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Leveraging the Power of Video Iris Maslow, Digital Media Strategist Camps Airy &

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1 Leveraging the Power of Video Iris Maslow, Digital Media Strategist Camps Airy & Louise @irisgem

2 Meet your Speaker  Digital Media Strategist at Camps Airy & Louise  Master of Arts in Interactive Media, Elon University  Bachelor of Arts in Communication, NC State University  Corporate Videos, Kimley-Horn  Department Head of Multimedia at Camp Louise

3 Overview Why video? Video for marketing Video for in-camp programming Supplies needed Video tutorial

4 Goals  Identity: Building brand identity or shaping the image of your camp.  Inform: Teaching parents/campers/staff/alum s about policies, advice, best practices, etc.  Engage: Continuing the conversation about camp throughout the entire year for our families.

5 Why Video? 1.It’s a powerful storytelling medium.storytelling 2.Easy to use 3.More effective than traditional advertising (and cheaper!)

6 Why Video? 4. YouTube is the second largest search engine. 5. 60% of all internet traffic is video. 92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others. 6. Using video on your website increases your search engine optimization by 53%! Sources marketingqid=3c750a88-4977-4d50-8a41-382bd5af12ab&v=qf1&b=&from_search=2 \ marketingqid=3c750a88-4977-4d50-8a41-382bd5af12ab&v=qf1&b=&from_search=2

7 Marketing Videos Using video for the purpose of informing, building brand identity and/or engaging campers/families/alums during the off-season.

8 Examples of Marketing Videos Camp Interlaken – Office Demolition Herzl Camp – Herzl Chanukah in Kansas City Beber Camp – Morning Meeting Surprise Lake Camp – The Perfect S’more

9 More Marketing Video Ideas  Award winners sharing advice: Benny Award Benny Award  Movie trailers of new features at camp  Women’s History Month: Women That Inspired Me…Women That Inspired Me…  Throwback Thursday footage: 1946 Camp Louise1946 Camp Louise  Informal tours of camp: Max & EarlMax & Earl  Counselor Interviews  Educate parents on policies: Opening DayOpening Day  Proposals/Baby Announcements

10 In-Camp Programming Camper-made content that teaches kids how to use equipment, while having the side effect of showcasing your camp.

11 Examples of Programming Videos Camp Ramah Poconos – Bunk 11 Lip Dub URJ Camp Harlam – Counselor Commercial URJ Camp Newman – Under the Stars Camp Tel Noar – CTN News

12 More In-Camp Programming Ideas  Lip Dubs: BraveBrave  Bad Lip Readings: Where are the spoons?Where are the spoons?  Movie Parodies  Pep Talk: STeam Pep TalkSTeam Pep Talk  Scavenger Hunt: Bunk 36Bunk 36  Slideshows  Q&A Interviews: Junior CampJunior Camp

13 Equipment/Supplies Really Low Budget Low BudgetHigh Budget Video Equipment SmartphoneCheap Handheld Camera Multiple Handheld Cameras Accessories TripodMultiple Laptops SD CardsTripod SD Cards Go Pro Software iMovie iMovie/Final Cut Pro

14 Specific Camp Equipment  2 Macbooks with Final Cut Pro, iMovie and Garageband (included with Apple computers)  1 iMac station with Final Cut Pro, iMovie and Garageband (included with Apply computers)  2 Canon VIXIA HF R500  1 Canon VIXIA HF G30  Go Pro  2 external hard drives (at least 1TB)  2 SD Cards (16 GB)  2 SD Cards (32 GB)  2 Tripods (Slik Pro 340DX)

15 iMovie Tutorial You will learn how to import video, trim and edit the footage, add text and insert audio.

16 STEP 1: Get the Footage  Find a partner and give them your phone on record mode.  Record an introduction. Stop recording.  Teach something in 4 steps to the video (e.g. The perfect gummy bear-to-mouth throw), pressing stop between each step.  Email yourself the 5 video clips and save them to your desktop.

17 Step 2: Import the Video  Open up iMovie on your computer.  Click the down arrow sign at the top right corner, labeled IMPORT  Drag the folder from your desktop into the import box to locate files.  Go to drop down at the top and create a new event for this video.  Highlight all the clips you’d like to import and click import. Or press command A to import all.  Note: You can now delete those files from your desktop because they are copied into iMovie.

18 Step 3: Beginning the Project  Select CREATE or the plus sign to create a movie or trailer.  On the popup window, select No Theme.  Windows are:  Top: Clips/Sequence file  Right: Preview window  Bottom: Timeline editor  Scrub through a clip to where you want to begin and click the mouse to highlight the clip you want.  Drag selection to timeline (or press E).  Repeat until you’ve dragged all the clips to your timeline.

19 Editing Video Clips  Trimming : To remove parts from the beginning and end of the clip.  OPTION and /  Dragging edges of video  Window > Show Clip Trimmer  Splitting : To insert a clip in between two parts of one clip.  COMMAND and B  Modify > Split Clip

20 Transitions  Bottom left hand corner: TRANSITIONS  Drag the one you want in between two clips.  Most common transition is a crossfade between clips and fade to black at the beginning and end.

21 Titles  Click on Titles in the Content Library (bottom left)  Preview by skimming mouse over  Drag the title into the timeline where you want it.  Double-click on title to edit text in Preview screen  Change duration by dragging edges of title  Note: You can adjust font, face and color, but not position.  Use the Maps & Backgrounds content under a title clip to add another effect.

22 Adding Audio  Sound effects : Select SOUND EFFECTS in the lower left corner, and navigate using the drop down menu to sound effects or theme music. Drag sound effect below video.  Background music : To make any of the above background music, drag the file to the very bottom of the timeline pane (in the dashed area).

23 Audio Volume  Move the mouse on top of the blue waveforms to see the white adjustable bar. If you click on it and drag it up or down, you’ll adjust the volume of the entire clip.  Fade in/Fade out : Click on tiny handle at the beginning/end of the clip.  Keyframe adjustment : To highlight/remove a specific sound in your clip, move the mouse over the white bar and press OPTION, then click. Put muliple keyframes in.

24 Effects  Speed : Modify > Slow Motion/Fast Forward  Color Correction: Select clip, click ADJUST, and select the second icon from the left, Color Correction.  Video/Audio Effects : Select clip, click ADJUST, and select the second icon from the right, Video/Audio Effects. A new window will pop up and select the effect desired.

25 Step 4: Export File  Click on SHARE at the top right of the screen.  Select FILE to save the highest possible version onto your hard drive.  Select HD, and choose a place to save the file.  Once share is complete, you’ll see a notification in the top right corner that says “Share Successful” and the video with open up automatically.

26 Resources Blogs   Stock Music  Tutorial Website 

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