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Welcome to Prime Logistics

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1 Welcome to Prime Logistics

2 Prime Logistics International Ltd. Founded: November 2002 Privately Owned : Ray Crawford Offices: Heathrow Branch - Ashford, Middlesex Leeds Branch - Baildon, W Yorks Who We Are

3 Prime Logistics was founded on the premise that our success would come through employee retention and by forming long lasting partnerships with our vendors and clients. Our investment is in retaining the proper tools to be successful: Quality Knowledgeable Employees State of the Art IT Platform Employee Profit Sharing Introduction

4 International Import & Export Customs Brokerage Express Courier Economy & Express Europe Road LCL & FCL Ocean Import & Export Export Compliance Full Truck Load Domestic Same Day / Next Day & Late Night Service AM / PM & Timed Delivery / Collections Full Truck Load Warehousing & Stock Control Special Distribution Multi Point Pick-Up, Consolidation & Distribution White Glove Specialised Delivery Inside, Uncrate, Debris Removal, Light Assembly Retail Appointment Delivery Mass merchants, DC’s, mall/retail Tradeshow Schedule Management On Site Presence Prime Services

5 24 x 7 Customer Service Ensures constant shipment monitoring and immediate customer communication Milestone Monitoring Centralized account management responsible for shipments from PICK UP to POD Multi tier monitoring system Operations Accountability Experts familiar with your account criteria will make the final decision in an event of a service challenge Proactive Corrective Actions Single operational platform Centralised Accountability Operation

6 Prime Process Driven Operation Standard Operating Procedures Dictated by each customer’s individual requirements (Communication, Product Handling, Billing…) Quality Control Process Managed and measured though KPIs Internal root cause analysis and corrective action reports (CAR) Accountability From pick up to POD, with all milestones electronically and/or verbally communicated immediately We want to ensure that you know of a challenge from our team and not your customer Cost Savings Through Creative Solutions Because we understand that if we don’t someone else will.

7 Shipment despatch, document creation, POD with track & trace Digital signatures, and other relevant documents (i.e. PL, CI, Photos…) Shipment status milestones displayed with shipment-specific text and ETA’s, POD and billing information Automated pre-alerts sent to multiple contacts (user-defined) Complete report writer, including trend and cost analysis Prime Web Tools

8 Active / Custom Workbench

9 Status Notifications

10 Documents will be attached to each Shipment & Saved for 3 months Scanned Documents

11 Creative Processes & Constant Improvements – Trend Analysis On Time Performance, Theft, Damage, Labor Compliance… Historical Data Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Corrective Action Report In Depth Root Cause Analysis Internal Management Alerts Highlights Repetitive Requirements Eliminate Exceptions Supplement Standard Operating Procedures Pictures (P/U, Recovery & Delivery) Heighten Visibility A step beyond POD to ensure against future damage claims What Sets Prime Apart? – Specialised Services

12 Trend Analysis (KPI) No. of ShipmentsNo. of Pieces 6,95226,514

13 Trend Analysis – On Time Delivery

14 Note the time this picture was taken Note the time picture was taken Trend Analysis (Historical Data)

15 Corrective Action Report – In Depth Root Cause Analysis

16 Alerts are attached to accounts that automatically pop up for Prime operations personnel. Prime systems proactively warns employees of management alerts regarding special operating procedures Internal Management Alerts

17 Information Technology is a cornerstone of Prime’s competitive advantage. The user-friendly and advanced web-based solutions enable our clients to tender, view and manage shipments on a “real time” basis. Prime will always endeavor to remain with the industry leaders in data visibility and information management through our constant IT advancements. In depth analysis and understanding of our customer’s expectations and your customer’s expectations drives Prime’s detailed and mutually agreed Standard Operating Procedure document which ensures a Quality Control Process as the driver of our effective and consistent services. The SOP is a working document which will evolve with the account management. Flexible solutions in a constantly evolving market All our people care and take great pride in Prime and in our customers success The Prime Competitive Advantage

18 AME Bioscience Online Stock Control Perishable/Temperature Controlled Shipping Pharmaceutical Products Time Conscious Worldwide Shipping Unilever One off R & D Samples Perishable Time Conscious Shipping UK Sameday Transportation Royal Society of Chemistry Periodicals and literature UK, European and Worldwide Exhibitions Micron Consumer Products High Value product Worldwide Import and Export Distribution Cross docking and shipping in USA & Far East Arrow Intechra Security Conscious Shipping White Glove UK & European collection/delivery service. Inventory recording and stock control Asylum Research Very High value apparatus Worldwide Import & Export Shipping Time specific shipping White Glove Deliveries Prime References

19 Thank You!

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