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1 WinIso2D Professional practical example

2 CAD-Import of user-defined profiles Automatic conversion of the graph with DXF-Converter Calculation of user-defined profiles Extensible provided material database Definable climatical boundary conditions Validated algorithms of calculation Calculation of: –Isotherms, gradients of temperature, heat flows, surface temperatures, Temperature factor fRsi, Condensation water loss etc. –Framework U values in accordance with DIN EN ISO 10077-2 –Thermal bridges (Psi-value) of glass edge in accordance with DIN EN ISO 10077-2 –U-values of isolation glasses in accordance with DIN 673 –U-values of flat details in accordance with EN ISO 6946 –Thermal bridges (Psi-value) in accordance with EN ISO 10211 etc. Functions

3 Advantages Simply and easily geometry assumption of CAD-graphs Validated calculation user-defined materials and climates Changing and recalculation of excisting profiles Thousandfold tested in practical applications Comparably with the ift Rosenheim and nearly all producers in German- speaking countries and beyond it

4 Main mask

5 Revised CAD-graphs of profiles in DXF-format

6 Automatic conversion in the DXF-Converter

7 Converted graphs

8 Import of graphs in WinIso and assortment of needed materials

9 Filling of the outlines with material

10 Definition of the boundary conditions

11 Automated filling of the cavities for computation in accordance with DIN EN ISO 10077-2

12 FEM-calculation of the profile

13 Computation frameworks of the U-value Uf in accordance with DIN EN ISO 10077-2, here Uf = 1,6 W/m²K

14 Import of an excisting Glasdatei with Measuring rod for determination of thePsi-value inside the glass edge and renewed computation

15 Calculation of the psi-value in the glass edge in accordance with DIN EN ISO 10077-2, here Ψ = 0,063 W/mK

16 Graphic evaluation - isotherms Graphic evaluation – temperature sequence

17 Graphic evaluation – heat flows

18 Calculation of a solidium connection with calculation of vapor diffusion (only in the professional version available )



21 Relative humidity

22 Condensation water loss

23 Isobars

24 References ift Rosenheim Schüco, Rehau, Gealan, Wicona, Hueck, VEKA, Jansen, Technoform, Ensinger, Salamander, Thyssen, Gutmann, Heroal, Leitz, Alcan, Alcoa, Wuppermann, Finstral, Unilux, Cera, Dow Corning, Thermix, Swisspacer, TGI, KBE, AluKönigStahl, Variotec, BUG, LG, DANA, Wesco, Deceuninck, Metra, SAPA, Reynaers and many more... Colleges, Academys and Universities

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