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Cargo-3000 logistic software

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1 Cargo-3000 logistic software
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2 Benefits of Cargo-3000 Easy to use Full set of documents
Profit & loss reports Shipments details Summary reports Integrated Accounting Internet access Data consolidation 1st class database engine – SYBASE Language: C++ Over 100 concurrent users

3 Air Import- data entry screen
One master file contains multi shipments Modify information on the fly – Quick & easy Copy order: create & copy a NEW shipment with minor changes of information. List location or contact for competitive analysis (or other related documents) here

4 Features : Print out Documents
All forms meet custom standard Laser print out on plain or pre-print forms Each form has the Company identity logo Company terms and conditions on each form One TIME data entry : no redundancy All data is easily stored and can be extracted for future references Store and recall unlimited records

5 Air-Import –In Bond / Pre-Alert
System has built in Bar code printing feature “Carrier code” Notify customer broker

6 Air Import- Release Notice
Once the In-bond and Pre-alert notice are well received , immediately fax this Release Notice to warehouse. As simple as 1...2…3 Next is the manifest and the invoice print out

7 Air Import- Manifest / Invoice
Cargo Manifest release notice On the invoice, it clearly states the amount in multi currency i.e. US$ & CD$

8 Air Export – data entry screen
All fields are carefully arranged in sequence Once data is entered, numerous documents are being generated . No more redundancy All data is integrated. Click for print out

9 Air Export- Master /House WB
All forms are officially approved by Custom

10 Air Export – Manifest /Invoice
HAWB# / # of PKGS PP/C /Address Commodity / weight / measure……

11 Ocean Import –Data entry screen
Simply follow and fill in information in each field. Tab…tab… Memo – For special instructions /comments

12 Ocean Import – In Bond / Release notice

13 Ocean Import –Arrival Notice
Without delay – documents are sent to custom for clearance

14 Ocean Import-Manifest /Simple
Simple Manifest: For local agents

15 Ocean Import –Invoice Display up to 12 containers #
List of freight charges Exchange rate Multi currency Company logo

16 Ocean-Export- data entry screen
Remote Accessibly Easily edit shipment information prior to posting.

17 Ocean Export - HBL / Instruction Master

18 Ocean Export –Booking Confirmation / Manifest
Complete with required information

19 Ocean Export –Commercial invoice
Click on “ print invoice” Fax it to your customer’s accounts payable Shipment process is done One time data entry

20 Sophisticated Features / Reports
Shipments summary Invoices summary Profit & loss reports Cargo lift annual reports Agents reports Accounts receivable statements A/R & A/P reports Cheque printing Export data to MS Excel Cargo invoice summary Cargo shipment summary FEATURES Multi- currency ( 7 +) Bank information Custom brokers Detail customers /consignees/shippers information Data consolidation for multi locations Internet access Fully integrated accounting

21 List of documents ( Ocean )
Ocean Export Export booking confirmation House Bill of Lading Instruction Master Invoice Cargo Manifest Profit and Loss report per shipment / per master waybill Ocean import B-13 custom in bond form (Canada) Notice of shipment arrival House bill of lading Invoice Cargo manifest Profit and loss report per shipment / per master waybill

22 List of documents ( air )
Air export Export booking confirmation Master air waybill House air waybill Instruction master Invoice Cargo manifest Cargo manifest to US Profit and loss report per shipment/ per master waybill Air import B-13 custom in bond form (Canada) Notice of shipment arrival House bill of lading Invoice Cargo manifest Profit and loss report per shipment / per master waybill

23 Accounting Features All accounting statements are expressed in home source and foreign currency. CAD / USD

24 Accounting Features

25 Charge Table data entry screen
Profit & loss indicator on each transaction Currency exchange rate can be pre-set

26 Customer / Vendor edit screen
Customers/ Vendors information is stored for reference at anytime Customer types

27 Service & Support 24 / 7 internet support Instant technical support
New features launching annually Customization for your operation requirement Enhancement service contract Strong technical team

28 Cargo-3000 is one of most complete features packed software
Easy friendly user interface. Simply move the cursor and follow the flow. Powerful features yet simple to use

29 For more information :
                    GMW is an international freight services company. She has been in business for over 12 years. GMW has a strong worldwide agency network and good relationship with major shipping lines and airlines. For more information :

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