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Potomac CFC SURVIVING E-Giving in the 2013 Campaign.

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1 Potomac CFC SURVIVING E-Giving in the 2013 Campaign

2 Potomac CFC Solicit over 21,000 employees Major installations – Marine Corps Base – Quantico – NSF-Dahlgren – Ft. A.P. Hill Others – United States Post Offices – Federal Aviation Administration – Veterans Administration – Social Security Administration – National Park Service 2

3 3 Potomac CFC 0898

4 History of E-Giving 2011 Campaign - $1.3 million – Paper Only – CFC Assistant Manually entered all pledges into CFC Assistant 3,462 Pledge Cards 2012 Campaign - $1.28 million – EEX Imported EEX pledges into CFC Assistant – 12 Pledges – manually entered into CFC Assistant/could not import – CFC Assistant Manually entered paper pledges into CFC Assistant 3,062 Pledge Cards 4

5 History of E-Giving 2013 Campaign - $850,000 – EEX Imported pledge information into Nexus – Nexus Credit Card Pledges Imported EEX/MyPay Pledge Information Entered paper pledge information – MyPay Imported pledge information into Nexus – CFC Assistant Import all information from Nexus Now used for disbursements primarily 5

6 2013 MyPay/CFC Nexus/CFC Assistant Use By Type of Donation – Payroll Deduction $801,010 - 94.2% MyPay - 59.5% Paper Pledges 38.8% EEX 1.7% – Cash $ 24,121 - 2.8% – Check $ 18,308 - 2.2% – Credit Card $ 7,335 - 0.8%

7 Process All pledges were entered into CFC Nexus MyPay Reports were imported twice weekly into CFC Nexus (Wednesday/Friday) EEX Reports were imported once weekly into CFC Nexus (Friday) Manual Paper Pledges entered into CFC Nexus weekly (Wednesday/Thursday) Twice a month, CFC Nexus Report for all pledges was imported into CFC Assistant

8 Benefits of E-giving Keyworkers Do not have to pass out or collect pledge cards Campaign information and reminders sent via e-mail Up-to-date pledge information available via CFC Nexus website Keyworkers know how their campaign is going on a daily basis vs a weekly basis Incentive reports available to Payroll Coordinator (Lead Keyworkers) of an organization showing employees who donated and the level of donation

9 Benefits (Cont.) PCFO Import saves time – Do not have to enter each pledge card into system – Do not have to audit each pledge card Import saves money – Fewer paper pledge cards and charity booklets needed – Less staff costs since you don’t have to input/audit each pledge card Campaign progress is readily available at anytime on website Pledge information can be broken down into different agency/installations, etc. Charity donation information is available thru CFC Nexus Reports Agency or PCFO pledge information from website can be saved into a spreadsheet for data analysis

10 Challenges Late Release of MyPay – PCFO learning curve WHS weekly/bi-weekly phone conferences with OPM/DFAS were helpful – Keyworker Training/learning curve MyPay Report – Work Address must match the Federal Agency name in CFC Nexus – Created a Federal Agency named “Other” to hold employees until Work Address could be corrected EEX Report – Department/Agency Name must match Federal Agency name in CFC Nexus – Agency Reporting Number/Name must match the Agency Identifier Code in CFC Nexus

11 Challenges (Cont.) CFC Nexus Report – Federal Agency Name must match Employer Name in CFC Assistant – Agency Identifier Code in CFC Nexus must match Account ID In CFC Assistant CFC Assistant – Import to CFC Assistant has issues

12 Resources Created CFC MyPay E-Pledge Instructions and Unit List – Step by Step Guide for Keyworkers and Employees CFC Step by Step for CFC Nexus Registration and Pledge – For Keyworkers and Employees CFC Nexus Payroll Reports – Instructions – Lead Keyworkers Information Cards for Keyworkers – 3 ways to Pledge – Produced in-house – Handed out to employees

13 Contact Information Tammi Ellis Potomac CFC Manager 540-373-0041 ext 310 Sharon Patrick Potomac CFC Coordinator 540-373-0041 ext 318

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