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2011.03.28 ICT360AT,K518W,WJ PROFILE V9.X WINDOWS Version.

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1 2011.03.28 ICT360AT,K518W,WJ PROFILE V9.X WINDOWS Version

2 Powerful administrative functions. Real time alert systems(option): Statistical systems: ICT console: Remote access test results data and their statistic charts to support manager analyze production problems, adjust the engineering process or trace back fail components to meet the key issue, original problem solving strategy. Edit and debug test program at remote side. Automatic generate useful production administrative charts, such as components test value distribution charts, daily charts, period charts, test pins fails ranking, failure component ranking and test coverage rate analysis…etc. PRG. DEMO PRG. DEMO Alert when meets criterion of test fails.

3 Board View functions. Physical tested board display on screen monitor. Board view functions: Pin edit function: Show the physical outline of fail pins and their relative circuit and components to find the failure points or components easily. Support smart board view function for trouble shooting station needs. See demo program for details. Support fail components physical outline on screen to make the trouble shooting work more easier. PRG. DEMO PRG. DEMO

4 Test program generator. Test Program Conversion: Auto learning functions: Auto learning for items of Open/Short, Component, IC, TAJ, ECJ respectively, then generate test program and their guarding points up to 95% automatically. It can save huge test program debugging and tuning time. ATPD: Automatic Test program Debug. PRG. DEMO PRG. DEMO Direct import CAD data from FABMASTER or other ICT test program from TRI 、 JET 、 OKANO 、 TESCON 、 TCO-5….etc, and convert them to ICT360AT test program directly.

5 Unique test functions. TA Jet :TA Jet EC Jet :EC Jet 4 wires mini ohm measurement: Up to 0.05Ω , mini ohm grade measurement. Explosion free capacitor: 100% missing part and polarity reverse detect rate. Parallel capacitors: 100% missing part and polarity reverse detect rate. BGA IC test approach to 100% coverage rate. SMD Connector test approach to 100% coverage rate. Intel 845 north bridge approach to 100% coverage rate. PRG. DEMO PRG. DEMO

6 Compatibility TAJ / HPJ compatibility. ECJ Fixture : Test program conversion : Import from TRI / JET / OKANO / TESTCON / TCO-5 test program or FABMASTER CAD data to generate ICT360AT test program directly. Just remove the ribbon connector cable from MUX card of HPJ system and plug it into Switch Card connector of TAJ system. Add 3rd pin on upper side of the fixture for contacted the surface of each electrolytic capacitors. PRG. DEMO PRG. DEMO

7 ICT360AT and TR518 compare(I) Items Model ADSYSICT360AT/ K518series TRI518 SMD open/contacted detect.TA JetHP TestJet License fee for HPJ.NO.USD10,000- Sensor Pad cost.50% HP pad.USD35-85/pcs BGA test coverage rate.≈ 100%<50% BGA contacted/open signal ratio.>100 times.≈ 20 times. Intel 845 test coverage rate.≈ 95%<20% Intel 845 contacted/open signal ratio.Good.Very poor. SCSI SMD connector test.≈ 100%50%(MAX.) PCI SMD connector test.≈ 100%50%(MAX.) Electrolytic Capacitor detect technology.EC Jet 3 terminals impedance compare. Electrolytic Capacitor detect coverage rate. 100%30 ~ 40% Mini ohm measurement.0.05Ω0.1 Ω

8 ICT360AT and TR518 compare(II) Items Model ADSYSICT360AT/ K518series TRI518 Statistical functions.Yes. Remote functions.SFIS and ICT console.SFIS. Remote monitoring.Yes. Board View.Smart.Good. Automatic test program function.ATPDATPG Auto learning function.Yes. Test Program conversion.Yes. Pane board test program generate function. Yes. Test program compatibility.Excellent.Good.

9 PRG DEMO Review ICT360AT evaluations(Excel)ICT360AT evaluations(Excel EXIT Powerful administrative functions. Trouble shooting auxiliary. Excellent Compatibility. Return from investment. Compare Automatic test program debug. Unique test function. P4 EVAL. EC Jet TA Jet Evaluations Quality Alert system / Statistic system / Remote console.Statistic system Board View function / Show No-Go parts on screen monitor. Test Pin edit function. Import from other Test Program or CAD data from fabmaster. Automatic test program learning. TA Jet / EC Jet / Mini ohm measurement.TA Jet EC Jet TAJ / HPJ compatibility / ECJ fixture / Test program conversion.TAJ / HPJ compatibility

10 ICT360AT supports 7 kinds of charts: Statistical charts. Daily chart. Period chart. Distribution chart. IC measure value distribution chart. Rank for bad pins of the bed of nails. Rank for fail components. Coverage rate analysis chart.

11 Statistical charts Performance. Test program tuning as well as upper/lower limits setting for each test step. Tested board quality monitoring and production problems real time tracking. Components quality monitoring and problems trace back (ISO9001). Test pins quality monitoring and probe replace indication of the Bed of Nails.

12 Fixture convert for TAJ and HPJ. HPJ wiring.TAJ wiring MUX Card SWC Decoder Card

13 Convert TAJ to HPJ: CASE 1 HPJ  TAJ (HPJ fixture wiring application on ICT360AT.) No such as Intel north bridge package IC, connector plug to SWC of ICT360AT directly. I.e. 100% HP pad compatible.

14 Convert TAJ to HPJ: CASE 2 HPJ  TAJ (HPJ fixture wiring application on ICT360AT. Board pasted with IC package such as Intel North bridge. Drilling 3 rd hole for TA pad application and pull HP pad down then replace TAJ pad up. Then i. Pin+ / Pin- connect to Decoder Card of ICT360AT. ii.Connect 3 rd pin(Sync pin) connector to Switch Card of 360AT.

15 Convert HPJ to TAJ: CASE3 TAJ  HPJ (TAJ fixture wiring application on HPJ fixture. Replace TAJ pad to HPJ pad. Connect TAJ pad Pin+ / Pin- fixture connector of ribbon cable to MUX Card connector. Leave 3rd Pin connector open circuit.

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