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Magtteori III 20. September 2005. 1a. Magt som handlekraft Kritik af magtens tre dimensioner ’omtvistede begreber’ ’uudrydeligt evaluativ’ aktør-struktur.

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Presentation on theme: "Magtteori III 20. September 2005. 1a. Magt som handlekraft Kritik af magtens tre dimensioner ’omtvistede begreber’ ’uudrydeligt evaluativ’ aktør-struktur."— Presentation transcript:

1 Magtteori III 20. September 2005

2 1a. Magt som handlekraft Kritik af magtens tre dimensioner ’omtvistede begreber’ ’uudrydeligt evaluativ’ aktør-struktur problemet ikke løst, dvs. sætter sig ikke ud over aktør-struktur problemet ikke i stand til at håndtere strukturelle aspekter af magtrelationer

3 1b. Magt som handlekraft Dominans, ressourcer og transformative kapaciteter ”The concept of power both as transformative capacity […] and as domination […] depends upon utilisation of ressources. […] Resources are the media whereby transformative capacity is employed as power in the routine course of social interaction; but they are at the same time structural elements of social systems as systems, reconstituted through their utilisation in social interaction. […] ’Power’ intervenes conceptually between the broader notions of transformative capacity on the one side, and of domination on the other: power is a relational concept, but only operates as such through the utilisation of transformative capacity as generated by structures of domination.” (p. 92)

4 1c. Magt som handlekraft ”Power as transformative capacity can then be taken to refer to agents’ capabilities of reaching […] outcomes.” (p. 88) ”[…] understood as transformative capacity, power is intrinsically related to human agency. […] the notion of agency, as I employ it, I take to be logically prior to a subject/object differentiation. The same holds for the concept of power.” (p. 92) ”Power, in this relational sense, concerns the capability of actors to secure outcomes where the realisation of these outcomes depends upon the agency of others. […] power within social systems can thus be treated as involving reproduced relations of autonomy and dependence in social interaction. Power relations therefore are always two-way, even if the power of one actor or party in a social relation is minimal compared to another.” (p. 93)

5 1d. Magt som handlekraft Magt og konflikt – kontingent relation Metodologisk individualisme? handlekraft (”agency”) metodologisk parentes om hhv. institutioner og handlinger

6 2a. Biomagt Disciplinær magt magt over mennesket som krop individualisering Biomagt magt over mennesket som et levende væsen, som en art eller race massificering befolkningen kollektive fænomener generelle fænomener (statistik, ligevægt) f.eks. hygiejne, forsikring, opsparing, sikkerhed, fødselsrate, dødelighedsrate, handicap, miljøet

7 2b. Biomagt ”Sovereignty took life and let live. And now we have the emergence of a power that I would call the power of regularization, and it, in contrast, consists in making live and letting die.” (p. 247) ”Power has no control over death, but it can control mortality” (p. 248) ”What is racism? It is primarily a way of introducing a break into the domain of life that is under power’s control: the break between what must live and what must die. […] This will allow power to treat that population as a mixture of races, or to be more accurate, to treat the species, to subdivide the species it controls, into the subspecies known, precisely, as races. That is the first function of racism: to fragment […].” (pp. 254-55)

8 2c. Biomagt ”Racism also has a second function. Its role is, if you like, to allow the establishment of a positive relation of this type: ”The more you kill, the more deaths you will cause” […] racism does make the relationship of war – ”If you want to live, the other must die” – function in a way that is completely new and that is quite compatible with the exercise of biopower. […] the death of the other, the death of the bad race, of the inferior race […] is something that will make life in general healthier: healthier and purer.” (p. 255)

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