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Nucor Corporation: Strategies & implementation

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1 Nucor Corporation: Strategies & implementation
Abhilash Prasad:

2 Case Study: Nucor steel
Introduction: Video

3 Questions: Nucor Nucor’s strategies Five generic strategies
Sustainable competitive advantage Policies and operating practices Recommendation

4 Other Strategies followed by Nucor
Nucor: Strategies The Grand Strategy Intensive horizontal integration Other Strategies followed by Nucor Concentric diversification Intensive concentrated growth approach Vertical integration

5 Nucor: Generic Strategies
Best-Cost Provider

6 Main competitive advantage:
Technology Innovating Castrip Best Cost Provider

7 Nucor: Policies and operating practices
Strategic acquisitions Increase plant capacity Improve plant efficiency Employee relations

8 Recommendation Global growth through Joint Ventures
Example: Ventured with Mitsui Corp in March 2010

9 Questions Thank You

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