we as Solution Specialists saw a need for in particular. Enhancement This enhancement provides the ability for Digital Measures Administrators to update work requests after submission. Release Date November 2013

23 Work Requests Instant CSV Imports Backstory It is quite likely that your campus has information in other systems detailing the courses your faculty teach, human resources-related information, and/or grant information. Historically, we have offered two ways to import that data: 1) data import work requests and 2) web services. Enhancement This new feature allow you to instantly import qualifying files into Activity Insight without any waiting time. Release Date July 2014

24 Other Enhancements Web Services Delete Backstory One of the most in-demand, requested enhancements regarding web services was having the ability to delete records. Enhancement You now can! Please see our updated Web Services documentation for details on how to do this. Then, once you’re ready, submit a General work request to add this permission for your Web Services account. Release Date October 2015

25 Other Enhancements NiceReply & Annual Client Satisfaction Survey Backstory We wanted to implement tools to better understand how we are doing. Enhancement NiceReply allows you to directly communicate the value you receive from each work request or email interaction with Digital Measures. This allows us to gauge how things are going and respond quickly to issues. Alternatively, the annual client satisfaction survey allows you to provide comprehensive, high level feedback. Release Date January 2014

26 Resource Center New Resource Center Design!!

27 2013 Voting Results

28 Questions?

29 +1 866-DGTL-MSR (+1 866-348-5677) These slides: 45 minute demo: Contact

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