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GoG-AMA Centre for International Trade Trade and Commerce Commissionerate, Government of Gujarat ACTIVITIES.

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1 GoG-AMA Centre for International Trade Trade and Commerce Commissionerate, Government of Gujarat ACTIVITIES

2 WTO Awareness Programme GoG-AMA Centre for International Trade has conducted WTO Awareness Programmes on the following locations: April 14, 2004Bilimora71 December 23, 2004Naroda,Ahmedabad143 January 9, 2004Visnagar281 January 10, 2004Vadodara167 January 17, 2004Odhav Ind. Association35 January 18, 2004Bhavnagar97 January 28, 2004Siddhpur, patan150 February 4, 2004Godhra60 February 10, 2004Dahod137 February 13, 2004Vitthal Udhyognagar148 February 29, 2004Navsari328 March 30, 2004Vatva, Ahmedabad160

3 Export-Import Awareness Programme Export-Import Awareness Programmes were organised at the following locations: April 13-14, 2004Vapi12 May 4-5, 2004Surat18 May 18-19, 2004Ankleshwar10 May 25-26, 2004Ahmedabad79 June 1-2, 2004Anand35 June 8-9, 2004Vadodara62 June 15-16, 2004Bhavnagar23 June 22-23, 2004Rajkot23 July 6-7, 2004Gandhidham43 July 13-14, 2004Himatnagar41 July 20-21, 2004Mehsana52 Nov 25-26, 2004Jamnagar43 Nov 27-28, 2004Porbandar9 Nov 29-30, 2004Veraval8

4 Programme on Starting an Export-Import Business Feb 15-16, 2005Vapi8 Feb 17-18, 2005Bharuch15 Feb 22-23, 2005Baroda71 Feb 24-25, 2005Gandhidham17

5 Sept 7-8, 2004Ahmedabad28 Sept 16-17, 2004Baroda21 Sept 28-29, 2004Rajkot14 Programme on Exim Policy and Procedures

6 Seminar on Beyond Multifibre Agreement (MFA) The seminar was organised on 11 th September, 2004. 113 delegates participated in the Seminar. The distinguished Speakers were: Dr. P.R. Roy, Management Consultant (Former CEO, Arvind Mills Ltd.) Mr. Baqar Iftikhar Naqvi, Senior Consultant, KSA Technopak (I) P. Ltd. Mr. Siddhartha Rajagopal, Executive Director, TEXPROCIL Dr. V.N. Asopa, IIM, Ahmedabad (Co-ordinator)


8 Seminar on Regional Trade Agreements and Rules of Origin (30th October 2004) Distinguished Speakers: Distinguished Speakers:  Professor N.C. Pahariya, Rajasthan University  Dr. Rajesh Mehta, Senior Fellow, RIS, New Delhi  Professor Arvind Sahay, IIM, Ahmedabad  Mr. Jayant Parimal, IAS, Commissioner, Trade & Commerce, Government of Gujarat  Mr. T.N.C. Rajagopalan, Ex-Im Consultant (Co-ordinator) 94 Delegates participated in the Seminar.


10 Prof. N.C. PahariyaProf. Arvind Sahay Mr. TNC Rajagopalan Mr. Jayant Parimal Distinguished Speakers:

11 Port users, Port authorities, Customs officials, Railways and Road officials and other government officials participated (66 delegates). Mr. P.K. Laheri, Chief Secretary, Govt. of Gujarat inaugurated the programme. Dr. G. Raghuram coordinated the session. A brief report on the subject is also published. Round Table on Attracting Customers at Gujarat Ports (With respect to customer perspective and competition scenario) April 6, 2004


13 Seminar on Doing Business With China February 5, 2005  Mr. S. Ramachandran, Addl. Executive Director, India-China Chamber of Commerce  Dr. R. Chandran, Director, Pillai Institute of Management  Mr. T.N. C. Rajagopalan, Export-Import Consultant  Mr. Jayant Parimal, Commissioner, Trade & Commerce Commissionerate, Govt. of Gujarat Over 130 participants attended.

14 Distinguished Speakers: Mr. TNC Rajagopalan Dr. R. ChandranMr. S. Ramachandran Mr. Jayant Parimal

15 18 Days Programme on Export-Import (May 2004 to January 2005) In a 3 Modular format a detailed programme on Export- Import were organised (180 Hours). Module I: MARKETING Module II:REGULATORY FRAMEWORK Module III:EXPORT ORDER PROCESSING AND DOCUMENTATION 14 Participants attended the programme. The programme was conducted on every Saturday.

16 Comprehensive Programme on Export-Import Two batches of comprehensive programmes on Export- Import were conducted. The programme covered:  International Trade  International Marketing  International Finance  Import Procedures & Documentation  Export Promotional Measures  Export Procedures & Documentation Participation: 1 st Programme (January 25 to 30, 2005): 28 persons 2 nd Programme (May 6 to 10, 2005): 35 persons

17 First Faculty Development Programme on International Trade A unique 3-day programme for College Teachers was organised from March 25 to 27, 2005 17 Teachers from 11 colleges participated. The participants appreciated the programme and requested to offer the same for other colleges.

18 Export-Import Enquiry on Internet This was one of the first in the country. 54 Organisations have joined as participants for this activity. Mr. S.V. Modi, Export-Import Consultant is taking care of the enquiries as resource person.

19 Distance Learning Programme on Foreign Trade No. of Students Joined: 147 Students Passed Out: 56 Students are required to pass in all the four modules: I.EXPORTS AND IMPORTS PROCEDURES II.GETTING STARTED IN EXPORTS III.COSTING AND PRICING FOR EXPORT IV.INTERNATIONAL MARKETING The normal period for completing the course is six months. However, a maximum period of two years has been given to clear the programme.

20 Basic Programme on Export-Import (Conducted in Gujarati & Hindi) The programmes has been organised on a regular basis. This is a 13-days part-time programme. During last year 4 such programmes organised.

21 Programme on Different Topics on Foreign Trade (held at Ahmedabad) Meeting of District Industries CentresApr. 6, 200490 Patent AwarenessMay 8, 200422 Imports of Capital GoodsOct. 6, 200424 Deemed ExportsOct. 26, 200415 Import-Export Related Excise MattersNov. 30, 200422 Trade Payments & Letters of CreditDec 7-8, 20049 How to Reduce Transaction Costs in Imports-Exports Jan 4-5, 200520 Duty Drawback SchemeFeb. 9, 200526 Re-Import & Re-ExportFeb. 10, 200521

22 Export/Import for SSI UnitsFeb. 21 to Mar.5,200547 INCOTERMS for Export and ImportMar. 25, 200540 Marine Cargo Insurance Made Easy for Exporter/ Importer Mar. 29, 200513 How to Reduce Transaction Costs in Imports and Exports April 19 & 2012 Service TaxApril 2671 Trade Payments and Letters of CreditsMay 3 & 416 Customs ValuationMay 17 & 1810 Programme on Different Topics on Foreign Trade (held at Ahmedabad) Contd…

23 Future Programmes 1. Export-Import update programme in 12 locations. Starting from Mid-June 2. Visit to China and Dubai 3. Exporters Meet 4. Programmes on Different Topics

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