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1 Spreadsheet Upload Workflow Journal entered in Spreadsheet Upload and Imported to PeopleSoft Send to include the journal.

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1 1 Spreadsheet Upload Workflow Journal entered in Spreadsheet Upload and Imported to PeopleSoft Send email to, include the journal number and description Journal is reviewed Passes Combo Edits, no errors and passes Budget Check, journal gets posted, process complete. Fails combo edits (Incorrect chartfield strings) Fin Services sends email with corrections that need to be made. Journal needs to be edited and imported again. Fails Budget Checking Budget Office receives the budget exceptions report and review, override journal and contact necessary departments. Journal will be budget checked and posted most likely in overnight process. Department makes budget adjustments to correct override.

2 2 If you have MicroSoft Office 2007: When opening the journal upload file you may get a journal screen, (possibly the last journal you worked on or blank journal) and the program seems like its frozen. It won’t allow you to click on anything. If this happens you should see this bar: Click on Options…, you will then see this screen pop up: Select the Enable this content option and click OK. Your screen will then unfreeze and it will automatically take you to the Journal Upload menu page. Opening the Journal Spreadsheet file:

3 3 If you have MicroSoft 2003 you may experience this window when opening the journal upload file, if so click Enable Macros. Opening the Journal Spreadsheet file:

4 4 Journal Spreadsheet Upload Menu Page When using the Spreadsheet Upload for the FIRST time click Setup.

5 5 Spreadsheet Journal Upload Setup Before using the Spreadsheet Upload for the FIRST time you must click Setup to define your default settings. Business Unit will be TOWSN Ledger Group will be ACTUALS. Select a journal source as a default from the list provided. Most likely a journal source you will use most often. Your User ID is the same User ID used to log into PeopleSoft Financials. Message Options will already be selected for you. This option MUST be selected. Be sure to have the correct address which is: http://fsprodweb1.towson. edu:8080/xmllink/FS9PRD/ http://fsprodweb1.towson. edu:8080/xmllink/FS9PRD/ All fields must be Upper Case. Enter your user ID here also. JWEIL

6 ALWAYS select Yes. After clicking OK on the Setup page this box will appear:

7 When you are ready to create a new journal click on New. This box will appear, give the journal a name, each journal must have a unique individual name. You CAN NOT name a journal the same as another journal. The name of the journal is for your use, it will not be seen in PeopleSoft

8 8 Spreadsheet Journal Upload Tools Home button: Takes you back to the home page where you can access Setup, New, Edit and more. Import button: Click to import the journal to PeopleSoft. Journal Header: Click to enter a Description and to enter the correct Journal Source. Select a Journal: Edit Journal Header Copy Delete a Journal Change Import Status Add a line Delete a line Add multiple lines Delete multiple lines This function will not be used, it is to verify amounts in foreign currency

9 9 To begin entering your journals click on the Journal Header button every time you create a journal. Only click this button ONCE, DO NOT add another header. Most of the information should default in from the Journal Setup. If necessary change the Journal source according to the type of journal you are entering. Enter a Description, this description will show up in PeopleSoft. 30 characters from this field carry over to PeopleSoft. Always include a reference, this should be your User ID or first initial last name. This is how we can identify who entered the journal. THIS FIELD MUST BE FILLED IN!! JMHALL

10 10 To begin entering lines in the journal, click on the Add Lines button or Add Multiple Lines Button and begin entering information. Add a line Add Multiple lines

11 11 When you have created the journal and you are ready to import, click the Import button: This box will appear, enter your User ID and Password, then click OK to import

12 12 After a successful import you will see this box. It says 1 journal was imported, it gives you the journal ID, the journal date, your name and the description. Email with this information. Journal ID Journal Date Your name Journal Description

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