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The Indonesian Digital Library Network

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1 The Indonesian Digital Library Network
Ismail Fahmi < > Knowledge Management Research Group ITB Presented at APAN Digital Library Tutorial Session, August 2001, Malaysia

2 Acknowledgement Funding:
IDRC, International Development Research Centre (Canada) YLTI, Yayasan Litbang Telekomunikasi dan Informatika Support in-kind: Perpustakaan Pusat ITB AI3/ITB, Asian Internet Interconnection Initiatives CNRG, Computer Network Research Group KMRG, Knowledge Management Research Group

3 Agenda Status of IndonesiaDLN Basic Philosophy How it works?
How to join? Next to do…

4 Definition Digital Library vs Online Catalog (Different!)
Digital Library = containing electronic resources (document, audio, video) Katalog Online = only bibliographic database Online catalog usually related to Library Automation.

5 What is IndonesiaDLN? The Indonesian “mother” network, a network of networks – The IndonesiaDLN, Indonesian Digital Library Network (Maria Ng Lee Hoon, Senior Regional Program Officer IDRC, Singapore)

6 Mission Unlock ACCESS to the Indonesian knowledge Unlock !

7 Strategies Networked: through a national networked digital library
Distributed: every institutions can manage their own digital library system Unified: all knowledge will be unified Disseminated: all knowledge will be disseminated (mirroring) Standardized: using international accepted metadata standard (Dublin Core)

8 Knowledge Map Information that will be collected and managed: abstract and full content from the LOCAL CONTENT. Including: Research report Final Project, Theses, Dissertation Article, paper, proceeding, journal E-book, e-learning material, course material clipping, Heritage, Multimedia, expertise directory, etc.

9 Knowledge Sources University Research institution NGO Government
Business Playgroup, TK, SD, SMP, SMA Pesantren, Mosque, Religion institution Citizen organization Etc

10 IndonesiaDLN, When? Initiative = October 2000 Launching = June 2001

11 IndonesiaDLN Initiatives
A Bottom-up initiative, from the grass root (started from the university, library, and research institution), To manage and share the Indonesian knowledge, Through a distributed AND centralized digital library network.

12 IndonesiaDLN Forum IndonesiaDLN is a forum which discuss:
Metadata Standard for information exchange, Scenario of digital library network Indonesia, Partnership of the community, Socialization of digital library programs. Annual Partner/Consortioum meeting.

13 IndonesiaDLN, where? Secretariat at KMRG, ITB Central Library.
Executed by a general secretary (Ismail Fahmi, 2000 – now). Web site: Mailing list: Ton join the mailing list, send blank to :

14 The networks within IndonesiaDLN
IndonesiaDLN is a “network of digital library networks” in Indonesia. The Networks: GDL-Network, using GDL (Ganesha Digital Library) software, developed by KMRG ITB. InCU-VL, using New Spektra software, developed by UK Petra Surabaya. Other digital library network (heritage, agriculture, etc)… (future) The Hub server

15 IndonesiaDLN Topology
HUB New Spektra HUB GDL-HUB In-CUVL GDL-Network personal institusi warnet

16 Status of IndonesiaDLN
The “fully operational” network = GDL-Network. New Spektra (NS) is in development. Test bed of the Metadata interoperability: HUB  GDL (bidirectional OK) HUB  NS (one directional OK)

17 Table GDL-Network Partners
By August 2001

18 The Distribution Map of GDL-Network Partners
By August 2001

19 Members of GDL-Network
Member = users that have registered at GDL servers. Currently the total members registered at GDL Hub is about 3028 users.

20 Table Members of GDL-Network (by partners)
By August 2001

21 Table of Members’ Country
By August 2001

22 Table of Members’ Job By August 2001

23 Table of the Contents By August 2001

24 National Knowledgebase !
Together develop a National Knowledgebase !

25 Connecting People’s Knowledge National Knowledgebase Business
Pre/School Knowledge Entertainment Medical Religion Agriculture National Knowledgebase Univ/Resrch Law/Gov Sport

26 How it works?

27 GDL-Network GDL-Network institusi warnet personal GDL-HUB ITB Depkes
RSHS Unsyiah UMM Binus IPB UAJ Salman

28 Scenario of Sharing & Replicationn
GDL-Network institusi warnet personal GDL-HUB ITB RSHS Unsyiah UMM Binus UAJ IPB Salman Depkes Share Replication Replication

29 Server GDL ITB (Source)
Scenario of Access GDL-HUB Download Full resources GDL-Network personal ITB institusi Server GDL ITB (Source) Search &^%? warnet Server GDL Warnet Warnet Result = url

30 GDL Sub-HUB GDL-Network HUB GDL-Network Institution X GDL Sub HUB
GDL-HUB GDL-Network GDL Server Dept personal Dept B GDL Sub HUB Institusi X Institution X GDL Sub HUB Dept A personal

31 Example: How a Department at ITB Join GDL-Network?

32 Alternatives to join for Department
Using existing GDL server (Central Library), Install GDL server at Department,

33 Department’s Directory … [1]
URL = Articles Clipping Course Material Distance Learning E-Books Examination Material Expertise Directory Journal Proceeding Publication Research Report S1-Final Project S2-Master Theses S3-PhD Theses example, click here This is the Root Category level

34 Example , Sub-category for
Department’s Directory … [2] URL = Astronomy Biology Electrical Engineering Example , Sub-category for Biology department This is Sub Category level

35 Koleksi Tesis Master Departemen Biologi tahun 1998
Department’s Direcotry … [3] URL = Biology/ 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 Koleksi Tesis Master Departemen Biologi tahun 1998 Ini adalah Sub Category

36 Department’s Directory … [4]
URL = Biology/1998/ See detail

37 Detail of the Abstract Download full content

38 Install GDL Server at Department
Use GDL Software, download for free at or order CD-ROM to Fill the registration form and send to KMRG. Installation: For free, install by department’s administrator Technical support, contact KMRG. Upload the abstract and full content to department’s local server, and share to IndonesiaDLN ! Download abstract from GDL-Hub server online!

39 The GDL Headquarter: Link to partner’s knowledgebase!

40 How Students Can Join? Steps: Then:
Free registration to become a member, at: GDLHUB, Or at other GDL Servers ( of partners) Upload & share the abstract and full content of the paper, reports, theses, etc. Member’s Personal Directory: Then: GDL server will share them automatically to IndonesiDLN! Member’s contribution can be accessed widely.

41 Future Plan of IndonesiaDLN…

42 Next to do… Develop Digital Heritage Network to support the regional autonomy development, integrated with IndonesiaDLN, Develop Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) or Agricultural information network, integrated with IndonesiaDLN, Leverage the knowledge assets from IndonesiaDLN using other media (CD-ROM, VCD, Multimedia, e-learning, dll) International Collaboration: NDLTD, ADT, APAN, etc

43 The Architecture New Spektra GDL- Network GDL-Engine SME/Agri- Network
IndonesiaDLN GDL-Engine Human Rights- Network GDL-Engine Heritage- Network GDL-Engine Biblio- Network GDL-Engine

44 Important URLs IndonesiaDLN web site; Mailing list; technical, scenario, society, announcement; standard, About GDL-Network, registration, join, software, patch, download, etc, Download GDL source code for free, GDL-HUB, Digital Library ITB, Contact KMRG:

45 Thank you

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