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TOP Server V5 AB Suite Presenters: Kevin Rutherford – Application Engineer Colin Winchester – VP Operations.

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1 TOP Server V5 AB Suite Presenters: Kevin Rutherford – Application Engineer Colin Winchester – VP Operations

2 Agenda  TOP Server V5 Overview  AB Suite Overview  Individual Drivers Detail  Live Demonstration  Product overview  Summary and Q&A

3 What is TOP Server?

4 TOP Server Gets You Connected! 

5 New User Interface  Same Driver and Tag Configuration  Some settings locations change  New Administration Features – More Secure  New Offline Editing ability  Enhanced Project Management

6 What value does this add?  Supported:Vista/Win7, Server 2007/08 & 64-bit  Event Log secure from clearing  Edit Configuration files offline  Improved Project Management  Improved Terminal Service support  Improved Remote Desktop Support  Improved Configuration Security  Users opening configuration logged  Automatic Project backup  License system separate from runtime  Platform for future enhancements

7 TOP Server V5 AB Suite  Suite of 5 drivers  AB DF1  AB Ethernet  AB Slave Ethernet  ControlLogix Ethernet  AB Data Highway

8 Allen-Bradley Connectivity – Networks  Serial communications  DF1 Protocol – half and full duplex  Sometimes also called “DF1 Channel 0”  Available on many PLC CPUs directly and also via KF3, KF2, and KE interfaces  Proprietary networks  DH+ (via KT, KTX, KTX, PKTX, PKTXD, PCMK or SST cards)  DH-485 (via KTX, KTX, PKTX, PKTXD, or PCMK cards)  ControlNet (via ControlLogix Gateway)  Ethernet  Standard TCP/IP with AB proprietary protocol in Layer 7 (application layer)  AB Ethernet protocol  ControlLogix - EtherNet/IP (CIP over Ethernet)

9 TOP Server V5 AB DF1  AB DF1  RS-232 Serial  Full-duplex  Half-duplex  Radio Modem  Ethernet Encapsulation

10 TOP Server V5 Channel Settings -AB DF1

11 TOP Server V5 Device Settings -AB DF1

12 TOP Server V5 Data Highway  AB Data Highway  PC Card Required  DH+  DH 485

13 TOP Server V5 Data Highway  \Program Files\Software Toolbox\TOP Server 5\Drivers\Allen-Bradley DH+  KSE_PCMK.inf  KSE_PKTX.inf  KSE_SST.inf

14 TOP Server V5 AB Ethernet  AB Ethernet  PLC 5  No 5/250 support  SLC 5/05

15 TOP Server V5 AB Ethernet

16 TOP Server V5 AB Slave Ethernet  AB Slave Ethernet  PLC-2 type unsolicited  PLC 5 & SLC 5/05

17 TOP Server V5 Tag Creation

18 TOP Server V5 ControlLogix Ethernet  ControlLogix Ethernet  ControlLogix Family  MicroLogix Ethernet  NET-ENI  MicroLogix  SLC  ControlLogix Gateway

19  Three Different Protocol Modes:  Symbolic Mode  The traditional protocol when Logix processors were first introduced  Uses the full ASCII character name of an address  Used exclusively through Driver Version xx  Physical Modes (Non-Blocking and Blocking)  Upload sequence at beginning pre-maps addresses in the controller using their physical address.  Slower startup, but much higher performance with larger address counts, as more data can be retrieved in a single request  Avoids Symbolic Address parsing and lookup for greater efficiency in communications. ControlLogix Ethernet Protocol Modes

20 ControlLogix Ethernet Configuration Optimizations  Maximizing Performance  Use multiple channels on Ethernet  Put high frequency writes on a separate channel  Use symbolic & physical modes on ControlLogix where appropriate  Separate channels for each protocol mode  If > 1/3 of all tags in PLC requested, Physical Blocking faster than non-blocking  Using < 1/3 of items in a structure – Physical Non- Blocking  Using > 1/3 of items in a structure – Physical Blocking  Atomic tags – Physical Non-Blocking

21  Special Considerations for ControlLogix Addressing  PLC addressing is not traditional “N7:0” style – it’s in tags - also called “Native Tag Addressing” – which are useful for PLC programming and save time there, but...  Traditional “blocking” of data in the PLC has little value  PLC communications protocol requires driver to put actual tagnames into packet  Packet request size limited to about 500 bytes  PLC “local program” tags add additional overhead to the request packet  Since each timer, counter, PID loop, Alarm Block is a structure with numerous sub-elements, and you can nest structures inside of structures and define your own structures, the potential for explosion to thousands of tags is high AB ControlLogix Addressing

22  Two Import Options:  Import from the Controller  Pros: Fast / All tags including I/O imported  Cons: Controller access required / Descriptions are not imported  Import from L5K / L5X File  Pros: No Controller Access Necessary / Descriptions imported  Cons: Slow / No I/O Tags imported  Importing Ensures Proper Tag Syntax ControlLogix Ethernet Tag Import

23  Special Considerations for ControlLogix needed to ensure best performance with the new paradigm in programming and communications:  Arrays are highly efficient means of moving large blocks of data and circumventing request packet limits  Keep PLC tag names short  Use global tags wherever possible  If you don’t need it, don’t read it!  Be particularly careful to group your tags by required scan rate – don’t read it faster than you need it “just because its Ethernet” or “faster is better”!  Be careful of large numbers of Programs in a Logix project. Increased overhead on the processor can result in no time left for actual communications!  For Continuous Tasks, Communications Timeslice % >= 20% ControlLogix Connectivity – More Ways to Optimize

24 TOP Server V5 ControlLogix Gateway  ControlLogix Gateway  DH+  ControlNet  Ethernet  Not Remote I/O

25 TOP Server V5 ControlLogix Gateway  Routing Path  IP Address  Port to Backplane = 1  Slot of Comm. Module  Additional “Hops”  Example: PLC-5 on DH+  Data Highway Module in Slot 1 of Logix  Module Port B on DH+ Network of PLC-5  PLC-5 is Node 9 on the DH+ Network  IP Address,1,1.B.9  Note: Node 9 is in Decimal (RSLogix Nodes are in Octal)

26 Live Demo  ControlLogix Ethernet Settings

27 TOP Server System Tags Overview  Informational and Functional Tags Accessible from the Client  Allow Runtime Changes to Many Channel and Device Parameters  Network Adapter  Device ID  Device Enable/Disable  Provide flexibility and ease of controlling communications parameters from the Client  Client Scripting functionality can also make use of access to System Tags.

28 Channel Diagnostics / Event Log  Channel Diagnostics  Capture all Send / Receive Data for a Channel  Useful for Troubleshooting Problems in Comms.  Event Log  Displays meaningful errors  Reference Driver Help File for Possible Causes

29 Tips & Tricks  Lots of free help at  Quick Start Guide  Training Videos  Papers and Utilities – Trouble Shooting Guide  More information on the Product Details tab   Contact Software Toolbox while you are in the planning stage, so we can help

30 What Tools are Needed?  TOP Server Standard Drivers  US$795  License for a single computer  No limits on # of devices you can connect to  Annual support and free upgrades – US$155  TOP Server Premium Drivers and Plug-ins  See for pricing  New Industry Packs 

31 Contact Information & Other Learning Opportunities  Questions later?  or     Other learning opportunities  Visit

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