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NES Certificate Process This is for Land Management Personnel who require a NES Certificate for the processing of a TFR request. Please refer all questions.

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1 NES Certificate Process This is for Land Management Personnel who require a NES Certificate for the processing of a TFR request. Please refer all questions to Julie Stewart at

2 How to request a Certificate You must download a Certificate from the FAA in order to access the NOTAM Entry System. This will allow you to access a secured website in order to input your TFR request. If your Certificate has expired, you MUST request a new certificate.

3 Two Terms to Understand Import: Installing the Certificate on a specific computer. This would be the original computer on which you are requesting a certificate. What you are doing is obtaining and importing a NES Client Certificate in your web browser. Export: Copying the certificate you have just imported in order to be able to backup\transfer the certificate to another computer using a thumb drive, etc.

4 Go to go If it says “There is a problem with this website” click on Continue. Click on “Request Certificate (User)

5 Click on “Request Certificate” If requested, Click on “Request Certificate, User” Click “Yes” when asked for Web Site Verification.

6 Create “Branch ID” such as USFS NW or FS RAL. (Do not ask the FAA what your branch name is. You have to create one.) Be sure to document what you select as you will need it in the future.

7 Branch City and State is self explanatory. Manager – this does not have to be the Center Manager but should be the person who will manage the certificate. (Maintaining it, down loading it, updating it, etc) Click “Submit”

8 Click in “Request Certificate – User”

9 Click on “Request Certificate”

10 Document your Request Number

11 Click on “Check” to check the status of your request

12 This will tell you what your status is Note – if you have a “blue” number after the words “Import certificate” then you have been successful and may skip the next slide!

13 What if “nothing” has happened? Call the AIM desk at 540-422-4168 and ask them to approve your certificate request. If it has been approved, your status will state “approved.” Then, you will click on the blue “number” of your certificate. You will now “import” the certificate to the computer that you are using.

14 Click on “Import Certificate”

15 Valuable Information Do NOT sign up for your certificate as either “Admin” or “FS Set up” as it would require using the "Admin" or "FS Set Up" sign in for future use of the NES certificate. This certificate will only be available to the user profile you are currently signed on as. For example if you are using a shared computer as John Smith; the certificate will not be available for Jane Smith when she signs on.

16 More Valuable Info You MUST import the certificate from the same browser/computer that was used to request the certificate.

17 Click on Save


19 Click on Open

20 Click on “Install Certificate”

21 This should open up the Certificate Import Wizard

22 Click on “Next”

23 Click on “Finish”

24 Click on “OK”

25 You are not done yet! After the certificate has been installed on the computer, you will need to “Export” the certificate onto a thumb drive. This will also “back up” your certificate.

26 Go to your Internet Explorer browser Click on “Tools”

27 Click on “Internet Options

28 Click on the “Content” Tab

29 Click on “Certificates”

30 This will bring up the Certificates Window. Under the Personal Tab, there should be a certificate that is “issued” to the Branch ID Name.

31 Highlight the certificate and click “export”

32 This will bring up the “Export” Wizard Click on Next

33 Choose “Yes, export the private key” and click “Next”

34 Check “Export all extended properties” and click on “next”

35 Create a password (and write it down where you can find it!)

36 Click “Next”

37 Create a file name for your certificate Click “Next” and then click “Finish”

38 How to install the certificate onto a new computer from your thumb drive Insert the thumb drive into the computer where you wish to load the computer. Click on Computer Click on the Thumb drive Click twice on the certificate This will initiate the Certificate Import Wizard Click on Next No need to browse – the certificate should be highlighted Click on Next Type in the Certificate Password (that you wrote down!) (Note – the box “include all extended properties” will be checked Click Next Click Finish You are done!!!

39 HOW TO REGISTER NEW USERS or ADDITIONAL USERS Use a computer where the certificate is already loaded Go the NES website https://www.nes.notams.faa.gov DO NOT SIGN ON Look to the left hand side and Click on “Register User” Enter your name or the name you wish to register Enter Initials to match the name to be registered To select a password – Follow FAA directions to create a complex password. After entering the information, click on register You will be given a message that you need to call the AIM Desk at 540-422- 4168. Do NOT call the 1-888 phone number listed on the screen! Ask the FAA employee who answers if they could activate your password. You will need to give them the exact initials of the people you are registering and your NES Unit name (aka Branch name) such as BLM-WMC, USFS NW, etc. The FAA will then activate your new users – it is quick process

40 IF AN ASSIGNED PASSWORD HAS EXPIRED Follow previous procedures to register a “new user” which is yourself. (No other option) Create a new password Call the AIM Help Desk at 1-540-422-4168. Be prepared and have the name of your Certificate (for example, USFS-MYL) and your initials. Ask the FAA to activate your new password. Once you get your password, go to the NES website.

41 WHAT IF YOU HAVE LOGGED ON INCORRECTLY THREE TIMES AND YOU ARE LOCKED OUT Call the AIM Help Desk at 540-422-4168. Have the name of your branch certificate (for example USFS – NWC) Ask them to reset your password. Log onto NES with your temporary password. Create your new password and proceed to change it. Once changed, you may have to contact the FAA and have them approve you as a user.

42 Questions? Contact Julie Stewart at


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