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7.47.2 Jerry Braun Virtual College. 7.4 Overview of the Process 1. Log into your 7.2 course 2. “Clean it up” and remove any unneeded files 3. Back up.

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1 7.47.2 Jerry Braun Virtual College

2 7.4 Overview of the Process 1. Log into your 7.2 course 2. “Clean it up” and remove any unneeded files 3. Back up the course 4. Download the backup file to your computer 5. Log into your 7.4 course 6. Import the backup file into your 7.4 course 7. Fix any problems 8. Verify the content of the course

3 7.4 Preparing your 7.2 course Do NOT attempt to modify a live course. Monitor your course file size in Manage>>File Manager. Use caution when course size is greater than 100 mb. Remove unneeded files & e-packs. Experimental E-packs should be in a LOR not in a live course. Failed copy and backup attempts leave work files in the _assoc directory. AngelExports folder and AngelData.xml file can be removed. Verify that all course content is located in the course and not a LOR. If content is in a 7.2 LOR it cannot be linked to in a 7.4 course. Overview of the process

4 7.4 Under the Manage Tab Select Course Files. 1.Check the course size 2.If the course is large and these files appear, you may safely DELETE them Cleanup Your Course

5 7.4 2. Backup Your Course From the Manage Tab, Select Backup/Restore

6 7.4 Backup Course - continued Backup your course. Do a fresh backup if one already exists.

7 7.4 Backup Course - continued 1. Backup process starts here. 2. When complete, all checkboxes will be green. 3. Click OK.

8 7.4 Backup Course - continued Download the backup file to your computer. When the backup is complete and you click OK, the Download Backup button will appear.

9 7.4 A backup copy of your 7.2 course is now on your desktop. You are now ready to upload your course to the 7.4 server.

10 7.4 Upload Course to 7.4 Server Login to Angel 7.4 and import your backup into the 7.4 course. 7.4 has a new Content Exchange Queue. Your import will be placed in a queue and will be processed when the server has the resources to process your file. It may be in the queue for minutes or hours depending on server load. There are a few items that must be “fixed” before your course is ready. Overview of the process

11 7.4 Importing Your Course After logging in, go to the Manage Tab Select the Import Console link.

12 7.4 Importing - continued From the Import Console, select Content Package.

13 7.4 Importing - continued 1.Point to the backup file on your computer and Upload File 2.Uncheck User Data 3.Select Next

14 7.4 Importing - continued When your file is uploaded, you will be told that your file is now in the Import Queue. You may now exit the course as the Queue may take a long time.

15 7.4 Items that need to be fixed after importing your course to 7.4 1. Quizzes no longer exist in 7.4. All quizzes must be converted to assessments. Angel may force you to do this immediately after you import your content. 2. Change your Personal Preferences. Set your Preference to “Advanced.” 3. You MUST apply a theme under MANAGE tab. 4. Grade book categories will be set to zero. 5. Access dates under Quizzes, Dropboxes, Discussions will be set to 1754 & 9999 To change them, use Settings>>Advanced>>Access. You need to UNcheck the boxes, save the item and then reopen the item to correct the access dates. This is a known bug in Angel 7.4.

16 7.4 Change Your Preference 1. Select Preferences 2. Go to System Settings 3. Change your User Level to Advanced Changing your User Level to Advanced will make editing your course easier.

17 7.4 Apply a Theme 1. In Management Console, select Course Theme Selector. 2. Select a Theme and Apply it to your course. Apply a new theme even if your course looks OK.

18 7.4 Course Without a Theme If you do not apply a Theme, students may get a page that is without a CSS style sheet.

19 7.4 Check Gradebook Categories 1.Go to the Manage Tab 2.Select the Gradebook 3.Select Categories under Gradebook Management

20 7.4 Gradebook Categories - continued All Weights will be set to Zero

21 7.4 Check Activity Access Dates You will NOT be able to edit these dates without first unchecking the boxes and saving the item. This problem is for all activities: Discussions Quizzes Drop Boxes Calendar Access Dates Apply only to when the link is visible, NOT when the activity is “open.”

22 7.4 VERIFY ALL Content Verify all course content and links. Discussions Drop Boxes Quizzes If you used Question Pools, verify that the pools were imported into the course. If there are images in your questions, make sure the images transferred. Grade book Entries Calendar

23 7.4 Can’t Add New Content? If you have a large course (Check the size in Manage>>Course Files.), you may have exceeded the 1 Gb course file size limit of Angel. You may have one or more large import files in the _assoc file directory in a folder called ContentExchangeImports These are copies of the backup file(s) you used to create the content for your course. You may safely delete this folder and the file(s) within the folder.

24 7.4 Can’t Backup? Getting Errors? Make sure that you looked for the ContentExports folder and AngelData.xml file. Remove these as they are “leftovers” from failed backups. If your course failed to backup, check for these folders/files before making a 2 nd attempt to backup. Look for things that can be deleted from your course: Hidden folders, e-Packs, zip files, etc that are no longer needed.

25 7.4 Still Can’t Export or Import? There may be something in your course that is causing the problem. First, make sure everything is working in your course. Second, quizzes are the cause of most problems. 1. Backup your 7.2 course and import it into a new 7.2 shell. This will force quizzes to be converted to assessments. 2. Backup the 7.2 course where quizzes were converted to assessments and try using that to import into 7.4

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