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© ABB Group - 1 - 15-Jan-15 Scalable Intelligence AC500 / S500 AC500 Control Builder/ AC1131 (for AC31 Familiy)

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1 © ABB Group - 1 - 15-Jan-15 Scalable Intelligence AC500 / S500 AC500 Control Builder/ AC1131 (for AC31 Familiy)

2 © ABB Group - 2 - 15-Jan-15 AC1131 /AC500 Control Builder ProgrammingAdd-On‘sDiagnosis, ServiceOperate, Visualize Integrated Engineering For your different jobs around automation: Programming, Visualization, Diagnosis, Service, Configuration… Programming with well known standard (IEC61131-3) Programming for your choice: 6 languages selectable Open for communication: with a multitude of standard fieldbusses and communication networks

3 © ABB Group - 3 - 15-Jan-15 AC1131 /AC500 Control Builder For comfortable Engineering Additional Tools: Trace-Function Offline-Simulation Integrated SCADA Engineering Interface Interface Configurators Languages for your choice : Function Block Ladder Diagram Instruction List Sequential Function Chart Structured Text Continuous Function Chart

4 © ABB Group - 4 - 15-Jan-15 AC1131 /AC500 Control Builder Simple like Lego – Language CFC Functions „like Lego elements“ Simply graphical interconnection: ideally for control applications No network lines CFC = Continuous Function Chart (free-graphic operating diagram) Feedbacks directly insertable

5 © ABB Group - 5 - 15-Jan-15 AC1131 /AC500 Control Builder In Customer’s National Language Transfer your project into customer’s national language Projects are written in the language of the programmer. Translator translates the project into the customer‘s national language. Export of text in translation file Translate it by editor Re-import text

6 © ABB Group - 6 - 15-Jan-15 AC1131 /AC500 Control Builder Writing and forcing of variables Display of state Display of the actual processing Breakpoints, single step, single cycle Sampling Trace inclusive trigger function Online Functionality

7 © ABB Group - 7 - 15-Jan-15 AC1131 /AC500 Control Builder Open System Structure Windows 32 Bit standard Windows 2000, Windows XP Open system interfaces DDE and OPC Programming via Network (ARCNET, Ethernet Integrated Engineering Interface (ENI) with Multiuser Mode

8 © ABB Group - 8 - 15-Jan-15 AC1131 /AC500 Control Builder Network division Extensive toolbar Comments Automatic input Look and Feel Functions overview

9 © ABB Group - 9 - 15-Jan-15 AC1131 /AC500 Control Builder Sampling Trace integrated Trigger variable Cycle wise recording Recorded variable Cycle Trigger time

10 © ABB Group - 10 - 15-Jan-15 AC1131 /AC500 Control Builder Colored display of state Display state of word Offline-Simulation of IEC Functions Mode display Colored display of state

11 © ABB Group - 11 - 15-Jan-15 AC1131 /AC500 Control Builder Visualization integrated Color changing Dynamic objects Bitmap import Text display Data input Dynamic balk display Alarm and events processing Operating via function keys Graphic editor (rectangle, circle etc.)

12 © ABB Group - 12 - 15-Jan-15 AC1131 /AC500 Control Builder Visualization Stand Alone Machine on Machine off separate package of same visualization: For easy and cost effective operation For many applications: no further software necessary Saves engineering and double effort: direct access to PLC variables

13 © ABB Group - 13 - 15-Jan-15 AC1131 /AC500 Control Builder Visualization: Alarming inclusive Alarm functions Alarm table Priority from von 0 to 255 Alarm states: no alarm, coming, acknowledge, gone without acknowledgement Alarm limits: 4 different degrees per variable: Lo, LoLo, Hi and HiHi Alarm acknowledgement will be logged Deactivation of single alarms and alarm groups Selection of alarms or alarm groups and alarm priorities Alarm-logging

14 © ABB Group - 14 - 15-Jan-15 AC1131 /AC500 Control Builder Visualization with by Function Keys For simple operation without mouse or touch screen Keys and key combination can be applied to actions Actions like: Toggle, Set and reset of variables Display of another picture Start of an program (e.g. EXCEL) Text input

15 © ABB Group - 15 - 15-Jan-15 AC1131 /AC500 Control Builder Visualization: Scaling Scaling of variables

16 © ABB Group - 16 - 15-Jan-15 AC1131 /AC500 Control Builder Fieldbus Configurator integrated Only one configuration tool for all fieldbusses and communication networks Easy selection and configuration of Profibus DP DeviceNet Ethernet CANopen ….

17 © ABB Group - 17 - 15-Jan-15 AC1131 /AC500 Control Builder Up- and Download of Source Code Backup of source code on SD- Card Simple transfer to Computer Using program direct from SD -> no programming software necessary Solution for simple service (exchange of CPU), import from program modification and for mass-produce

18 © ABB Group - 18 - 15-Jan-15 AC1131 /AC500 Control Builder Password for Access to PLC Protection from unauthorized changes and interferences Protection of firm know-how. Engineering achievements cannot be copied Passwords are transferred together with user program into the PLC. During PLC-login the password will be asked

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