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M ANAGING P RICE L IST U PDATES Julia Gabbard September 11, 2012.

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1 M ANAGING P RICE L IST U PDATES Julia Gabbard September 11, 2012

2 Item Price/Cost ImportItem Price/Cost Import 1 Export Parts from EMWeb (for E2 subscribers)Export Parts from EMWeb (for E2 subscribers) 2 Purge Catalog ItemsPurge Catalog Items 3 Today’s Overview

3 Item Price/Cost Import

4 Importing Pricing Under the Inventory Utilities Menu is the option for “Item Price/Cost Import” Utilizing an Excel spreadsheet you can load in new manufacturer List Prices and Costs. Two options – Import pricing only (without Item Catalog records) – Import pricing and ALL parts (with Item Catalog Records)

5 Item Catalog records What are they? The Item Catalog contains all the parts that a manufacturer makes which you have never bought or sold. Why have them? Allows for parts to be created with one click of a button.

6 How do I load pricing/parts? 1.Obtain the manufacturer’s new price list (preferably in Excel format). 2.Open the list in Excel and modify the layout to match that which GE requires. a)The layouts are detailed in the Instructions on the import screen. b)There are two layouts: one for with and one for without Item Catalog records. c)Red columns are required fields. Black are optional. 3.Launch the Item Price List Import program, complete the selections, and run the Report.

7 Do I have to be an Excel Master? No. But let me give you some tips that may make the altering of the spreadsheet easier. 1.Price Lists never have Costs. So those have to be entered by you. Use a formula to quickly calculate your costs based off of List. 2.Do I have to put UOM’s, Product Groups, Pricing Groups, etc on each of the 10,000+ parts? Yes, but use the black square to apply the desired codes to all parts in under a second.

8 Price/Cost Import The “Instructions” links at the bottom of the screen explain all the available options

9 Let’s see it in action!

10 Mass Price Update After loading new List and/or Costs to your Pricing Levels, you will want to run the Mass Price Update to bring the other Sales Price Levels up- to-date.

11 Price Dates and Warnings Designate number of days before each Manufacturer’s prices become outdated.

12 Export Parts from EMWeb

13 Process 1)Designate your desired date range and select [Proceed] 2)Select your desired Manufacturer(s), specify desired dates, and [Export Parts]

14 Process-cont. 3) Specify a file name and where to save it, click [Save]

15 Let’s see it in action!

16 Purge Catalog Items

17 Now if you ever have the need to clear away old or unwanted catalog records there is an option to do so!

18 Let’s see it in action!

19 Summary The Item Price/Cost Import is an easy utility which allows you to not only update your sales pricing, but your costs for future PO’s as well. E2 Subscribers can easily obtain properly formatted spreadsheets for quick import. If the need arises, you can now purge Item Catalog records.


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